I did something completely out of the ordinary last night. It is my secret. 

 I have been soooooo busy with friends this last week it has been unreal! I love every moment of it! I really love all the people that I have been hanging with, old and new friends alike. Although, I must admit....I think it is time for me to go into hibernation mode for just a little bit....maybe a few days?

Playing hold the camera with iPhones. 
Went to Gar Woods for Wet Woodie Wednesday's. I yet again opted out of a woodie and stuck with beer. Still a bad decision. 
Finally road on a boat in Tahoe. TWO checks of my bucket list this week...I am on a roll! 
Stewy got after it.
Traded some Silly Bandz while we were at the bar
I've heard I look like Polly Pocket twice because of this picture.
Work. Whatta' bummer right?
Got my baby back. All tuned up and ready to go thanks to Diggles! Now to find a ride and a riding partner....Any takers?
Found this on the bike path the other day.
Played with Crawdad's at work. This one was dubbed Carl. Carl later had a friend Kaysha.

Life is awesome right now. Okay, a few hiccups here and there....but it is nice to finally take a deep breath and enjoy this lovely summer. 


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