slow down.

I have been trying my hardest lately to take in the beauty of the things which I am surrounded by daily...most of the time I know I do not realize how fore-granted I take the lifestyle I live...and how so many people envy this lifestyle approach that I dislike every now and again. Yesterday, I was cleared by my doctor to get back to "normal" life, "cleared" for work, etc. Over the last several months I have realized how much I miss daily activities...like biking, skiing, hiking, running...but it really didn't hit me until I was able to regain the ability to do all these things again at my own pace. I must admit that lately I have found a lot of peace with myself and I absolutely love it...I needed this so badly.

Biking: When people used to ask me how I like biking, normally I would deliver a negative response...now I crave time in my saddle and pushing my pedals. My bike(s) have been my main mode of transportation lately and I have never been so satisfied.

The Lake: Today several of the girls and I were talking after I decided that someone needed to send someone home because we had too many guards on...no one wanted to leave. We all agreed that we would most likely be out doing the same thing with our days (sitting out at the lake) even if we were not working.....soooo whats the difference (aside from the fact we are being paid to look at the lake).

Work: I absolutely love my job. Okay, so sometimes being the person in charge has its downfalls...And being the perfectionist that I am sometimes that can come across as harsh and somewhat irrational...but at the end of the day I think "at least I am not in a cubical"...and I can leave satisfied. Plus, I am learning slowly about the noobies that I work with and they are all really cool!

Tahoe House Coffee: Really, is there any better way to get your day started? NO!

Eating: I have never realized how much I enjoy sitting down with a salad, having a fruit filled lunch or maybe even some tofu for dinner. Frozen pizza and Ling lings are no longer items consumed daily. Phew.

Running: Today, I started running again. Well, I guess it was more like a "wog" (walk, jog and Katie G would say). But, every step that I took I felt more and more powerful. The beauty that exists in exercise is amazing. The way exercise can make you feel is unexplainable.

Roommates: What can I say? They are the best! So entertaining, great people. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to live with them.

Friends: True friends have really prevailed lately...and I love them for that. The friends that I have managed to make over the last few crazy (emotional roller coaster) of months are going to be the friends that are there for me forever....

The love and energy that surrounds me now is amazing. I love it. Thank you. 

Well, I have freshly cleaned sheets calling me!

Goodnight world...MUCH LOVE!

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