Some unwinding time

This is how I start my mornings. Tahoe House coffee and the lake. Can't get much better. 
My summer job is legit. 
Mah girl Chey and I at Gar Woods @ Wet Woodie Wednesdays. 

I feel like I have hardly had a second to breath. I guess this kind of life style is what I thrive on though...I need the constant hustle and bustle so that I feel like I have done something with myself that day. Sorry I have been so bad at BLAHging lately...for those of you who actually follow me. :) 
So, since the move I have been really busy with work. Long long long days in the sun....I won't lie I have a pretty awesome tan right now and it is only the start of the season! YES! 

Being in charge at work this year is interesting to say the least...I now understand why Kayla and Kev got stressed out. I am allllways the mean person...enforcing the rules, explaining policy and procedure....I cannot tell you how rude some of the guests can be. But, at the end of the day I realize that I have a great job and I get to be outside on Lake Tahoe, while others are stuck in a cubical. The crew has turned out to be REALLY awesome, I think we have a great time together. Today we got megaphones...at first I was totally not into them...by the end of the day (once I was slap happy) they all the sudden became the best thing ever. I have been so antsy the last couple days because all I want to do is get the heck out of work so that I can go and pedal.

The other day at PT I was given the okay to ride...and I mean really RIDE. After work on Wednesday Mike and I took a pedal down to Chambers. I cannot explain the continuous smile that was on my face even when my leg was about to fall off from being so tired. I am back on the bike. It is the best feeling ever. It is pretty funny to think that 8 years ago I would come up with excuses left and right not to have to go and ride with the CBA biking team...now I crave time on my two wheelers. I rode yesterday on a joy ride after work, and then road to and from work today. I am going to get the hanger on my MTB fixed soon, in hopes that I will be able to take that out soon. I have my cruiser too....it is almost prime cruising time. 

Wednesday was a big social night here. It was Wet Woodie Wednesday's at Gar Woods. A wet woodie is essentially a blended juice concoction with way to much alcohol in them. All the lake front restaurants here have their own version. I think they are gross. I don't drink them...I opt for a ginormous beer instead...maybe a shot or two. It was cool..I met new people, hungout with friends, got angry when I saw Chris, got over it -- should be over it. Over all it was a great time. Wednesday tuckered me out so much that by the time Thursday night rolled around I was so exhausted from being in the sun that my lights were out by 10:30. Tonight, I am trying myself to a glass of red wine called Root I, I REALLY like it...it is a cab sav. I suggest you try it if you find it in a store (I found it in Savemart for under $10) -- I also had a snickers bar....that totally made my night. 

I am trying to get a new PO box set up...I realized that tomorrow is Saturday, and then Sunday and I believe most places are closed this Monday...sooo I might run into a little problem. But, it will be taken care of soon. I MIGHT try to sneak into TC tomorrow morning and get it done before I go to work...I guess I can also do it online...that is always a possibility. I would hate to miss a copy of Real Simple. 

I have started looking at jobs and places to live in LA. I think I will have a lot of luck. So far the leads I have had have been REALLY helpful. There are sooo many different choices -- I would like to be as close to the water as possible, orrrrrr closer to the "mountains", I am lucky enough to have some friends helping me out and keeping their eyes open for anything stellar that might come around.  I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT MOVE!!!! I AM SO EXCITED TO START SCHOOL THERE! 

I realized that I left all my nail polish, remover and clippers in my storage unit. DOOHHHH! Me with out nail polish...yikes. Luckily, it opens at 6 am tomorrow morning so I might be able to hop out there quickly -- I might have to take a day off from biking even though I REALLY don't want to. 

I have a feeling that tonight is going to be another early night.

So, I hope that you all are making the most out of your life. 


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