flying’s kinda risky / when your wings are made of whiskey

Goodnight world.


Jason Derulo -- you rock.

Long day at work. Way to many drunken people. Cut them off from punch's!

All moved out of the TD house.

I love my new place! I am so lucky. Thank you.


Riding solo.

Made cupcakes.

Cannot wait for the next couple weeks.

I got a SWEET Dora the explorer straw tonight! Awwwesome!




I am pooped. Who knew that this level of tiredness even existed -- time to get some rest because it is a busssssssssssssssyyy week up here in Tahoe! Soooo pumped for some outstanding people watching and quality playing time with all my friends.

I love my friends. They are the best. Thank you for being so amazing and always being there for me.

Totally digging my new living situation. This rocks! I am very lucky. Thank you.

I crammed my life in a 5' x 10' storage unit today. Bad ass, I bet that if I did puzzles I would do extremely well since I was able to fit my entire life in to such a small space.

I need some new cowgirl boots so I can be prepared for Yerington. Gosh I wish I could get my hands on a pair of Lane Boots...maybe in my next life...or when I am 40 years old and have a real job.

Hard to believe July starts on Thursday.

Oh, and I figured out that my new demise on my bank account is going to be the fact that 7-11 carries coconut water...Ggggggreat. Well, at least it is good for you!

My hands need some lotion REAL bad.

Well, I am going to bed. I have a long long long day ahead of me tomorrow.

I must admit, besides one thing in particular I am totally digging life right now! This is sweet -- its about time. 

MUCH LOVE to all those who have helped me out the last couple of weeks y'all are the best!



Moving is a pain in the ass. I was talking to a friend the other day and I was trying to explain what it was like to be my age and have ALL of my personal belongings with me, and not really anything at home with my mom. Well, in case you were wondering...it sure does make for some interesting packing. I have about 30 gazillion times more stuff than everyone else. But....on the bright side I have a lot of my stuff packed and I am going to move in with the COOLEST person ever for the next few months...I am REALLY pumped. This summer has made a complete 180 in the last 72 hours. AWESOME!

Today I went to hidden beach (which is not so hidden) on Tahoe with a very good old friend Casey, York and Casey's roommate Dan. It was sooo much fun. I always told myself that I would never be out in the sun on my days off....after sitting in the sun for 5 days straight for 8 1/2 hour days you get over it really fast and being inside is a treat. Well, this summer that is going to change. Case and I decided today that we are going to try and do something every Sunday that has to do with our surrounding....we both have Sunday's off. WAHOO! I started my morning wicked early with a trip to Reno to get some more moving tupperwares. I started to pack and then took my 5 hour intermission to meet up with the boys. I am glad I did. I have been back at packing since about 6, I have the kitchen all done and parts of other rooms. I just have to take all my furniture apart and tackle my closet. I am actually enjoying this because I am able to realize I don't need a majority of the stuff I have collected.
Tahoe rocks...get it...hahahaha. 
Case face. I love this kid! 
York. We have been planning on taking over the world together for at least the last 5 years. 
Tahoe barbie. Comes complete with a PBR in hand and giant signature glasses. 
This is from the other night. I was struggling with the stairs because of my tight pants and my knee. Emily and I thought it was sooooo funny eventually I fell over because I was laughing so hard. Good story. The end. 

I got a REALLY awesome lunch box today that I am sooo pumped on using. I cannot wait to plop it into my townie basket and ride around. I am drinking my PBR out of a stein right now, this way I feel classy -- although, PBR is wicked classy already. hahaha! 

I am really pumped on this summer. cold feet gone. I mind as well make the most of it....Plus, I know I have FIDM, burning man and a new adventure to look forward tooooo! But, for now I get to look forward to my PBR and the pizza I have in my oven cooking. 




When it rains is pours....but this was like that sweet sweet summer rain that floats through the air that can only make you happy. Where although it is gray out, all you can do it smile and enjoy the lovely day that is going to eventually evolve from the storm.

