Gin Wigmore

I am always interested in finding new music. My mom and I were driving to Nancy's the other day and this song "Oh My" came on the XM. The lyrics were catchy, and I immediately went to iTunes on my phone and downloaded it. Now...I have it on replay. The lyrics are amazing! So, of course I wanted to explore and see what other music this artist had and I went on a downloading frenzy. Gin Wigmore has an amazing voice! She reminds me of Amy Winehouse, meets Adele! Kind of folk rock/pop rock. The lyrics to all the songs that I downloaded are awesome, easy to learn and sing along with (which in my book is sooooooo important! ha!) The sound is upbeat, but not toooooo upbeat. After doing some searching on google, I found out that she is from New Zealand, and about my age. I highly suggest the songs "Oh My", "New Revolution", "Don't Stop", "I Do". Awesome music -- plus, a lot of her jams are VERY suiting for my life right now...ha! Funny how that happens!

"And I'm to die of a broken heart
A good scooch that may never last
But oh no baby you were never there
Never there to cradle my tears
I been once bitten now I won't go back
I timeless act that I keep for fact
and let lie so it won't be wasted and thinkin

Oh my god, I've been beaten in the game we called love
I've had two years in heaven but five weeks in hell" "Oh my"


ohhh ps. Syd got a face-life. Chris did a fantastic job sprucing Syd up on the outside since I have been gone. So...at least she looks like she runs now...hahahahahahahaha!

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