Closing a door, only means another one to open.

" Sometimes the good walks out of your life... Leaving room for the great!"

Time to head east, be loved, comforted and clear my head. Only good things can come from here.Time to keep my chin up.

Today my real friends prevailed through e-mails, texts and said many positive words in person and via the phone to me today. I love them all so much for those.Barb told me today that I have a huge support system, she is right I do. I am so thankful. They mean the world to me. 

I got a kick out of what Warren said to me in an e-mail: 
"And don't cut your hair in frustration. It is beautiful, long."
The first thing I thought today when I looked in the mirror was: time to change the hair. 
Don't worry, I will keep it long for a little while.

Andddd in the great words of Ashley Story: you have a hot doctor waiting for you somewhere...ha! I love her, she always knows how to cheer me up.  

Of course this is going to be hard. Hard for both of us. But, it is for the best. I keep on thinking of how much harder it would be to do this when I leave for school....it would break me; possible hold me back from the future that I deserve so much. Now...I get to go to school, and explore as well as learn about myself. I bet I will cry some more. I told Mike tonight "I've realized there is nothing I can do. It's for the best, "sometimes the good walks out of your life, leaving room for the great. Trying to salvage something was only going to make me leaving in a few months harder. We will always be great friends, who knows maybe that is what we should have been in the first place. But, I wouldn't trade the world for the experiences that I had with him". 



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