See ya later

One of my friends that I have made over the years is moving to Austria today for a really cool job with Atomic. He totally deserves it....Matt Manser and I met 3 or 4 years ago in Vegas for SIA -- love at first sight! hahaha! We have kept in touch -- I have been the one that is horrible about going to see him.....now...the next time I see him hopefully it will be in Austria.
Yesterday evening in my after work craze he sent me a text that said to call him when I get a chance so he could say "goodbye", I responded by saying I will only call him if it is a "see ya later" call, not a "goodbye" call. I just called him...he is headed to the airport.
I AM SO EXCITED FOR HIM (in a yelling voice.....its a joke for those of you who don't know)!
In Austria Manser is going to be 9 hours ahead of me....that means that basically he will be in the future and will be able to add psychic to his resume as well...hahaha (although, I can probably tell you what he would say he sees in the future right now: chalet, sparkle A4, bikes)! I have no clue who I am going to have late night texting sessions with anymore...Ugh. I cannot wait to hear all about his new homeland, and the fun adventures that he is going to be planning for my visit.


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