San Diego.

Cheap ticket. 5 days off. Southern California? Why not? I flew down to San Diego and had a ball. I am thinking that might become my new home. I loved the beach, the people, the location, EVERYTHING. It is time to trade the skis for a surfboard?

Hello PB.
Follow the leader.
A bar in DOWNTOWN SD had not only Tall boy PBRs but they also served them in a paper bag! Heaven!
Firsts. Yogurtland. I found out I can do yogurt.
Cute. Duh.
Yo brahhh
Sunset cliffs? I think
Last stop before my flight. Yep, there happens to be one in SD that looks over the Padres stadium. SOLD!
Successful? I think so. I almost wish I would have missed my flight yesterday. I want to go back. I am thinking hard about it. Input?


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