Another door closed -- for the better.


Lake hair

Finally today there was a gorgeous lake day! I even got crazy and swam out to the pontoons TWICE! Wahhoooo...big time! It was excellent to finally have a sunny day! 

Spent last night with Em and Jameson...as well as Wilson! It was really fun. I need a breather from craziness. 

I forgot how exhausting 5 days on of life guarding in the constant sun can be. I am exhausted. I have lake hair (my hair is crazy and fluffy because I swam twice today). Tomorrow (maybe tonight too) the adventure of packing will begin...I am just going to keep my fingers crossed that I have a place to move into Monday. Stressful, yet fun. I can't really explain it right now -- but this craziness is supposed to happen...it is part of my life adventure. I am so tired right now I am having trouble deciphering the right keys to press..Oi!

Matt Manser is the best. He promised me a sparkle A4. ha! I really wish I could have seen him before he takes off to Austria. He is a great guy and totally deserves the job with Atomic that he landed over in Austria. 

Mah girl Cheyanne brought in a crazy Astrology compatibility book today..it was insane to see how dead on the book was! Wowwwww...I think I am going to buy my own copy eventually...Soooo Cancers...bring it on! hahahaha! We all had a great time looking through the book. I am really starting to grow wicked fond of all the people I work with...they are a lot of fun. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am going to be able to ride my town to work for the rest of the summer if everything works out! (soooo keep yours crossed for me too!) 

I am supposed to go to 50-50 brewery for a charity event tonight, but I am WAY tooooo tired plus I have a big day of packing tomorrow. 

I cannot wait to move to SoCal...hoooollllly molllleey!!!

Sorry for the rambling!

Oh and for the record...Lake hair is not near as awesome as beach hair which I can't wait to have when I get to beach it whenever I want starting in the fall....I hope my family is enjoying beach hair right now in NC! Eat some shrimp for me! 

MUCH MUCH MUCH LOVE (even with my lake hair!)


Mumford & Sons

My mom introduced me to Mumford & Sons while I was back east. At first I wasn't sure if I really was into their "rock/folk" music, but as I listened to the song a few times I instantly fell in love. They are a band that formed in London, England.This winter their music hopped the pond -- evidently I am not nearly as savvy and up-to-date on my music as I thought seeing that most of the songs I wanted to play for my mom she already had...but these guys are friggin awesome!  The songs have GREAT lyrics -- and since I am a lyrics nerd I pay attention to the words in all my music. Everything about their music is catchy. My favorite song right now is "Blank White Page", and "The Cave".

Blank White Page
Can you lie next to her
And give her your heart, your heart
As well as your body
And can you lie next to her
And confess your love, your love
As well as your folly
And can you kneel before the king
And say I’m clean, I’m clean

But tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with my whole heart
Oh tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with my whole heart

A white blank page
and a swelling rage, rage
You did not think
when you sent me
to the brink, to the brink
You desired my attention
but denied my affections, my affections

So tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with my whole heart
Oh tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with my whole heart

Aah, aah...
Lead me to the truth and I
will follow you with my whole lie
Lead me to the truth and I
will follow you with my whole lie
Aah, aah...

So, next time you are on iTunes and need some new jams...check out Mumford & Sons!



Getting me out of bed used to be a choir, now...I would gladly wake up and enjoy some coffee read some news eat some yummy breakfast, shower, wake up. I have been getting up wicked early the last few weeks and I have realized how AHHHHWWWWEESOME mornings are. The world around you is still asleep, and I leaves me no longer hunting for those extra hours I always seem to be searching for. Plus, how can you beat a morning of Rolling Stones and coffee?
Yesterday morning was EXTRA awesome because I was lucky enough to have a cup of coffee brought to me! Sleeping in is soooooo 2009...ha!

Well...it is kinda' yucky here today hopefully it won't be over on the lake because that will make for a long day of work. Note to self: DON'T FORGET YOUR TOWEL TODAY! The crew this year is pretty neat, although I really do miss all the amazing people I worked with last year.



