san(TA) cru(ZA)

 Santa Cruz bound. 
Quick stop at In-N-Out to get the trip started right. 
Cruising through California.

Chris and I ventured west this weekend to visit the beach. It was calling our names. We left Truckee Friday mid-day and arrived in Capitola around 8. It was our friend JP's birthday -- so, it was a bit of a party. We settled in and had some awesome dinner. Then the festivities began. What the festivities were exactly...I don't think anyone knew. Keep in mind....it was a gathering of a dozen snow bums.
JP. Enjoying his birthday. 
This was the fire pit. Everyone sat out there for a while. JP thought that a fun game would be "guess who is going to sit in the broken chair?". I didn't fall for it. 

The next morning Christopher and I went and road our townies to the beach to check it out. I love the beach. It is soooo pretty...very different than the actual beach I am use to. We all headed to this place just down the street for breakfast and mimosas. Our waitress was an interesting character. She liked to use words like "Brilliant" after someone ordered there meal. Phil and I critiqued outfits. We saw some Snooki and JWoww impersonators there. After that Bosco and I went on a mission to find him a towel since he forgot one. We road to the board walk. It was so neat! It was nice to pedal my cruiser around -- I am paying for it now though -- 
How many people does it take to pump up a flat tire? The answer? THREE. 
Ready to do some cruisin' 
The beach. People were putting a boat in the water. 

Finally  we got to the beach. It was awesome! The water was wicked cold (well for me at least). I got some color! My forehead is a little burnt! There is something about the beach that I just love -- possibly more than snow. There were some little girls playing kick the beach ball just down wind of us. It had to hit me in the head. Ugh. Chris and I actually ran into our friend Brooke (who is from in Truckee) totally randomly...she happened to be down there partying too! Chris and I road out townies around after we were over the beach. We found some cool stuff. Like these giant things that looked like jax. We went to a light house. He went swimming. Then it was nap time and crunch time to get an entire house of people, with one shower, ready to go and be at the fashion show by 7. Chris didn't want to wake up from his nap. I forced him to. We decided to ride cruisers down to the bar. We thought that everyone was there already, but secretly they were all up stairs sleeping -- Oooopppsss! Chris and I got there early and went and hunted down some food. We found a falafel place. I had never had a falafel before -- I am not really sure how I felt about it. I would have capture a few pictures but my phone died. Of course. Then we went back to Cypress Lounge and prepared to do some fashion show watching and partying. The line of clothes being shown was Volcom's new summer stuff. Some of it was cute... Vanessa, JP's girlfriend was one of the models. 
The beach. 
Chris and the lighthouse. 
I love the beach! 
Hipster cruisin
Vanessa modeling

And then the fun begins....we started off at Cypress Lounge, then moved to a place called Clouds, then off to another club called motiv. They were all interesting...We danced -- a lot. We saw a swat team -- that was weird. And before Chris and I headed back to the house he insisted on getting a milkshake -- everyone needs a milkshake at 2 am, right? ha!  We actually found this place called Saturn cafe, it is a vegetarian restaurant that was absolutely divine! Probably some of the BEST food I have ever had, I kid you not! Chris and I both ended up getting burgers (veggie burgers. AHHHMAZING). We both agreed that if there was a place like that around here we would probably eat a lot more vegetarian food products. Then we road back home. Of course, someone had stolen my tassels off my handle bars, I knew it was the other boys. So, as I tried to go to sleep when I got home my door was busted open by JP and the fight to get my tassels back started. There was A LOT of wrestling that went on this weekend. I got them back...but in order for that to happen I needed to use my choppers. 
Not your typical vodka-cran...more like vodkacranwithsmoke. It looked like witches brew.
Wall flowers. But -- we were probably the best photobooth-ers (those will come later)
Who even knows...
Truckee comes to SC. Oh my. 

So, now we are home. We left SC around 9:30. We took the 1. It was beautiful!!! I wish that I would have gotten some better pictures. Darn! 
 Bye bye mah luff. 

I am exhausted now. Lack of sleep, ugh! It has been a pretty slow going afternoon. Chris and I managed to get a parking ticket while we were down there -- I have to take care of that tomorrow. I still have one at UNR I need to take care of too. We also got a $25 fine for not having cash to pay the toll -- evidently, not all tolls take cards (which seems weird) so they let us go through and charged us a bogus amount of money -- Chris got pretty mad. So, next time you think you might encounter a toll make sure you either have A) cash on you or B) a lot of spare change. Chris is off at work, I am at home. I should be studying for my final tomorrow...but...I am pooped. I have an agenda in my head for tonight (most of it involves sleeping), it also involves studying, showering, laundrying, studying some more, getting application stuff together, hulu-ing, sleeping. I cannot believe tomorrow is my LAST final -- I found out it is only worth 50 points, easssy! 

Well -- I am so glad that Chris and I got to go down to SC! It is beautiful down there! I love the beach. I think I am destined to be a beach bum....seriously! Tomorrow is a big day!! Lots and Lots to do!

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