Flour City Pasta

Dinner (or Deeeener) one of my favorite meals, I skip it WAY to often. My mom is known for sending out these great little care packages all the time to me...normally including delicious foods from local markets that she stumbles across while adventuring in her new hometown. One of my favorite things that she has put into the boxes lately is Flour City Pasta. A small pasta company that is based out of Fairport, New York. The creator of this fabulous pasta company is related to my mom some funny way...I have yet to figure it out -- but, he sure is a GREAT guy!

So, pasta is pasta right? NO WAY...FCP has some of the most unique flavor creations that only an imaginative person could come up with. Flavors like lemon garlic, thai, chipotle, sweet potato, etc. The list goes on. I have had the thai and then tonight I had lemon basil -- my favorite part about these amazing pastas is the recipe that comes with the noodles -- BOMB!!!!! When I was visiting in June my mom and I visited the factory (right next to the cookie lady on Turk(ish) hill road) it was so neat to walk in there and see everything in action. It is a cute little place...the noodles are really made with love (I think that love and food are two very important ingredients when it comes to cooking). FCP also has an array of their noodles at local markets, such as the farmers markets and my all time favorite in the village, Redbird Market.

I am big into trying to support small places as much as I can. Plus, I am a firm believer that food that comes from farms, or smaller places is made with love and is good for you. I would much rather support a small town company than some major corporation. Check out Flour City Pasta's website: http://www.flourcitypasta.com/products.htm
Maybe order yourself some.....or order a friend that is a pasta lover some. Explore the flavors, have fun!

MUCH LOVE from a very full girl!

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