Hit a wall

Evidently life always takes you two steps forward and one step back. After being told the other day that I could spin a little more on my own by my PT I thought it would be a smart idea to hope on my trainer for about 10ish minutes....I am totally regretting those pedal strokes that I took last night.

I was put back on crutches today. It blows. I hate those stupid things. My knee is having muscle/nerve complications right now and not exactly tracking properly to put it simply.

I was so pumped because I thought that I was going to get my bike to asphalt/dirt soon...yep..that's not on the agenda. Hopefully things start progressing again. I need my knee back!




I have recently experienced many events which have impacted me tremendously. Something I am always working on it being more accepting and understanding of other, but remaining myself at the same time. On my visit to the east coast to visit my lovely family I tried to take a step back and look at myself, re-evaluate the person I have turned into -- I feel like this was the only environment that I could do this safely because I was surrounded by comfort and support. I know I am aging, but I also know that there are some parts of me that I had to set aside that I miss. I like what I was able to search for. The hardest part was leaving that environment that I felt safe in -- I instantly wanted to go back, but in order to grow I have to venture outwards.

A very wise woman told me while I was there to think of my life as a room. Sometimes there are no doors that lead out of the room...and we have to accept that...other times (like right now for me) there are doors, and we just have to chose the one that fits us best. I think that sometimes I want to open those doors to quickly...I need to start analyzing the situation more -- I need not to jump to conclusions, of course sometimes that is unavoidable. I have been thinking about the conversation that I shared with Nancy for a few days now.

A lot has been coming at me in the last year, some good, some bad. Whats the saying "if it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger"? Well, every time something goes out of line I just have to keep that in mind. I cannot rush things. It is amazing what you can learn about yourself in a matter of two weeks. I have enjoyed my alone time....

Something else that I experienced while I was back east was my little sisters graduation from high school. The little sister that I love to death, the little sister that was told she couldn't do certain things in a public school setting because, well...she was different. Over the four years that she was at Riverview I didn't have the chance to meet any of her fellow classmates until just last weekend. Wow, I cannot even tell you the footprint they all left on my heart. We are all so judgmental, and materialistic (I'll be the first to admit I can be), these kids share so much love for each other and those around them it is unreal. One of the boys in Sarah's class gave me a "silly bracelet", it is a purple rubber band in the shape of a rabbit -- he was so excited to give it to me. I honestly never want to take it off, it is something that I am going to treasure. These kids are so real, and I wonder why can't we all be more like them. Love for each other is so important. It looks me 3 days of hanging out with these kids to realize that no matter what we deserve love and respect.

I have a lot coming up in the months to come. Right now I am doing myself a favor by sitting down, enjoying my dinner and a glass of wine with some good music (these kind of nights are my favorite). I have hardly had a minute to breath since I landed in Reno on Monday. Honestly, I am completely exhausted...but a good exhausted. It keeps my mind from wondering. I have had every reason in the world to be happy right now, I can't sweat the small stuff.

OH and if you haven't heard about Mumford and Sons "White Blank Page", and "The Cave" as well as Big Head Todd and the Monster's new song "Beautiful" you should give them a listen! Spectacular songs!

MUCH LOVE from California....


The most amazing weekend

The last two weeks have flown by me. Way way way faster than I would like, I am dreading getting on my flight tomorrow and heading back to California. Being around my family for the last two weeks has been the best thing ever for me, I am so lucky that I have such a loving and supportive family -- I have no clue what I would do without them. It kills me every time I have to leave my mom behind, back over Thanksgiving break we said "this will hopefully be the last time that we will have to do this", well, it looks like we are going to have to do 'this' a few more times since I have chosen to remain in school out west for the next couple of months -- it will be done before I know it. Ugh, enough about that.

