Pasta Carbonara with Flour City Pasta!
The Thunderbird came by Chambers today!!! What a beautiful boat! 
It's going to be hard to leave this place....
Today was epic. I slept in, I had Truckee bagel -- I was randomly sent a check for tax refunds that somehow NEVER made it to me...humm, maybe that disappeared with all my other missing mail. I got some stuff done/received for Burning Man. I worked and had a classic Chambers pier day...
I had WAY to much energy (that shouldn't surprise anyone), I hustled and made some good money, I gave my number to the coast guard...hahahha...I got my "JP Lagos" tee shirts from Cheyanne (they are awesome!). I saw the most insane sunset/moonrise, the sun was out all day, the water was calm, the people were so friendly -- honestly it couldn't have been better. It is going to be really hard to leave this place....but, I know as soon as mud season hits I would be miserable if I stayed. I have the next two days out on the pier, so I am SURE that I will have some entertaining stories! Friday I am going flying (yes, in an airplane), and hopefully jet skiing and dancing with mah girls! Life is good.


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