I sit back, relax and vocalize my free-dom
cause some tale of emotion locks inside of me
I play the lottery of life, run the rule of roulette
pullin the card but it's hard not to sweat, place ya bets
you ain't a gambler? well circuit, Imma handle ya low
I got some tools for the small to grow, uh-ayyo
I let it flow. --Zion I

A few years ago -- a great man, Warren Witherell, planted a seed in my head of eventually writing a book. A few days ago -- I was sitting in the LA airport when emotion suddenly took a hold of me and I grabbed my iPad and started writing down a storm. Some people say, when you write something down that bothers you -- you free yourself. I have had a pretty rough year, so, I decided it is time to get rid of that year. Although, the trials and tribulations that I went through have made me into the person that I am today I feel like it is also time to release some of the bothersome. No need to leave it built up inside of me anymore. This is a period of change and transition, freeing these thoughts has become part of my journey of transition.
I don't know if I will ever let a soul see what I have written. I have been writing daily, then I go back and read through it -- only to find myself feeling centered and smiling. There are certain "confessions"(as I am calling them -- similar to chapters) that I want to have people read, there are others that I want to keep to myself. For now I will work on it until I feel like it is complete -- then I will print it out and hide it in a box -- so that I can find it later on and reflect. I got that idea for my 7th grade PE teacher...thank you Ms. Stewart. haha!
It is fun to write everything down. I feel better about my situation and the past. It gives me time to order my thoughts and think about logical ways for me to complete tasks/goals that I have set for myself (I know...me thinking logically...weird...) 

So...Imma jus let it flow....


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