Breakfast is such an important of the day -- almost as important as my daily cup(s) of coffee, and dark chocolate bahahaha! Okay, so most of the summer I was skipping out on breakfast and just filling my system with caffine, 2 pm would roll around and I would be totally on edge. I have this horrible habbitt of going to Tahoe House for coffee -- it is sooo good, I noticed the yogurt case one day and saw a Swiss yogurt, I was curious how my system would handle the dairy. A-okay! Of course, spending $2 on a small thing of yogurt is not kind on your wallet, especially when you are a lifeguard. One of the other girls that has the same dairy problem I do always eats Greek Yogurt and I was curious as to what all the fuss was about. While I was in SaveMart one night I grabbed a strawberry flavored one. I FELL IN LOVE! SO GOOD! It has this insanely creamy, non-dairy consistency to it -- very refreshing. I have tried a few different brands, but I keep going back to Chobani. It is from Upstat New York, heck yes! This stuff is filled with a bunch of good things, so it is nice knowing I am putting something healthy in my body -- and it is a plus that I feel great after I eat it! I have been keeping my fridge full of it, Chobani is totally worth the extra money (I think it is around $1.80). Check out Chobani's website, and give the product a try next time you see it in the grocery store!


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  1. So glad you love it! Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth. :)

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