The Dictionary of Bud

I have always have quite the vocabulary -- far from perfect, but very creative....and well, that is all that really matters to me. I would much rather have a fun and sparkly vocabulary. As I was swimming my laps today I was thinking to myself, wow -- I could probably totally have my own dictionary (or at least my own collection of words). Of course, making sure that you have a proper vocabulary and understanding of the grammar is important -- but, live a little...invent some words...don't worry about the context all the time...you will be more memorable if you live outside the box. I logged onto facebook and saw that one of my girlfriends status updates was a word that I had made up. Okay, wait....let me clarify....my vocabulary tends to be a mishmosh of words squished together to make other words, words put with other words to create a phrase that you normally wouldn't hear, or how ever else I feel like making words. For instance:

Do you know what a bed party is? I bet you don't unless you have picked up on it with other blogs I have posted....well....it is were all my friends and I climb into my little queen sized bed wrap ourselves in the pile of comforters we  (we are talking piled of people) enjoy some type of beverage..wine, beer, cocktails, and eat some type of food -- pizza, chips and salsa and gossip and listen to musssssssic. It is really fun.

One of my favorite things to say is pure amazingness. Warren actually noted it in an e-mail he sent me several days ago...it means its totally radical, unbelievable, bam, boom, the best thing EVER!

I used the word wicked to describe any and everything...but I didn't make that word up. Bummer.

I like to pop cans with my friends. Normally, you would pop bottles, not me! We pop cans, that means that we are drinking some beer.

I like to use the word real instead of really...so I would say that I am real hungry, instead of I am really hungry. and Hungry changes to Hungeee. Dinner changes to Deeeener. Miss you changes to Misssshhhhyou. Love changes to Lahhhhhhhve. Duh!

Spants -- those would be spandex pants. I wear spants allllllll the time.

Basically, if you have something that is made out of two things you combined part of the first word with another part of the second word. Chris and I sit around and make up words ALL the time.
You can add -ing to the end of ANY word and all the sudden it changes into something you can do. Like: coloring, cleaning, texting, swimming, picking out my outfiting, sleeping, eating, cooking, studying....etc.

Sometimes I like to add -o to the end of words too just to make the conversation more interesting. Like: I amo goingo to theo lodgeo foro deeenero tonighto. See, instant funnnnn. A good way to lighten up the mood.

I will keep you updated on my amazing word inventions. 

(I love the sound my nails make on the keyboard right now....and I can tap them really loud because I got them done the other day).

I drew this picture on my iPad for Matt Manser. He wanted a unicorn for his birthday -- he got one. 
Obviously this is moto-mike. Duh! 
This is me and Christina's future. We are going to be neighbors --that way we can talk on cup and cord phones. 
This is Bosco doing ballet. He didn't like my picture, but I am thinking about hanging it on the fridge. 
This is Christina and I high-fiving.

If you are lucky while I am hurt I MIGHT make you a pretty pretty picture on my iPad....ha! 

Slice and dice tomorrow......


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