Bad day turned good

Today started off GREAT and then quickly took a turn for the worse.....evidently I put my grumpy/pessimistic pants on when I got dressed. I didn't want to do anything to day except for be in a crappy mood, I convinced myself to get cold feet tonight about moving -- yah...that was dumb. I didn't want to answer my phone or text messages...then...our internet stop working.....ohhh man...by this time I had steam coming out of my ears....BUT then...I decided to take a deep breath and do the one thing that makes me be calm...be creative. At first I thought I would be 'creative' by organizing all my stuff (I watched hoarders today..ha!) and that quickly became overwhelming....so then I decided to fish around in the box of fabric I had and bring out my sewing machine...I went to town........I was in my element...it was awesome and I feel so much better now...

I ended up making a haltered maxi dress out of a forest green fabric. I really love it! Of course...I didn't pin anything, did it all free hand like always...I can only imagine how my creations could turn out if I took the time to make them perfect....BUT this dress is going to be perfect for the summer!!!


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