Bliss....coconut bliss...

I found something that challenges Ben and Jerry's in my book. Coconut Bliss. Yah, the same sounds silly, but it is by far one of the best frozen yums that I have had in a while!!

Food. Eating. Hunger. Always a large topic at work. Secrets about food discoveries are often passed back and forth among all of us -- like coconut bliss. A majority of the guards can/don't do lactose. Of course......cheese and ice cream seem to be a much loved ingredient between us all. One of the guards, Lesley, mentioned Coconut Bliss ice cream to me the other day -- she said you could get it at the New Moon (the health food store up here in Tahoe). Lesley is in the same vote as me lactose wise...she said it was the best thing she had ever had...you can eat an entire pint and not feel sick...hahaha! Its about time...so, I had to run into New Moon the other day for tickets for a hip hop show and I decided to treat myself to this coconut milk made confection (which is dairy free, and gluten free) -- NM had a great variety, I went with Mint Galactica. Fun names! Now, I understand why they added the word 'bliss' to the name of the yum -- the flavors are unexplainable. I will never go back to normal stuff. You can pronounce all the ingredients on the label...which in my opinion is important. Although, it is very pricey it is well worth it (around $6)! I am really into texture of food and I must admit the texture of the Bliss is like nothing I have ever had. They are a west coast distributed company...soooo east coast friends you might have to wait just a little longer. I can't wait to dabble around with the other flavors! 



  1. if you get a chance look for Tempt Hemp Ice Cream also....so delicious