Denver --> San Jose 5/13/05

I was rummaging through stuff trying to find a notebook with a few blank pages in it so that I could write down some notes about this tedious school process, I came across the notebook that I took to Costa Rica with me. I think it is funny that I wrote this 5 years ago....close to 5 and 1/2 now....thoughts haven't changed that much but they are interesting to read......

I can't believe that I am almost done with highschool. I have been so lucky to have the experiences that I have. Not until lately have I started to realize this and take into consideration that I will be one of the 15,000 students at UNR next year. 
So many things have happened over the past several years, some events I have grown up and learned from, and others I still ask myself 'why?!?!' I am so excited to think about my future and how much I am going to benefit from being in such an awesome location with one of my best friends there with me. Life is surrounded by beauty and there are many people in this world that are not able to experience trips to other parts of the world, skiing, an education, nature, and so much more which I am lucky enough to have. Some times I do admit that I completely forget how awesome my life is, who cares if you are not friends with everybody or your best friends lives in a different state, and you have a 'boy-friend(ish) person that is a commitment-phob. It is those that you spend your entire life with or the shortest amount of time with that will be with you forever. They impact you, they leave color,  not a gray area. 
I have learned that for me the most beneficial way for me to express my feelings is through writing and artwork, although I know I am not the best writer. Looking back in a couple years about what I thought when I was a senior and a high school graduate will be really cool! I still can't believe how fast high school has gone by, the funniest part is even at the age of 18 I still get asked if I am 16...well even though it really pisses me off...when I am 30 I will still be getting carded at bars (hopefully not so the bar tender can find out what my name is...hahaha) Obviously I spent far to much time traveling with male coaches...ha! 
I am sure that I am not the only person that gets worried to leave and wonder what they will come back to, with money, friendships and so on. For some reason this particular time I am having things run wild through my head, and sadly it's all about guys. Guys say that girls get all emotional, well, maybe they should take a step back and realize why girls get like that. (hahahahaha! Ohh men...).


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