French Press

I drink a bunchhhhhh of coffee. I am a fan of black coffee -- I think that sugar and cream can ruin a perfectly good cup of joe (haha..get it... "perfectly good" and Joe...ha! yahhh.....). From when I started drinking coffee I would always have it out of a french press, I would make it as I was getting ready in the morning and press it just before I jetted out of the house -- in the last year I have resorted to a coffee machine for the first time ever that I found in Chris's garage that a past roommate had left behind. Before the machine if I didn't have time to make french press than I would jet to starbucks, wild cherries or even 7-11...yah...long story, someone was actually able to convince me their coffee was good. Now...because of the machine I have become lazy. NOT good. There is something about french press that tastes so much better....so today I was getting ready for PT and making my coffee in the normal machine...it was taking forever...soon I realized that it was clogged up and that there was more coffee on the floor of my kitchen than what would be in my cup. I reached over into the the cup board and grabbed my handy handy french press. This thing has been through a lot! It has chips out of it...scratches...the works. But -- that Sumatra tasted so good this morning...looks like I am resorting back to the FP!

Being the kitchen appliance junkie that I am -- I am constantly on the look out for new cool gadgets. Well, it might be time to get a new FP....so I searched all over the Interweb and found some REALLY cool ones!
It also occurred to me that one could use a french press for loose leaf tea.....duh!!! 

PT went well...I got a full pedal on the bike today around!!


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