Beanie hair in August?
Yep, it was THAT cold here today! It is actually making me think  a lot about skiing. Ugh.



My friend Cheyanne made me this shirt (and a few others for friends). It is a joke....
So in return I got creative for Chey and made her a BUNCH of tanks for her adventure downunda'.
I had fun making them. 

Dancing. Zion I. South Lake edition two.


Casey, Kerry and I @ Whiskey Dick's bar for Zion I in South Lake
Court, Molly and I @ Zion I (Thank you Kerry for the bunny ears)
Wahooo Lifeguards!
Meet Sheryll. My BM bike.
Trying to stay warm.
Orla helping pull the covers.
Crusin' on Sheryll.
Rollin' hard.
the "smile"...long story
Terren Gomez makes me look pretty good on hipstamatic.

Went out with my fellow Chambers Lander lifeguard babes last night for some Zion I at a look hippy bar, Whiskey Dicks. The people there were really rude. It was like they had never seen girls dress up before. On the plus side there was $1.50 PBRs. The music was great -- but Zion I didn't come on until like midnight, and by that time we just wanted to dance dance dance. So, we stuck around for a few songs....got to hear Coastin' it was hot. Then we headed down to the casinos for some dancing (which we adopted from Spike Kinsey!). We hit up Opal and Vex and danced our hearts out until last call. Elissa was down there too....but we missed her at ever place we went. Dang! Court and Molly were out too! Love them! Ohhhhh and so was Mr. Terren Gomez! We had a really great night -- I sooo was not ready to call it so early! Casey, Kerry and I woke up at 9:30 due to a phone call from Court asking what I was doing...ohhh shooot we were all supposed to be at work in 30 minutes -- andddddddddddddd we were in SLT. So, we decided to just take a little longer and go to Obexers for breakfast. It was dead today at work. It was freezing. I ended up going and getting my sleeping bag out of the car. I think we MAYBE had 4 people come the entire time. So silly. We slept a lot. Nate brought us pizza -- awwwwesome! I rode Sheryll (my bike for burning man) around a lot -- she was a smash hit around the property. It is a big joke now...ha! Eamon brought his puppy Orla to play with us! Pretty successful night and day I would say. Now Reno is possibly on the agenda for tonight? Yikess........

I am having a blast!


Check off the ole' bucket list

I am doing surprisingly well checking things off on my bucket list! Friday I checked off "conquer my fear of heights". Okay, so maybe that will never REALLY be conquered, but I am pretty proud of myself for hopping in a plan and flying all around Lake Tahoe thanks to Bryan Forsyth (an Alpine coach that I met while working at Northstar).
Our mode of transportation to breakfast in Minden on Friday morning.
Northstsar looks a little different from up here.
Home away from home. Chambers Landing.
Emerald Bay
Thank you for helping me check something else off my bucket list!
Bryan's plane.
This was such an amazing experience. Totally out of the blue! I was pretty nervous -- did the typical talking really fast full of concerns Bud move. ha! We took off and went all around the lake. It was really neat to see everything from up high! The different levels of the lake were beautiful, I loved seeing Chamber's and all the other places that I am familiar with on the West side. Bryan did a phenomenal job at flying -- we didn't hit any turbulence until the end of flying....so that made the adventure a little more comforting. Bryan is big into flying and full of interesting fun facts, he actually is really involved with gliders -- that is the next thing!  After flying around the west end of the lake we ducked into the valley and landed in Minden for breakfast! Two eggs, hash browns and bacon -- then back to the plane and Truckee bound. Talk about an experience! I was really nervous when we flew directly over the water because flying over water is a HUGE fear of mine. Obviously everything went swimmingly.




I love the life I live.

Deener. Just wait until you hear what I made....
I love this.

Cheers to me. Making big girl movvvvvesssss! Heck yes!

