these boots are made for walking

I walk purposely on hard floors sometimes to hear my boots clop against the ground. These boots are totally made for walking, and basically doing whatever in.

My mom gifted me a pair of Frye boots last fall for my birthmas (that's birthday and Christmas if you didn't catch on to my Bud language--before you know it Webster will be filled with my dialect). My boots were staring at me today saying "wear me wear me!", so I tossed-on shorts and a tee, added my boots and a gold chain...I was stylin! I got 'the look' once or twice that I noticed -- as I should have (timeout -- I have the hiccups............okay). My boots make me a little taller, and smell like leather. They fit like a glove, only because they are MINE! Nothing will compare to these bad boys; I feel in charge when I walk in them. The clonk on hard surfaces is my boots way of saying "get out of the way! Here we come!" I returned well over 3 hours ago and still have my boots on, a normal person, with normal shoes on would've already remove their shoes. I am scared to wear my boots sometimes -- wow, I need to get over that!

(yes, I still have my boots on!)

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