In New York...These streets will make you feel brand new.

Well geeeeessshhh, this last week has been a whirl wind of excitement, sadness, fun, and exhaustion. I am having an absolute BLAST being in New York with my family!!! I flew in about a week ago and have been doing stuff non-stop! Honestly, I can hardly keep my days straight! My mom moved into a REALLY cool house in Fairport! I LOVE it...the potential of this place is endless! I started my trip off with lunch at a great little with my cuzzie Kate and then went to town trying to convince my mom it was time to rip up the carpet. ha! Finally she caved....we spent a day ripping up old grubby carpets to find beautiful oak floors being hidden underneath -- actually a majority of the house is hardwood and so for 3 days in a row we went removed the carpet with a lot of help from the ENTIRE family. Jim Brown's service (and calling hours) were over the weekend. The service on Saturday very nice! It was a bitter sweet first few days, although Jim passing is very sad, seeing my family is awesome! I got to see where my mom worked the next day, what a cool place! She fits in very well there, and it is nice to see her doing something that she loves: landscaping. We have made numerous home depot and target trips -- I can almost make it over there without the GPS! ha!
Saturday was extremely fun because Eileen, Sue, Chap, my mom and I went to the Rochester public market! Holy cow! What a phenomenal weekly event! There was so much to look at...I was a little overwhelmed! But, we left with bagfuls of fresh veggies, a REALLY neat ring, and a skirt that I have been looking for...AWWWWESOME! If I lived here I would be there EVERY Saturday! Sunday was filled with more carpet removal. We had EVERYONE here: Grandmom, Sue, Chap, Joe, Kate, Addy...Nancy stopped by later...it really was a family affair! The floors are almost ready to be refinished! Wahoooooo....we had a little plumbing incident that yesterday too....the shower pipes were so old and corroded that they cracked...BUT...ALL fixed now! Phew! Luckily, since Grandmom lives so close my mom and I were able to RUN over there and shower quickly before we headed over to Tim and Sue's for dinner! We had a fantastic time! The kids, Catherine and Sam are GREAT kids! They sure did make little miss Banxie tired! ha! I really enjoyed spending sometime over there, it was really nice to catch up and spend some family time with them. I hope that it happens more often! I feel like I hardly have time to sleep. Oi. Today Kate and Addy, who dubbed me "Dana" (yah, we have NO clue) picked me up and we went out to lunch at Aja noodle -- Addy is soooo funny! Kate sure does have her hands full! I had a blast. Kate has always been into horses so this afternoon I went to the barn where she rides and watched her and the horse she leases Phantom do their thing. It really made me miss riding! Kate is a very talented rider, she looks so natural. I ran errands allllll afternoon for my mom while she stayed and dealt with the plumber and internet installation (finally...I can blllahhhg again!). She treated me to a few sale items I found at Target, which she found out about AFTER I arrived home... :) Aw, to have a daughter that loves to shop. Ooooopppssss.
We had a GREAT dinner tonight, "beer can chicken", on the back deck -- could you ask for a better night?!?! We took a walk around the village after dinner, it is really neat to hear my mom reminisce about her childhood. She has some really fun stories...and did things I would have NEVER imagined!!! Time for week 2. I am having a great time out here....and I am sure those of you in the east that have been trying to convince me to stay out here...that the east coast is slowly winning me over again, and CA will have to regain its place in my heart (which is shrinking by the second). 9 months of school and then I am a FREE BIRD. By the way...I am a big fan of "free bird" right now...ha ha ha...geeeeepers wonder why?!?! Well, a peeeekture speaks a thousand words...so enjoy the ones that I have snapped below!
Banx and I weren't the best helpers on Sunday morning. 
Nights like this are amazing. 
Black dog + white pants = gray.
Vintage Raven Lake. 
Hello, my name is trouble! 
New York LOVES me. 
How to start a good afternoon. 
She sells seashells buy the seashore. 
Corbett's glen. 
Vance's street...Nelson..hahaha! 
Two thumbs up to Pattaya Thai! Sooo soooo good! 
RPM - Carrots. 
RPM- spices for $1! Amazing! 
RPM. beans. 
RPM. Peppers. 
RPM. Feeesshhyy. 
RPM. Honey. 
RPM. flats of flowers. 
RPM. Crabs. 
Cole & Parks. Possibly one of the COOLEST lunch places I have EVER been tooooo! The food was AHMAZING, the atmosphere was fantastic! I REALLY wanted to try a cookie but...I was good and didn't. It is REAL close to my mom's office...LUCKY!
Ted Collins has a plant hospital...and some phenomenal landscape designers too!
Classy. How to enjoy beverages properly while unpacking. 
Redbird market. One of the neatest little markets I have been into! 

See...I have been wicked busy! I wish that I would of captured some ansel iphone pictures when we went to Flour City Pasta (flourcitypasta.com). A small pasta company owned by my mom's cousin John. Talk about AWESOME! The pasta is sooooooooo good, I honestly cannot even explain the fun flavors! Support little local companies! 

Okay, well I should probably hit the hay. I am sure that I have a bunch to get done tomorrow tooooo....I just can't think of anything right now...ohhhh: pay insurance! Yikess! 


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