My bestfriend is better than your bestfriend

I have ALWAYS had a problem with friendships with other girls. Occasionally, I will really hit it off with someone and we will be inseparable -- I have three girls that are my best girlfriends. These girls stay my friends no matter how grumpy I get or how much we disagree. I can't go a day with out talking to at least one of them -- most of the time I talk to all of them a zillion times. It is neat to think how long we have been friends and how we met and the adventures we have had and what the future has for us. I love them all so much, the have been my backbone.
Christina is amazing. She is one tough cookie -- she doesn't put up with any crap, I think that is why we get along so well. She is soooo fierce. I loveeeeeeeeee her!  Christina and I met when I moved back to Reno about 4 years ago I believe it was around Halloween, we had mutual friends on the UNR football team. One of her outfits that year was a "homewrecker", I really wish that I still had photos (my computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING!). We have gone through our ups and downs, and she has been the biggest support system ever. Last spring we sat at her house and talking about how we were amazed that we were still friends and how the other people that we had met at the same time have become completely obsolete in our lives. Two days later she left to live in Florida for the summer with her dad. Thank goodness for technology because that is how we have been able to maintain our friendship -- text, fb, aim -- you've got it! We will seriously sit on AIM for hours just laughing. In the fall she moved down to Vegas to finish school -- and of course our schedules allllllways conflicted so we weren't able to see each other face to face until I ventured down to Vegas a few weeks ago. It was amazing! Christina is the girl that will be around and be my best friend for a long time to come...I am soooo happy that we are able to still be friends to this day. She really looks out for me and I love her for that! She is the best! 

Ashley (or Trashley as I dubbed her way back when we were 15) has been a long time friend from Colorado. She grew up in Telluride (and is still there). We met through ski racing, in Rocky Mountain division through a mutual friend Sutton. From there we would hangout at all the races. During highschool Ashley came to Crested Butte Academy as a winter tutorial student for racing. We traveled to allllll the races together. We suuuuuuure did have fun. I remember there was one time after a long night of shenanigans in Summit County she helped me try to convince our coach Tyler that I had food poisoning -- yah....that didn't work. We were really good at  being loud and outspoken (we still are good at it) and causing trouble together. Ash went back to Telluride to finish school -- the girl has had more knee problems than anyone I know -- but, she is a total trooper and that doesn't keep her from skiing. We used to play volleyball against each other and I would get sooo excited to see her in the fall before ski season was upon us. When we would go to Telluride for races we used to stay at Ashley's family cabin it was sooo much fun. They have more motorized toys up there than disneyland..haha! I managed to flip her mom's brand new snowmobile one year...that was cute. I used to stay with Ash and family when I was in Telluride for bike races and we would adventure around and cause more trouble -- surprise! ha! She really has become my partner in crime. Ashley is WICKED smart, it amazes me! She has this internerd part of her that comes out and I just look at her like 'what the heck did you just say'. Ashley really isn't afraid to say what is on her mind, she isn't afraid to embarrass herself or to do what she wants. I honestly envy her from time to time with how brave she is! She is sooo funny -- I love her! 

One night Chris dragged me out to a party and I REALLY didn't want to go. We walked downstairs to find everyone playing pool and I was all the sudden swarmed by these two girls. They were all about telling me EVERYTHING -- I felt a little claustrophobic. A became fb friends, and a few days later we celebrated Halloween together -- it has been love since! ha! Emily is my bestfriend in Truckee -- she is a no nonsense to the point kinda' gal.   My birthday came soon after and we were hanging out nightly basically doing EVERYTHING together. We have bed parties all the time (basically laying in bed, listening to music, eating pizza and drinking wine with a side of gossip) and she is allllllways up to do something. She has a huge heart and I give her so much credit for that. She is really bad at doing handstands, but loves being a girly girl. I am so glad that I went to that party and was able to meet her and become inseparable friends. She is down in Huntington right now and I miss her sooo much. I love dancing and being loud with her! She is the best! 

I treasure these girls more than anything. If I could shrink them in put them in my purse and carry them around with me all the time I totally would! ha ha ha! Christina, Ashley and Emily have completely changed my life, and I honestly have to be one of the luckiest people on earth to have them as friends. I love you girls! 

"Best friends are the ones who can be the farthest away but they're the fastest to answer when you call"

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”



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