Getting me out of bed used to be a choir, now...I would gladly wake up and enjoy some coffee read some news eat some yummy breakfast, shower, wake up. I have been getting up wicked early the last few weeks and I have realized how AHHHHWWWWEESOME mornings are. The world around you is still asleep, and I leaves me no longer hunting for those extra hours I always seem to be searching for. Plus, how can you beat a morning of Rolling Stones and coffee?
Yesterday morning was EXTRA awesome because I was lucky enough to have a cup of coffee brought to me! Sleeping in is soooooo 2009...ha!

Well...it is kinda' yucky here today hopefully it won't be over on the lake because that will make for a long day of work. Note to self: DON'T FORGET YOUR TOWEL TODAY! The crew this year is pretty neat, although I really do miss all the amazing people I worked with last year.


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