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The oil spill in the gulf has been a pretty hot topic -- and for a very good reason! Although efforts are being made to cap off the leak and "clean" up the mess that has already been made -- I feel like there are no obvious changes being made. I read all of my news at The Daily Beast while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning,  I have been doing my best to keep up on the spill. I guess I have been very selective about what I read and what I don't. I feel like in a sense a lot of the turmoil is being bored from a petty game of some trying to irritate others -- the realization of the danger that is occurring to the coastal area doesn't seem to really register -- its an on going game of 'who did this', 'why did it happen', 'who's fault is it', 'who knew about it', 'who owes this much money'...Oi!
I spoke with a long time from from Louisiana the other day and he simply put that he was preparing for 'the beaches to be eaten by the oil'. I am most concerned about how the oil is going to be cleaned up, because the ball really needs to start rolling, I hate seeing the picture of all the wildlife suffering and knowing how bad this is for our planet. I actually found some interesting suggestions (on TDB) for clean up that are being 'considered':
-Peat moss.  This was used to clean up a previous oil spill in Norway in 2009.
-Berms. I guess this is what Louisiana is trying to use. They are placing sandbags out away from the shore so that it blocks the oil from the mainland. Okay...so it is not getting on the land -- but it is still affecting the ocean. Hummm....doesn't seem that smart.
-Garbage. Now, this suggestion doesn't make much sense to me. Although it would potentially stop the leak, you would be adding more pollution by hoping by inserting trash into a dome this would fill the leak. Well, what happens if the garbage doesn't fill the hole -- then we are left with an even bigger mess.
-Nuclear bomb. small blasts. Yah, No thanks.
-Surfactants. This is a very innovative idea. on TDB it was explained to a substance that was similar to dish soap which spreads the oil and then it can be broken down into nutrients for bacteria. I think this is a very interesting idea.
-Hair. Evidently human hair is good at soaking up oil. That would take A LOT of hair.

There are some other ideas but I thought that these few that I mentioned are pretty interesting. I am interested in seeing the decision that is made in order to distract the oil...and to properly cap the busted oil line.

Well -- it is actually sunny here today! Time to hit the docks and bronze!


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