Perhaps you are looking for a reason to celebrate? You need a justification for popping open a bottle of bubbly and kicking back for a nice relaxing night? Well...I have a reason for you...I AM DONE WITH MY UNDERGRAD! Yep, yesterday I finished up my last night at UNR. It was pretty neat, but I honestly didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I was supposed to be happy, or sad, or the emotions that were supposed to run through my body. I just kinda' aimlessly walked around campus compiling a list of errands that I needed to do. I thought about a phone call I shared with Warren the other day, he asked if I had read all of "Heart of a Husky" yet, a book he helped edit about a UCONN basketball player. I read bits and pieces of it here and there, but I had not gotten to the part that he explained. Mel, the girl who wrote the book, talked about taking her last final. Warren told me that when she completed her last final she sat there until the allotted time was up...while other kids would finish and take off cheering and totally pumped...I guess she knew that that was her last final there so she wanted to "treasure" the time. I heard a story later on from another friend, via text, who told me when he finished college last year that he cracked open a beer as he left the class room! ha! I didn't do anything like either of these students -- I don't think that it is going to hit me until I walk across the stage.
THEN...it came to me...I was going to celebrate with a trip to B&N and get a few new books! Exxxciting! I had a gift certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to go buckwild and get 6 books, it was AWESOME! I was in there for a good hour and a half. I cannot wait to sink into those books that I picked out -- everything from Tom Wolfe to Anthony Bourdain, to a book about sorority girls called "Pledged". Of course, well I was in there I was under the impression that I was going to be reading for the next few weeks straight....that quickly changed when I found out I would be working an 8 hour day today. Chris and I did do a little more celebrating with a nice bottle of champagne and a delicious dinner -- we also attempted to watch Sherlock Holmes, but, leave it to me...I fell asleep during the first 5 minutes. According to Bosco it was a really good movie. ha! Whatever...
This is my eye. Artsy, eh? 

So do day I woke up wicked early and got ready to go into work in Tahoe City. I have been doing extra office work for the company that I work for in the summer. It is actually REALLY fun! The conversations always have me cracking up. It is a good group of people. I treated myself to some coffee from the Tahoe House. They are said to have some of the best coffee on the lake. It sure was delicious. It is really convenient too, because it is right next to the office. Fairly reasonably priced as well. That was my second and a half cup of coffee of the day...yes I said half...It was left in the pot and I couldn't let it go to waste. DUhh!  I was the laminating queen for the day, as well as the "mailer" compiler. I treated myself to a vegan-rito at Dam cafe, I have been debating trying to become a vegetarian, only when I do not have access to good grass fed animal product (of course still eating fish). I have done a lot of reading about food lately and it is slowly turning me, buttttt on the downside I am always friggin' hungry for specific foods...soooo who knows if that IDEA would actually work. I mailed out my announcements, so keep you eyes peeled! Chris and I are headed to the gym right now more or less so I can swim. Then we have discussed heading to Reno for some deeeeeeener, but I am pretty exhausted right now and I have to go into work again tomorrow. 

Actually, truth me told I am really happy that I am able to work right now, or at least get out of the house because sitting here for an entire two months assigned to "home office work" got old pretty fast!I cannot wait until I am back out in the sun all day, getting tan! YES! 

I am checking my final grades constantly and I already pulled an A+ in English, and a B+ in one of my social work classes. 3 more grades I have to wait for....I can't wait to see them! Yes..I cannot wait to see my grades! ha! 


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