Viva Las Vegas

Yep...that is where I went this week!
I got to hang out with some of my best friends from college and my middle/high school years. 
We were lucky enough to get bottle service every night we were there (except for the last..we were all WAY to tired to go out....) It was probably one of the funnest experiences EVER! 
Met some really nice people.Danced a lot. Realized how much I miss being social! ha! 
Mom and family come tomorrow!!! 
Graduation on Saturday! 

Ash was awaiting my arrival. She said "Vegas, party of one was not fun"
Flamingos. We stayed at the oh so classy flamingo! ha! There was a joke about how lazy they were...I thought they were laying down...but it turns out they just have skinny legs...
Some of the girls and I out at Vanity. Our first stop of the week. It was REALLY fun! 

Look who I found in Vegas?!?! 
Ashley trying to buffet.....
we all tried gambling. We lost --er'ry time. 
My favorite place that we went out of all the nights was Foundation Room! 

There was a giant Buddha there...which was neat until I spilled cranberry juice on my WHITE pants. 
I got to see my BEST FRIEND from colleg -- that was probably my favorite part of the trip! 
We also went to XS in the Encore that night...I managed to not take any pictures. 
This was our entire group on the last night we went out. We had a table at Pure. 


The ASHLEY'S!  Ash Story and I have known each other for Dayyyyssss! Love her! 

The Christina's (or Kristina's)! Soo much fun!

I meeeeeesshhhh her so much!  Christina and I have have video chat morning dates like every other day. It just proves that your best friend can live miles and miles away and be the most supportive person on the planet! 

We had to break up the purple...ha! 

View from the hotel. 

This picture basically describes Ashley's first night...

There was a guy at the pool who was "working out" by dancing. It was pretty funny! 

So...I'd say that Vegas was successful! I had a blast! I am really glad that I went! I was able to reunite with some friends (that was long over due!) and I got to meet some great people!

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