La Fortuna --> Tilaran --> Monte Verde 5-15-05

Im trying my best to keep it PG....
If you can't tell the normal font of other colored font is my current thoughts....

I slept fairly well last night, but woke up early to stupid birds. My hair is completely Medusa style, it will be hard to straighten it on this trip, kinda' a bummer of well! (Oh brother! Seriously?!!?)
We have to take a bus to Monte Vede today. So we walked up to the bus station (in Central Fortuna) and then we split up adn ate. We all went to a little Soda for breakfast. I had the Continental breakfast, which was: tea, toast and fruit (watermelon, orange, papaya, melon and pineapple) it was really good, and just what I wanted. Since we have gotten her I haven't really been hungry, but I keep on eating. I don't wait to gain weight while I am here, so I have to start rationing my meals better I think (this has obviously always been a problem....) We got on the bus and it must have been over filled by at least 10 people. A very nice man gave Hali and I sit seat. 1/2 way through the 1st bus ride we had to switch buses. After that I was able to have my own seat until we reached the next big town and I had to share a seat with James until we reached Tilaran. 
When we got to Tilaran we all went to the park and spilt up to get food. Laural and I went to the market and got some water and ice cream. We went back to the park and chilled out, its to bad that it wasn't sunny because if it would have been I could have gotten a little color. But I guess it is good because then we would have been uncomfortably hot. I am surprised there are not more pools here, rather than hot springs. There were a ton of stray dogs in the park. Some of them were really cute! I think that it would be really fun to have a dog like that. Maybe Casey and I could get one when we go to school (when we get an apartment). We are on another bus going to Monte-Verde from Tilaran. Hopefully Monte-Verde is a little more populated. Luckily on this bus ride no one has to stand up! :) 
I am listening to Lifehouse (You and Me), it reminds me of Kevin, even though he hates them. I can't believe that we are almost done with school! It seems like just the other day it was just Devan, Phil, Phillipa and I in class together. Now we have grown as a class and we are all getting ready to go our own ways. Some of us will never see each other again. Wow, that is crazy to think about! I still remember having math class with Erin McNealy and playing Life, taking cereal from the breakfast closet and have tutorials with Lacy Helm on the other side of the lunch room complaining about the smell (Smells like Brussels sprouts!) I remember the trip that I took withe Carrie and Erin to New Mexico. That trip Carrie gave me the advice of 'don't worry about the walk of shame in college, because she did it a bunch', wow..thanks? ha! I had no clue what she was talking about. Katie W and Sparkles got their tongues pierced that trip too! There are so many cool things that I have been able to do in high school! Its amazing, and truthfully I wouldn't take anything back! 
To be continued....Monte Verde is for another time....

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