New outlook. Getting ready for a new lifestyle. Change is upon us. Wow. Today, I signed one of the biggest commitments I have EVER made -- student loans ((insert deep breath here)), talk about a large set in life. I am doing this for real now, I am ready to go down to LA and dominate. If you read my blog often I am sure that you have realized one of my favorite things to do lately so go and pedal up the Western States Trail, have a beer, crank my tunes and mock down -- it caps of any day, and can make a bad day so much better, and a good day absolutely phenomenal. I'm interested to toy around with the biking when I get down to South California, I hear it is actually surprisingly awesome!  I realize I live in a gorgeous place now, and I am so lucky, but it is time for me to explore -- to realize if small town life is or isn't for me. It is time for me to get back on track with being recognized for something totally out of this world awesome...After I signed that promissory note today I jumped on my bike faster than...ummm....fast! I had some trouble climbing...but, oh well...I am out there to enjoy riding. Being up at the top of the climb I have been doing a lot lately so so serene. I love it -- I wish I could bring all the people I love up there. I think about food a lot when I ride....that is where I come up with most of my dinner creations. Tonight? Butter lettuce salad, with candied almonds (homemade!), homemade garlic croutons, red pepper, chicken, andddddddddd ((drum roll please)) HOMEMADE champagne vinaigrette! Possibly the BEST dressing EVER! It is really light, but full of flavor!

1 tsp dry mustard
1 tsp celery seed
2 tsp sea salt
3/4 c. sugar
3/4 c. white vinegar
1/2 c. champagne
1 sweet onion
1 1/2 c. veggie oil.

--> put everything EXCEPT the veggie oil in a blender. Blend until smooth, add oil blend on high for a bit. ENNNNNNNNJOY!

Tomorrow (Thursday) is supposed to be one of my days off, but I am covering a shift for one of the other pier attendants. Hopefully I make good money, and have a happening day! I already can't wait to get off and go pedaling!





Breakfast is such an important of the day -- almost as important as my daily cup(s) of coffee, and dark chocolate bahahaha! Okay, so most of the summer I was skipping out on breakfast and just filling my system with caffine, 2 pm would roll around and I would be totally on edge. I have this horrible habbitt of going to Tahoe House for coffee -- it is sooo good, I noticed the yogurt case one day and saw a Swiss yogurt, I was curious how my system would handle the dairy. A-okay! Of course, spending $2 on a small thing of yogurt is not kind on your wallet, especially when you are a lifeguard. One of the other girls that has the same dairy problem I do always eats Greek Yogurt and I was curious as to what all the fuss was about. While I was in SaveMart one night I grabbed a strawberry flavored one. I FELL IN LOVE! SO GOOD! It has this insanely creamy, non-dairy consistency to it -- very refreshing. I have tried a few different brands, but I keep going back to Chobani. It is from Upstat New York, heck yes! This stuff is filled with a bunch of good things, so it is nice knowing I am putting something healthy in my body -- and it is a plus that I feel great after I eat it! I have been keeping my fridge full of it, Chobani is totally worth the extra money (I think it is around $1.80). Check out Chobani's website, and give the product a try next time you see it in the grocery store!



Pasta Carbonara with Flour City Pasta!
The Thunderbird came by Chambers today!!! What a beautiful boat! 
It's going to be hard to leave this place....
Today was epic. I slept in, I had Truckee bagel -- I was randomly sent a check for tax refunds that somehow NEVER made it to me...humm, maybe that disappeared with all my other missing mail. I got some stuff done/received for Burning Man. I worked and had a classic Chambers pier day...
I had WAY to much energy (that shouldn't surprise anyone), I hustled and made some good money, I gave my number to the coast guard...hahahha...I got my "JP Lagos" tee shirts from Cheyanne (they are awesome!). I saw the most insane sunset/moonrise, the sun was out all day, the water was calm, the people were so friendly -- honestly it couldn't have been better. It is going to be really hard to leave this place....but, I know as soon as mud season hits I would be miserable if I stayed. I have the next two days out on the pier, so I am SURE that I will have some entertaining stories! Friday I am going flying (yes, in an airplane), and hopefully jet skiing and dancing with mah girls! Life is good.



