Cinco deeeeee mayo

Cinco de Mayo....always a crazy holiday. Four years ago I spent it bronzing on a deck drinking tecates with my girlfriend Linds. Three years ago I attended a 4th of may celebration -- my nose was sun burnt. two years ago I went to Bertha Mirandas with Trent, Alix and Chris then we made margarita's and someone tried to steal my camera. This year was different: I had 3 of my girlfriends over and we made tacos, dressed up all pretty and headed to a shin dig up the street with a bottle of jose in tote. It was really fun. A bunch of my old friends were at the party. It made me realize how much I miss being social. All four of use (Emmy, Nico and Demi) came back and had a pow-wow/girl gossip sesh in my bed which started again early in the morning. A perfect way to spend an interesting holiday. I had a blast! I love having close girlfriends. If you don't know I am very tentative when it comes to relationships with other girls -- most of my friends are dudes -- but Emily and Nicole have been some of the best people I have made friends with since I moved to Truckee. I love them! I hung out with my high school pal Brenden at the party it was wicked fun! Durell and I danced!
I am getting crafty right now decorating my cap for graduation! It is going to be SO cool! It is my favorite color sparkle...... I am also working on my admissions projects right now. My room looks like a giant arts and crafts store! it is funny!
I am pretty sure I am going to take a break from glue, sparkles and colored pencils and head to the docks for a bit to get some sun and do some reading! I get to see Ash and Christina this weekend!!! AHHH so excited! And then even better...MY MOMMMMMMMMMM and family come to Reno!!! WAHOO!

Durell. He has been one of my partner's in crime since way back in my sorority days!
Awwww...Brenden! It is sooo funny how much he has grown up! I met him when he was seriously like 13 at CBA. 
Truckee kiddos. Brenden, Josh and David. They are all soooo funny! 

Nico, me, Em and Demi. Happy Cinco de Mayo! 
This set makes me laugh every time I look at it! 
The girls!!! 

Welp, happy belated cinco de mayo!
Time for me to hit the docks and get some color and do some reading! 


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