Lake hair

Finally today there was a gorgeous lake day! I even got crazy and swam out to the pontoons TWICE! Wahhoooo...big time! It was excellent to finally have a sunny day! 

Spent last night with Em and Jameson...as well as Wilson! It was really fun. I need a breather from craziness. 

I forgot how exhausting 5 days on of life guarding in the constant sun can be. I am exhausted. I have lake hair (my hair is crazy and fluffy because I swam twice today). Tomorrow (maybe tonight too) the adventure of packing will begin...I am just going to keep my fingers crossed that I have a place to move into Monday. Stressful, yet fun. I can't really explain it right now -- but this craziness is supposed to happen...it is part of my life adventure. I am so tired right now I am having trouble deciphering the right keys to press..Oi!

Matt Manser is the best. He promised me a sparkle A4. ha! I really wish I could have seen him before he takes off to Austria. He is a great guy and totally deserves the job with Atomic that he landed over in Austria. 

Mah girl Cheyanne brought in a crazy Astrology compatibility book today..it was insane to see how dead on the book was! Wowwwww...I think I am going to buy my own copy eventually...Soooo Cancers...bring it on! hahahaha! We all had a great time looking through the book. I am really starting to grow wicked fond of all the people I work with...they are a lot of fun. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am going to be able to ride my town to work for the rest of the summer if everything works out! (soooo keep yours crossed for me too!) 

I am supposed to go to 50-50 brewery for a charity event tonight, but I am WAY tooooo tired plus I have a big day of packing tomorrow. 

I cannot wait to move to SoCal...hoooollllly molllleey!!!

Sorry for the rambling!

Oh and for the record...Lake hair is not near as awesome as beach hair which I can't wait to have when I get to beach it whenever I want starting in the fall....I hope my family is enjoying beach hair right now in NC! Eat some shrimp for me! 

MUCH MUCH MUCH LOVE (even with my lake hair!)

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