This weekend I was able to witness one of the most amazing events ever...my little sister graduating from high school. For those of you who do not know, my little (big) sister Sarah faces the daily challenge of living with several different intellectual disabilities thus making her understanding of learning much different than mine and yours. Luckily, four years ago Sarah was accepted into a school in Cape Cod, Massachusetts that really specializes in the type of education that would be the most beneficial for Sarah -- Riverview. Sarah and my mom left Crested Butte shortly after I left for my sophomore year at college. When Sarah we seemed to be more of 'siblings by default' than anything..we didn't hang out, we would fight all the time, I didn't understand her, nor did she understand me. It really caused a pretty large stress on our relationship...sure we did get a long, but we just struggled understanding each other. We were not true sisters yet. As Sarah progressed through her years at Riverview I was able to watch a person that I would fight with and saw as immature and annoying blossom into one of the most beautiful people I now know: A person that I love talking with late at night about outfit accessories, nail polish colors, shoes, boys and whatever else sisters talk about and sharing a large hug. Over the last four years Sarah and I have grown closer and closer and closer. She really has become my little sister now -- it is awesome. I couldn't ask for a better little sister...SERIOUSLY! She has a giant heart, and I know she tries her hardest to make sure that everyone is happy.
You see, Sarah and I were kind of in the same vote when it came to graduating this lovely year of 2010. Everyone questioned if Sarah would graduate, and what she would be moving on to within the next several years...well...I watched her walking down the isle today and move her tassel on her cap to the left hand side, my mom, Sarah and family have worked incredibly hard to make sure that Sarah will be entering a top of the line transitional program this coming fall. It is happening. Years ago, I was seen as the one, out of 8, in my graduating class that wouldn't make it through college...welp, I am one of the few that has achieved the status of a college graduate. So there! Sarah and I have both done a phenomenal job of proving people wrong...don't worry we are only getting started!
It was great having ALL the family around this weekend in Cape Cod. I know Sarah was pumped.
I looks some photos on my camera but of course my cord is back in Truckee so we will have to wait to see those, but I was able to snap some good ones on my phone to share.
My mom and I arrived on campus on Friday afternoon to be greeted by my giant little sister! She is beautiful! Wow! That night Sarah and I attended a 'sibling dinner' which was held in Rhode Island. It was really cool meeting all of Sarah's classmates and friends -- although she has been in highschool for four years because of conflicting school schedules I have never really been able to spend that much time down there. All of the people that Sarah was surrounded by are AMAZING! They all have hearts of gold! We took giant buses to the dinner, and Sarah and I sat in the back and chit-chatted about everything. I met Sarah's boyfriend Phil who is one of the most courteous gentlemen on the face of the planet! Good pick Sarah! I spend a majority of the night with both Sarah and Phil -- we ate 'jello noodles' for dinner, and I watched Sarah dance the night away. We were both exhausted by the end of the party. One of my favorite people I met over the weekend was Jack, a classmate of Sarah and Phil from Purto Rico -- he is such a great kid. He loves to dance, so he would go up and dance we win me these little monkeys and then bring them back as a present for me (Saturday I was greeted by Jack with a giant hug, a big huge smile and a warm hello. He gave me a little purple bracelet that is in the shape of a rabbit..I am NOT taking it off until it breaks! It means a lot to me). It was cool to see the protection and love that exists between all the classmates, and especially between Sarah and Phil -- they are so good to, and for each other! 
The monkeys Jack won for me. 
Sarah, Phil and I at the sibling dinner. 
The sunset from the dinner venue. 
Beach balls that Sarah thought needed to go in my purse...

