dirt mashing

I could get used to this....
Today I went out on my mountain bike for the first time since October. It was amazing. My knee felt stellar! I have to admit that Chris made me want to go out of a pedal when he sent me a picture of his cyclometer this morning which read "1,000" miles...ggrrr, I am probably pushing 500. After the tediousness of filling out loan information I decided it was totally time for an intermission.
Overwhelming? Yes. Fun? NO!
I tossed on all my bike stuff and went for it. I am lucky enough to walk right out my front door and essentially have the Western States trail. Last year before I hung the bike up my friend Diggles brought Chris and I out on a ride, sooooo I tried to remember where I was going and started on the up hill adventure. I knew that the downhill would be epic, the dirt was money! You'll never believe this...but I actually struggled when it came to the uphill. I kept on telling myself 'slow and steady wins the race', although there was no race and I allowed myself to stop about 4 times. I managed to ride past the trail head, and just kept going up because I was in such a good rhythm -- I quickly realized my mistake and turned around. I could totally get used to this 'recreational riding' stuff, plus, there is always a blue ribbon waiting for me, cold, when I get home....I don't have to over exert myself racing 30 miles. ha! The downhill was fun, technical, but fun. I took an over the handle bars digger. I scared myself, because it was the shoulder that I crashed on last year in Downieville -- I am okay. Just some cuts.
For once I was smart enough to put out my forearm instead of my wrist. I don't need another broken wrist....
After I got done pedaling on the WST, I didn't want to stop so I road the bike path into Tahoe City. It was a nice cruise.

I had a PT appointment today. It went swimmingly. I am only 5 degrees off my full range of motion! And, I am less than a quarter of an inch away from having a normal size quad again -- that was some fantastic news to get this morning! Plus, I got some phenomenal thrifting in today in Kings Beach for Burning Man! I am hoping to get some work done on my BM bike tomorrow. I have a paddle board 'date'! I am so excited, it was on my bucket list! 10 am sharp! Then tomorrow night, I am going to see Zion I in South Lake (Zion is playing in Reno tonight..), and then we are going to do dancing! Life is pretty good right now. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks -- I have A LOT to figure out, but in order to live I need to constantly have things going on....I am bored and its my day off, ohhh man I still have one more?!?! Yikes!

MUCH LOVE, can't wait to share my paddle board adventure!

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