Dancing. Zion I. South Lake edition two.


Casey, Kerry and I @ Whiskey Dick's bar for Zion I in South Lake
Court, Molly and I @ Zion I (Thank you Kerry for the bunny ears)
Wahooo Lifeguards!
Meet Sheryll. My BM bike.
Trying to stay warm.
Orla helping pull the covers.
Crusin' on Sheryll.
Rollin' hard.
the "smile"...long story
Terren Gomez makes me look pretty good on hipstamatic.

Went out with my fellow Chambers Lander lifeguard babes last night for some Zion I at a look hippy bar, Whiskey Dicks. The people there were really rude. It was like they had never seen girls dress up before. On the plus side there was $1.50 PBRs. The music was great -- but Zion I didn't come on until like midnight, and by that time we just wanted to dance dance dance. So, we stuck around for a few songs....got to hear Coastin' it was hot. Then we headed down to the casinos for some dancing (which we adopted from Spike Kinsey!). We hit up Opal and Vex and danced our hearts out until last call. Elissa was down there too....but we missed her at ever place we went. Dang! Court and Molly were out too! Love them! Ohhhhh and so was Mr. Terren Gomez! We had a really great night -- I sooo was not ready to call it so early! Casey, Kerry and I woke up at 9:30 due to a phone call from Court asking what I was doing...ohhh shooot we were all supposed to be at work in 30 minutes -- andddddddddddddd we were in SLT. So, we decided to just take a little longer and go to Obexers for breakfast. It was dead today at work. It was freezing. I ended up going and getting my sleeping bag out of the car. I think we MAYBE had 4 people come the entire time. So silly. We slept a lot. Nate brought us pizza -- awwwwesome! I rode Sheryll (my bike for burning man) around a lot -- she was a smash hit around the property. It is a big joke now...ha! Eamon brought his puppy Orla to play with us! Pretty successful night and day I would say. Now Reno is possibly on the agenda for tonight? Yikess........

I am having a blast!


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