We stayed in this great little place in East Sandwich (near the school) called the Earl. It was awesome...totally time warped 1970's style but actually a GREAT accommodation. I walked into the room and felt like this is going to be a good place to stay -- plus it is puppy friendly, there is a pool, and a breakfast and last but not least a duck pond...
Weirdest looking duck EVER! 
They didn't like us. 
Banxie sure did like the birds though! ha! 
Saturday Sarah had graduation practice in the morning. So far I chugged 8 cups of coffee (okayyy a little bit of an exaggeration...) my mom and I tackled Sarah's room which still needed to be packed up. We FLEW through it! We even managed to toss out about 40% of un-needed crap that she managed to hoard. We donated a majority of her clothing to the Riverview thrift store..and...while we were there we found some AWESOME original ball jars!! Perfect...for a project my mom and I had/have in mind! 50 cents a jar...talk about a steal! Then we met the rest of the family for a lunch a Seafood Sam's in Yarmouth. It was a long drive, but well worth it! I had some scallops and shrimp! Yummo! After that the prom shoe shopping adventure started...we headed to a store called Westies...BINGO...after trying on a few pairs Sarah finally settled on some white flipflops! Yes! We got back to the room met mista' chase, has Sarah hit the shower and then the beautifying began! 
We did have some chill pool/beer time before we got started. It was much needed! 
Wilson has created two iPad monsters...Oi! 
Prom hair! It looked really cool! she had a giant peacock feather towards the back that matched the dress. 
We rode to pictures and drop off in Mighty. It was mighty awesome! It has been a while! 
All the girls that rode in the limo together. 
Phil and Sarah. The best looking couple at prom by far! Sooo cute! Sarah was beyond beautiful! 
The kids and the limo. 
Mr. Warren Witherell made a guest appearance for Sarah's prom and graduation! How great! 

So, Sarah and Phil and the rest of the gang met up in Sandwich and took this GIANT limo to prom. It was SO cool! After kazillion pictures the kids took off and left all the parents twiddling their thumbs about what to do for the next hour before prom started...humm, drinks? I think soooo! Of of Sarah's senior classmates parents suggested Daniel Websters (I think...ugh!) for a beer/wine I thought it was a fabulous idea ------ plusssssssss one of Sarah's classes mates brothers was there and he was a total stud! hahaha! We all headed over there for a "chug-a-lug" as Sue put it, and it really did turn into a chug-o-lug when a distraught phone call came from my little sister. We headed to the school I went and hung out with Phil and Sarah in the senior wing and then they were off and prom started. Everything was okay, Sarah looks amazing! They have a tradition at the dance to announce all the seniors and their dates while walking in (way more than what I ever got! ha ha!) so we watched that ceremony, then the first dance goes to the parents (with their child)...oh yah, I cried...
Then the families are all kicked out and the kids get to start the party! 
Of course they have a nice dinner first...

We all headed to a restaurant down the way called the 'Bee hive' for dinner. I had a great salad and some clam chowwwdah -- with less than a moment to spare we headed back to Riverview to watch a senior slide show. Yah, I balled my eyes out even more. Oh my goodnes....thank you to whoever the smart person was that invented waterproof mascara! Phewwww! Of course, before the slide show started we were able to make it for the last two songs at prom...my mom walked in behind everyone else in the family only to find Grandmama out of the dance floor with Sarah, Sue and Phil dancing up a storm!We all eventually joined in! It was awesome!
Then Sarah and Phil headed out for a few more hours of fun in the limo and for dessert while my mom, Ed, and I headed back to the hotel for some wine and listening to ducks quack. QQUUUAACK! 

