I can ride my bicycle. bicycle. bicycle.

It has been well over 6 months since I have ridden a bike -- rubber to road, or rubber to dirt. I was expecting to be out on my bike last month; that all changed when I got hurt skiing. I was able to get on my trainer and slowly spin for 20 minutes....if that. A few days ago I had a change of heart towards my injury. First of all, I am going stir crazy not being able to really do anything, so, since I am some what confident with walking again I have been heading over to Donner Lake park and taking walks through there at some point in the day -- it has really helped ease my mind which is currently going 50 trillion miles an hour. Today I walked for an extra long time, on my walk I told myself that as soon as I got home I was going to get my road bike out and try to ride it around the parking lot, and depending on how that went then I could maybe pedal around the block. I figured I was up to the challenge since I was able to ride my townie short distances in Santa Cruz last weekend. I threw on some jeans as soon as I got back from my walk, dug out my road shoes, took my roadie down from its winter storage spot and blew the tires up. I completely skipped over the idea of trying to pedal around in the drive way...I just hopped on the road and started to head down to what I knew was a flat section. There I was out on a bike once again. I have been very pessimistic lately about when I would be able to get back out, and how long I would/will have to wait to go full throttle. I reached a climb and just went for it. My legs are completely shot right now, but the feeling of just jetting forward and going up as fast as I can made me feel at ease.

I love climbing. People think that it is weird that I like to climb so much. I would much rather go UP on a bike than down or be on flat land. Not being able to go climb old 40 so far this season has really bothered me, especially when I see all other bikers out there. I have some weird like "billy goat" gene in me that makes it so climbing is like taunting a fat kid with candy. There is no such thing as a pace for me, there is only a "go" button -- and I just GO, GO, GO! I only was able to make it up a few street before I needed to turn around...more or less because I came up with the idea that I am going to go and ride tomorrow morning...see if I can make it up old 40 -- I want to start my graduation week of right (so why not start it with some climbing!). I know....I still have to listen to what my knee is telling me...but for some reason I think I can handle it right now. Plus, I would much rather go into surgery strong than go in with no muscle (like I basically have now) and have to work even harder to get back out there....

So all in all it felt pretty cool to get back out there and pedal around for a little bit! So, if you want to take a lite pedal with me shoot me an e-mail or call me -- I would love the company!


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