Are you one of those veggie people?

Is reading Anthony Bourdain's book going to my head?
I'm not sure what it is lately, but I have finally found time to get back to cooking a healthy dinner almost every night (okay, last nights was a bust....Annie's mac 'n cheese) -- I used to cook allllll the time.

Like always a lot of the dishes I have put together are pasta -- I am guessing because it is summer I gravitate towards carb based foods since I am normally bike racing. Plus, they are easy, tasty, can be cheaply cooked for the masses, and you can be overly creative (the truth comes out...). Today while I was sitting on the pier waiting for boats to come in/go out, I polished off a nice chuck of Anthony Boudain's Kitchen Confidential and something that stuck in my head was a chapter about pasta...offff course. That is all I have been thinking about all damn day, Thanks!

Tonight I had some tortellinis with tofu. Funny story, the other night I was asked if I had turned into 'one of those veggie people?', Answer: NO WAY!  I am just toooo lazy to prep chicken or whatever my meat of choice is. Tofu is really easy because you can eat it right out of the package -- time crunch? Problem solved.  The other night I braised tofu to have with rice and broc, tonight I I cooked it fairly simple, but added an Italian twist. I added pesto and a few other spices and BAM! It was almost like a meatball, minus the meat add the soy.

I used to not be able to do soy products because it made my skin all funny. Now, after eating it for a majority of the summer...I think I am in the clear.

So, dinner was fun....cooking again is awesome!


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