Today (yesterday..ha!)..SUNDAY was the biggest day. Graduation!!! The morning was a struggle for everyone I think...we were all exhausted from the night before, but eventually we were all up and at 'em. We headed to breakfast only to learn that Sarah was not feeling too swell. Good thing my mom had planned everything early because Sarah had to deal with a few set backs that morning. As my mom delicately took Sarah to the school hoping to avoid anymore of an upset stomach, Ed and I chucked all the crap in the the euro van and went on a hunt for coffee. We were successful! Wahoo. Sarah and I had had a mini argument earlier about how she headed to look a little nicer for graduation...it was an uphill battle. I lost...or so I thought I did. Being the smart sister that I was I tossed all her make up, extra hair stuff, and jewelry into my purse and made my way down to where I knew the seniors were getting ready. As I was walking in Phil was walking around looking for me, he said Sarah needed me...at that time all I could think was 'oh great she probably puked again'...with the combined efforts of a caring sister and a loving boyfriend we were soon able to convince Sarah that she needed a little help with her appearance for such a big day of her life. One ginger ale and a granola bar later she was feeling tip-top, as well as looking fabulous too! It is amazing what nerves can do...
Sarah and Elizabeth, her classmate. 
Sarah and Taylor. 
Mr. Veil, Sarah and Phil. 
Phil and Sarah. The cutest couple ever. I love seeing such love between two people..especially when it involves my sister! 
Sarah and Mista' Chase. 
The ceremony was amazing. I think everyone in the room cried their eyes out. They did the ceremony with the students that were graduating from the GROW program as well. They really did a fantastic job of really tailoring the ceremony to each students achievements. Everyone was recognized for all the great things that had done during their time at Riverview. The head of the school made several great speeches, I loved listening to what she had to say -- a very fresh perspective on life. Sarah was the sports maniac...gosh, she sure did do everything! Track, skiing, swimming, basketball, softball, riding, etc! She didn't waste anytime while she was there...little ms. busy body. Sarah sure was nervous before she was called up on stage to be recognized, I kept on trying to get her to smile! Emotions were running wild for all of us. I don't know any one else that deserved today more than Sarah. I cannot even express how proud of her I am. I have a little sister now who is one of the most beautiful people inside and out because of her experiences at Riverview. I love her to death, and I am so happy that she was able to be in an environment that so graciously rewarded her. As a sister I cannot even start to explain the happiness that I have for her achievement, this is huge!! WAY TO GO SARAH! 
Sarah's graduating class (the green and white)
Sarah being recognized for all of her achievements at Riverview.


We packed, organized and hit the road as soon as we could after graduation was over. We made it back to New York around 9ish. We are all exhausted! The drive was easy except for the rainstorm that we were stuck in at one point! Yikes! Sarah digs the new house...she is headed to the beach at the end of the week with some of the family and then she is jetting down to Florida to see Phil! They are going to have a GREAT time! <3

I don't want to leave. The closer and closer tomorrow gets I am dreading leaving. I am so happy here. This next week is going to be rough. Who knows, maybe I will decide that being back here for the summer might be the best thing for me after all. 
Well, I need to hit the hay! 



Maybe you're the hipster?

 In the past two days I have been informed by TWO people that "I am such a hipster", let me clarify...I am not a hipster by any means...I just have a VERY unique sense of style :)
And...maybe if you think I still am...you should go out to California and you will quickly see I am not!

I get to spend the afternoon with Nancy!! Yipppppy! She is going to show me all her favorite little places that she has around the area!  I am going to go to Judith's to see where she creates her amazing jewelry -- I will try to get some good Ansel iPhone pics! Kate, Botsy, JLo, and myself (Dana..ha!) are going to go on an adventure tonight in Rochester -- I am EXTREMELY excited! And tomorrow we head to the Cape for my little big's graduation celebration! I bought her some accessories for her prom dress yesterday -- she is going to look STUNNING (of course we all already knew that!). I haven't seen Sarah since Thanksgiving, I cannot WAIT to see my sissy!

The last couple of days I have been ALL about the Rolling Stones -- partially because I got an amazing mashup of 'Gimme Shelter'. But, I decided this morning that there is nothing better than a good cup of dark coffee with a dab of dancing and singing to get your day started!

MUCH LOVE from the empire state. 


