Psychic or psycho?

Wow, a night for reflection, eh? So as I was reading through my Costa Rica journal I was reminded of the trip that my class took to Washington D.C. (yah I went on a lot of cool trips in high school: New Mexico for backpacking, D.C. for history, London, France and CR -- I bet not very many other students can say they did something rad like that!). I wish that I would have
kept a journal about each trip, but I guess that is something you learn about as you age. I also sadly lost almost all my photos from my earlier trips...that really bums me out because pictures mean so much to me. There is nothing better than looking at a picture from a happy time when you are bumming. Well, to the psychic reader...When we were in Georgetown one night for dinner and shopping Phil ran up and grabbed Phillipa and myself and insisted that we get our palms read. It was $10 and he just did it. We didn't want to pay...probably because we spent all our allotted money for the day on shopping -- you can't put mountain girls in a city and expect them not to shop shop shop. Phil gave us each $10. Lead us up some stairs. Knocked on a door and a young girl answered. We stepped inside to an older lady folding laundry on the couch. She brightly looked up and said 'sit down, sit down'. We did as told. She dimmed the lights, and left her laundry behind. I remember her asking for our payment of ten dollars cash, and I didn't want to let go of that crispy bill in my hand. It was like a thumb tug of war -- she won. I was nervous to be told my future. To this day I will never forget she told me "you will live on the beach", well, guess where I am getting ready to make the move towards? The beachish area. Wow, I am not going to tell you what else she said, but I still ponder over her words daily...if the other have actually happens maybe I will have to omit psycho from my blog title.....I remember Phillipa was surprised about what she heard too....I wish I was in contact with her still so I could ask if she remembers that odd experience....someday hopefully....
I swear Phil took us up there to scare us. It worked. I also think he took us up there to show us he found something cool that would totally engulf our thoughts. I don't think I was ever suspicious before that day...now I pick up far to many heads up pennies, I believe fortunes, wish on shooting stars, etc. This needs to stop....

Soo weird. I love reminiscing!

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