A little bit hippie, but much more hip hop.

My creation from Tie Dye Saturday at work. I am prettttty proud of it. I also have a blue one now!
Tieeeee Dye.
'Merican beauty -- after her daily 3 cups of coffee of course...
Saturday night crusin.
Tonights dinner. 

I have been a little hippie lately when it comes to life. Ha, between tie dying, pbr drinking and vegan food creating I am on a roll! I love both of my tee shirts that I have created, they are awesome! PBR drinking, well, I guess I can't really justify that one since that is my normal beer purchase....

Tonight I made braised tofu with brown rice and fresh broccoli. In case you were wondering it was/is insanely good! I will probably be creating this dish again....but, the best part is -- I have left overs! Can you say lunch?!?!

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