Bear Flag wines

Bear Flag wines out of Modesto, CA
Dark Red wine mix
Smooth red wine blend

I decided to play the wine game tonight while I was in Savemart -- buy a bottle of wine under $10. Normally the cheap bottle actually turns out pretty awesome. I got the idea from my dad. California is full of different vineyards so of course there is always delicious wine at our finger tips. I will admit I am a sucker for cool labels, hence the reason I went with Bear Flag wine this evening, and because it was on sale for LESS than $7....I'll take too. Similar to my mom I am a red wine drinker, occasionally I will uncork a bottle of white to go with a certain dinner (more or less to cook with), but other than that you can find me in the red section at the store. But, seriously...how cool are the labels?!?! The art work is really fun to look at, there are so many different details! Bear Flag is from Modesto CA -- which is basically in the middle of nowhere California. BFW makes 4 different blends, 2 red and 2 white -- I fetched both of the reds tonight. They are screw top lids, so no messing with the potential breaking of the cork (which I haven't ever dealt with...but it still could be problematic). The bottles are bright and full of Eduado Bertone's artwork which is AMAZING (like I said before!) -- it was actually funny because there was another lady in the wine isle and we started talking as I watched her grab a bottle of my favorite inexpensive reds. She actually played the same game that I do...We both agreed in the checkout line that we were supporters of the "dark chocolate and a glass of red wine a night" was essential to enjoying yourself. But, check out Bear Flag Wines!

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