Check off the ole' bucket list

I am doing surprisingly well checking things off on my bucket list! Friday I checked off "conquer my fear of heights". Okay, so maybe that will never REALLY be conquered, but I am pretty proud of myself for hopping in a plan and flying all around Lake Tahoe thanks to Bryan Forsyth (an Alpine coach that I met while working at Northstar).
Our mode of transportation to breakfast in Minden on Friday morning.
Northstsar looks a little different from up here.
Home away from home. Chambers Landing.
Emerald Bay
Thank you for helping me check something else off my bucket list!
Bryan's plane.
This was such an amazing experience. Totally out of the blue! I was pretty nervous -- did the typical talking really fast full of concerns Bud move. ha! We took off and went all around the lake. It was really neat to see everything from up high! The different levels of the lake were beautiful, I loved seeing Chamber's and all the other places that I am familiar with on the West side. Bryan did a phenomenal job at flying -- we didn't hit any turbulence until the end of flying....so that made the adventure a little more comforting. Bryan is big into flying and full of interesting fun facts, he actually is really involved with gliders -- that is the next thing!  After flying around the west end of the lake we ducked into the valley and landed in Minden for breakfast! Two eggs, hash browns and bacon -- then back to the plane and Truckee bound. Talk about an experience! I was really nervous when we flew directly over the water because flying over water is a HUGE fear of mine. Obviously everything went swimmingly.



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