San Jose --> La fortuna 5/14/05

And the journey and journal from my senior year continues...

We have finally reached Costa Rica. I have to admit I am quiet nervous about being here. It is yet another complete culture shock, but my body is almost craving such. 
This really is a 3rd world country and their economy depends on us. I really start to notice how flipping lucky I am. I do have to admit though, the first thing I checked for was all my clothing in my bag. I can see this is a place were things can just 'magically' disappear (similar to the dorms). 
Never have I been in so much awe in the car ride. I feel like I was the one that was so excited and happy to be in a new and undiscovered (for me) country. I have no clue how LouLou and Rita are planning on living here this summer, personally I think that 1 week is just plenty for me. I thought that Costa Rica would be a lot more tourist oriented, but I guessed wrong, maybe (and hopefully) Monteverde and Montezuma will be more like I pictured. 
I really enjoyed all piling into the small (eurovan essentially), type automobile that we drove. The drive twisted back and forth through lovely green trees and planets. there were the occaional plantation. It was really beautiful. 
I was nervous about getting into La Fortuna and when we arrived I was really starting to question this trip. I didn't know if it was going to be alike all the other 'small towns' that have been on the way, which consisted of one or two houses. 
La Fortuna reminded me of an intercity Mexican slum and I was very nervous about the action that may happen (robbery, etc). Laurel, Hali, Phil and I walked around and looked at some stores. They were all exactly the same. Like...down to everything and they were right next door to each other. I bet the income cant be that great since there were three identical stores. 
We all came back to the place that were staying at for the night: Gringo Pete's and fell right asleep. It's a really cool set up and really bring  and homie feeling bungalo. The man and his most likely wife, Martina, showed us around. We met some other US people that were from Floridia on a college graduation trip. You could tell that they were very in love, just by their little jestures towards each other. Laurel, Hali, Phil, Phillipa, Mikeala and I all went out to a 'Soda' for dinner. I had a really good 'taco de pollo', it reminded me more of a fajita than a taco. The waiter told us all about the 'discotecs' (to bad we can't go, because he told us Saturday (today) is the best day to go there). We grabbed some ice cream and headed back here (Gringo Pete's) frantically so that we could be here by 6 to go to the hot springs. 
The hot springs were really cool, there were like a zillion different little pools. Laural, Phil, James and I hung out together. We found our way up to the upper hidden bar and treated ourselves to some drinks. (And the truth comes out....Ooopppsss...) Laural and I had a pina colda. James and Phil were completely smashed. We decided that we wanted to all go out one night when we were at the really beach and do this. We took showers and headed to bed. We have to be on a bus at 8 am to head out to Monteverde.

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