My last semester was the most memorable

Now that I am done with my education at the University of Nevada, Reno I often look back and think of all the amazing opportunities that I had while I was a student there. I took my last semester at school very seriously, and because of the injury I sustained I was reallllly able to devote more time to studying than ever before...seriously.....I don't think I have ever studying so much in my entire life (it is amazing what happens when you actually study)!


I was enrolled in a handful of classes just to fulfill basic upper division credits needed. I took my entire semester online this way (or at least this is what I thought I would be able to do until my knee accident) I could shred all day, everyday -- and work as well... :) Oh, wait skiing was my job!One of the classes that I was enrolled in was a disabilities class -- I decided to take this because I have always been interested in disabilities since I slowly started to grasp that my little sister had some intellectual disabilities. I learned more about disabilities in 14 weeks than I ever knew! It was one of the best classes ever, it left me very interested and wanting to learn more. The last assignment that we had (and my last assignment ever at UNR) was to compose a paper or do a hands on project. Since I was a little hung up, I turned to the paper -- but of course I was not satisfied with JUST writing a paper I wanted to dig deep and learn more about adaptive sports. I immediately thought of my friend Roy who sustained a spin injury several years ago, and he introduced me to another person (Steve) who was learning how to ski again from a spinal injury. It was amazing -- of course it was neat for me to keep it in the ski community too since I have been a skier for close to 22 years now (WOW!). I didn't want to keep it just to spinal injuries because I had seen the other side of disabilities too. I decided to talk to Sarah. The information that I gathered from these people was absolutely amazing -- they are brave.

I am sure if are an avid reader of my blog you have seen postings about HIGH FIVES, this is the non-profit organization that Roy started, and was a giant help my paper. I e-mailed the paper to Roy after it had been graded (I got a 100%) -- I saw him out at the bar a few days later and he let me know that he really enjoyed reading it. He ended up putting the paper up on the HIGH FIVES website, I am pumped.
Give it a read by visiting the site: HIGH FIVES site -- Final paper by BUD


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