my new sidekick

For graduation I was given a plethora of amazing gifts like my lovely handcrafted Judith Foster bracelet from Nancy. A handmade rug that was made by my very talented grandmother Jean, and my new little sidekick from Wilson: an iPad!
Talk about a good gift from a GREAT friend! I will never be able to thank him enough! I have totally been nerding out the last few days on it. I sleep with it...I kid you not! Once I get a good case
(cape...hahaha!) for it then it will most likely go everywhere I go! The iPad is such an amazing piece of technology. Once I get a keyboard for it I think that I will use my computer very little...but who knows...maybe I am dreaming a little toooooo big..ha! The iPad is going to really get put to a true test next week while I am in bed for a few days after surgery. I am really excited for my plane right back home to use it! You should hear the speakers on it -- AHHHmazing! So far it has been far from a let down -- if you are on the fence about getting one I honestly suggest you go for it! I will warn you, the accesories are not that good yet -- no bedazzled or animal print cases just yet since it is soooo new. Getting a case for it is on my "to do" list for this evening.

So it is snowing here. YUCK! It is May 21st -- come on mother nature! This is making me looking forward to living in LA that much more! I actually was able to get in touch with an ex-dorm mate and sorority sister via e-mail who lives down there and she reassured me that I will have a ball down there! I am so excited! To add to the snow -- Syd has a broken window...this means that the snow flies into the window. AWESOME! Syd and I have been fighting way tooooo much lately. In a perfect world I would put Syd to rest. With all the crap on Syd that has been managing to break lately it is almost like she is telling me to stop driving her. I am just waiting to be cruising down the highway and have the engine drop out of her! ha ha! That will be a fun day....I can just imagine that blog entry now...Ohhh Jeep-ers...ha...get it..."Jeep"-ers...since Syd is a jeep. Okay -- that was lame, buttttt I liked it. :)

I am scheduled to get sliced on Monday! Its about time! I am so excited/nervous. All the people who I have been dealing with in the last few days have been really nice and super informative. I think everything will go just fine. The ladies at Truckee Physical Therapy are just dolls! Super duper nice people! I am going to work sooooo hard to make sure that I have a strong comeback. I will be accepting flowers and other treats...ha ha ha! JK! I went down to WinCo today and stocked up on water and all sorts of little food things that I would be able to easily access. I love that store, anywhere else I would have spent well over $200, but I managed to leave just under $100 -- I will be well fed until I move outta this house. I wore heels for a little bit today because I knew that once I get sliced on Monday I won't be able to wear them for a little bit-- ohhhhh the girly side of me (I also treated myself to a pedi today...EVERY woman should do that on occasion). 

Well, time to go and spend some quality time with my iPad. If you are lucky I might let you play with it! I let NJ play labyrinth the other day on it. Chris played on it last night -- he of course wants one now too. I am a 100% apple consumer now -- iPhone, shuffle, iPod, MacBook Pro, iPad. I have no clue how I could function without it (scary...) This little piece of technology has made me that much more of an Apple fan! I am sooo pumped!


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