Pet Peeves

Banx and I have been playing A LOT of ball. I love it, she is soooo alert. I want a dog. Tonight I spent the day with my mom running numerous un-needed errands that I could create. We had a FABULOUS "cousins" breakfast in Macedon with the Lauder/French side of the family. It was POURING this morning. My mom and I had lunch with Grandpa Sam and Grandma June today, it was great seeing them and catching up! I wish that we could have chatted a little more....my how time flies! For dinner grandmom, my mom and I went to Monroe and enjoyed a fabulous meal! I really enjoyed our time together. Talk about spending time with the ENTIRE family...I LOVED it!  After dinner I played catch up with phone called and chatting....I miss my friends a lot.

Today I spent a majority of my time thinking "what are my pet peeves?". I feel like as you grow older you are able to gain more pet peeves...and well as let go as some too....It actually was a question that a friend brought up months ago at a yummy sushi dinner...."WHAT ARE YOUR PET PEEVES?". Of course I had no clue what to answer...then...it occurred to me...

-I cannot stand when I don't have matching tupperware covers and containers.
-I don't like when people cannot clean the sink when they use it, or when dirty dishes are left int the sink. Ew, gross yuck.
-heavy footed walkers..it drives me BONKERS!
Pet peeves are SO interesting I think...What are yours?

Much love! 

Thank you Roland

..life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood..so when you are riding through the ruts, remember that courage is the resistance to fear, not the absence of fear..so live in each "season" as it passes, breathe the air, taste the fruit and resign yourself to the influences of each..

Much love! 


Gin Wigmore

I am always interested in finding new music. My mom and I were driving to Nancy's the other day and this song "Oh My" came on the XM. The lyrics were catchy, and I immediately went to iTunes on my phone and downloaded it. Now...I have it on replay. The lyrics are amazing! So, of course I wanted to explore and see what other music this artist had and I went on a downloading frenzy. Gin Wigmore has an amazing voice! She reminds me of Amy Winehouse, meets Adele! Kind of folk rock/pop rock. The lyrics to all the songs that I downloaded are awesome, easy to learn and sing along with (which in my book is sooooooo important! ha!) The sound is upbeat, but not toooooo upbeat. After doing some searching on google, I found out that she is from New Zealand, and about my age. I highly suggest the songs "Oh My", "New Revolution", "Don't Stop", "I Do". Awesome music -- plus, a lot of her jams are VERY suiting for my life right now...ha! Funny how that happens!

"And I'm to die of a broken heart
A good scooch that may never last
But oh no baby you were never there
Never there to cradle my tears
I been once bitten now I won't go back
I timeless act that I keep for fact
and let lie so it won't be wasted and thinkin

Oh my god, I've been beaten in the game we called love
I've had two years in heaven but five weeks in hell" "Oh my"


ohhh ps. Syd got a face-life. Chris did a fantastic job sprucing Syd up on the outside since I have been gone. So...at least she looks like she runs now...hahahahahahahaha!


In New York...These streets will make you feel brand new.

