Elevated Mind State

The Grouch and Eligh
Brother Ali
Lena, Katie and I
Emmmmmmily and I
It was like a skier convention..ha Court, Jordan, Jena, Lena, Katie and myself
Ohhh Gatoradeface!
One of my favorite people, Roy. The man behind High Fives
Roy and his bizarre light contraption
Lovely Courtney and I. Love her!

A local production company put on a killer hip hop show the other night in Truckee! The production, Elevated Mind State (out of Tahoe City) got together Cambo & The Life, U-N-I, Murs, The Grouch & Eligh and to top it off Brother Ali!!! I was able to convince Spencer (from work) to come with me and meet up with a handful of my friends for this awesome night. We were all able to enjoy some of hip hops finest artist for a solid 5 hours, it was insanely fun! Spencer and I missed out on the first two bands, but made it JUST in time to see the Grouch & Eligh, pheeeeeewwww! It was funny it was like a little snow shredder convention there, I seriously think there EVERY single person who I ride with in the winter was there -- people who I normally don't see all summer. We all share the same love for music though, so it brings us all together again. HOLY MOLY, Brother Ali was insane! Loveeddd when he played Forrest Whitaker! The vibe of the crowd was awesome and totally full of love and laid back peple and you could tell that everyone was totally enjoying themselves. I still can't get over I was able to see so many amazing artists in out of all places...Truckee, CA! It makes me look forward to moving to LA even that much more exciting -- the music down there is going to be next level!


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  1. elevated mind state is from truckee