Butternut squash soup
1 butternut squash, 1 onion and 1 baking potato -- chopped. Toss in olive oil, a sprinkle of salt & pepper.Bake at 400 degrees for an hour. Put a quart of chicken stock, add the chopped mess after it has baked, simmer. Then toss it all in a blender. Add a little bit of milk and you are styling!

Timmy and I are grubbing down on some delicious soup and sharing stories! It is really really really fun!

He was just explaining to me why TV was important and why we need it here-- I told him he could read it on the internet, and he just looked at me and said "Bud, me read? Really?" ha ha ha ha!



Best day of summer.

Months ago, deep during the winter I decided that I needed to start a bucket list. A bucket list is a collection of things that you want to do before you die....okay, yah I know I am wicked young -- but, I want to make sure that I get to some some outrageously radical things. I add to my bucket list all the time, I think it is about four pages now. I'll share it with you sometime...If you feel like being sneeky, it is written down in my pink note book labeled 'Great ideas of Bud", there sure is a lot of fun/funny stuff jotted down in there.
One of the things I had on there was "Go paddle boarding", I was able to check my third thing off my bucket list on Friday. Spencer, a co-worker of mine was able to round up some paddle boards and we started our adventure! Paddle boarding is essentially a giant long board, a long paddle and you standing up straight. It takes a lot of balance -- which we all know, surprisingly I have really bad balance..But, the adventure was so much fun, I honestly wish that I would have gone paddle boarding sooner, I had so much fun! It is challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it you cruise! I managed to only fall in a few times! If I knew I was going to be back up at the lake next summer I would hunt down a paddle board to call my own, I could totally see it being something that I could get really into! Loveeeed it!
Spencer falling with grace....
Lake Tahoe. 
Spencer treated me to lunch at Chambers, we were WAYYYYYY toooo hunger to get over to Obexers. Shooot! But, on the bright side I was able to test out my first Chambers punch (a punch is a fruit/juice blended drink, with a BUNCH of rum in it -- similar to wet woodies, etc. Every place on the lake basically has their own drink, but at the end of the day they are all the same). Hard to believe that after working at the Chambers property for two years I only JUST experienced a punch. It was legit. I am not much of a mixed drink person, but I liked it. SECRET: get them from the grill, not the bar.
Taste test.
Pretty legit day!
We got caught in some chop on the way back to the place we started...it sure did make it difficult. We went all the way to Fluer de Luc (where part of the God Father was filmed) -- very interesting architecture! Then of course we just HAPPENED to come upon a floating trampoline, so obviously we had to give it a try...
Jump jump jump. 
My turn! 
Time to move on to another thing on the bucket list. This was awesome!

But of course, my day couldn't end with JUST paddle boarding....

I got home and grabbed Sparky and headed out Western States trail. Two days in a row of dirt shred! AWESOME!
At the top of the climb I treated myself to some liquid gold. Biking and PBR go together like bread and jam. This day was sooo epic!!! 

Paddle boarding AND biking in one day!!!!! Oh, wait....it doesn't stop there...

I hopped in my car and headed to South Lake Tahoe to meet up with a great girlfriend of mine, Courtney, for a night of dancing! Funny enough, I ran into an old high school friend RANDOMLY in the casino! Hannah Godwin and her family was in town for a wedding. She actually saw me first and was check out my outfit, then she realized it was me....SO bizarre! Such a small world!
Court and I. We met years ago because we both ski, and we both worked at Helly Hansen! Love her!
We went to Vex and met up with a bunch of other fun ladies!
We danced like crazzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaayyyyy
"I would totally put him in a Missy Elliott dance video"
Then of course, after 'breakfast' at Lakeside it was time to play around in Snuggies! ha! "Gosh, she couldn't even get it in cheetah print!" ha!

I had the best day off on Friday. Thank you all to made this day possible! I love you all, you mean the world to me! Thank you for helping me cross stuff off on my bucket list Spencer! Court, thanks for making me come out dancing! This summer had turned out to be one of the best summers I have ever had! I am sad to know I am leaving, but I am so excited to go and dominate in LA -- and start a whole new adventure!