Well geeeeessshhh, this last week has been a whirl wind of excitement, sadness, fun, and exhaustion. I am having an absolute BLAST being in New York with my family!!! I flew in about a week ago and have been doing stuff non-stop! Honestly, I can hardly keep my days straight! My mom moved into a REALLY cool house in Fairport! I LOVE it...the potential of this place is endless! I started my trip off with lunch at a great little with my cuzzie Kate and then went to town trying to convince my mom it was time to rip up the carpet. ha! Finally she caved....we spent a day ripping up old grubby carpets to find beautiful oak floors being hidden underneath -- actually a majority of the house is hardwood and so for 3 days in a row we went removed the carpet with a lot of help from the ENTIRE family. Jim Brown's service (and calling hours) were over the weekend. The service on Saturday very nice! It was a bitter sweet first few days, although Jim passing is very sad, seeing my family is awesome! I got to see where my mom worked the next day, what a cool place! She fits in very well there, and it is nice to see her doing something that she loves: landscaping. We have made numerous home depot and target trips -- I can almost make it over there without the GPS! ha!
Saturday was extremely fun because Eileen, Sue, Chap, my mom and I went to the Rochester public market! Holy cow! What a phenomenal weekly event! There was so much to look at...I was a little overwhelmed! But, we left with bagfuls of fresh veggies, a REALLY neat ring, and a skirt that I have been looking for...AWWWWESOME! If I lived here I would be there EVERY Saturday! Sunday was filled with more carpet removal. We had EVERYONE here: Grandmom, Sue, Chap, Joe, Kate, Addy...Nancy stopped by later...it really was a family affair! The floors are almost ready to be refinished! Wahoooooo....we had a little plumbing incident that yesterday too....the shower pipes were so old and corroded that they cracked...BUT...ALL fixed now! Phew! Luckily, since Grandmom lives so close my mom and I were able to RUN over there and shower quickly before we headed over to Tim and Sue's for dinner! We had a fantastic time! The kids, Catherine and Sam are GREAT kids! They sure did make little miss Banxie tired! ha! I really enjoyed spending sometime over there, it was really nice to catch up and spend some family time with them. I hope that it happens more often! I feel like I hardly have time to sleep. Oi. Today Kate and Addy, who dubbed me "Dana" (yah, we have NO clue) picked me up and we went out to lunch at Aja noodle -- Addy is soooo funny! Kate sure does have her hands full! I had a blast. Kate has always been into horses so this afternoon I went to the barn where she rides and watched her and the horse she leases Phantom do their thing. It really made me miss riding! Kate is a very talented rider, she looks so natural. I ran errands allllll afternoon for my mom while she stayed and dealt with the plumber and internet installation (finally...I can blllahhhg again!). She treated me to a few sale items I found at Target, which she found out about AFTER I arrived home... :) Aw, to have a daughter that loves to shop. Ooooopppssss.
We had a GREAT dinner tonight, "beer can chicken", on the back deck -- could you ask for a better night?!?! We took a walk around the village after dinner, it is really neat to hear my mom reminisce about her childhood. She has some really fun stories...and did things I would have NEVER imagined!!! Time for week 2. I am having a great time out here....and I am sure those of you in the east that have been trying to convince me to stay out here...that the east coast is slowly winning me over again, and CA will have to regain its place in my heart (which is shrinking by the second). 9 months of school and then I am a FREE BIRD. By the way...I am a big fan of "free bird" right now...ha ha ha...geeeeepers wonder why?!?! Well, a peeeekture speaks a thousand words...so enjoy the ones that I have snapped below!
Banx and I weren't the best helpers on Sunday morning. 
Nights like this are amazing. 
Black dog + white pants = gray.
Vintage Raven Lake. 
Hello, my name is trouble! 
New York LOVES me. 
How to start a good afternoon. 
She sells seashells buy the seashore. 
Corbett's glen. 
Vance's street...Nelson..hahaha! 
Two thumbs up to Pattaya Thai! Sooo soooo good! 
RPM - Carrots. 
RPM- spices for $1! Amazing! 
RPM. beans. 
RPM. Peppers. 
RPM. Feeesshhyy. 
RPM. Honey. 
RPM. flats of flowers. 
RPM. Crabs. 
Cole & Parks. Possibly one of the COOLEST lunch places I have EVER been tooooo! The food was AHMAZING, the atmosphere was fantastic! I REALLY wanted to try a cookie but...I was good and didn't. It is REAL close to my mom's office...LUCKY!
Ted Collins has a plant hospital...and some phenomenal landscape designers too!
Classy. How to enjoy beverages properly while unpacking. 
Redbird market. One of the neatest little markets I have been into! 

See...I have been wicked busy! I wish that I would of captured some ansel iphone pictures when we went to Flour City Pasta (flourcitypasta.com). A small pasta company owned by my mom's cousin John. Talk about AWESOME! The pasta is sooooooooo good, I honestly cannot even explain the fun flavors! Support little local companies! 

Okay, well I should probably hit the hay. I am sure that I have a bunch to get done tomorrow tooooo....I just can't think of anything right now...ohhhh: pay insurance! Yikess!