Bad day turned good

Today started off GREAT and then quickly took a turn for the worse.....evidently I put my grumpy/pessimistic pants on when I got dressed. I didn't want to do anything to day except for be in a crappy mood, I convinced myself to get cold feet tonight about moving -- yah...that was dumb. I didn't want to answer my phone or text messages...then...our internet stop working.....ohhh man...by this time I had steam coming out of my ears....BUT then...I decided to take a deep breath and do the one thing that makes me be calm...be creative. At first I thought I would be 'creative' by organizing all my stuff (I watched hoarders today..ha!) and that quickly became overwhelming....so then I decided to fish around in the box of fabric I had and bring out my sewing machine...I went to town........I was in my element...it was awesome and I feel so much better now...

I ended up making a haltered maxi dress out of a forest green fabric. I really love it! Of course...I didn't pin anything, did it all free hand like always...I can only imagine how my creations could turn out if I took the time to make them perfect....BUT this dress is going to be perfect for the summer!!!


Update on my random life...

It is time for one of those totally random "what bud is doing with lots of RANDOM pictures" updates....

I luuuuub this picture. It is basically how I start every morning. Well, speaking of the mornings -- I convinced myself that today was the 1st...not the 31st and I woke up and went to PT. Turns out my appointment isn't until tomorrow -- WAY TO GO...haha! Total chocolate blonde move....

Sarah at the horse show -- I am a little jealous that she is getting to ride! I would love to ride again. 
This makes me laugh. 
This is a FANTASTIC advertisement!!!!!!!! 

I have been working the last few days for Hansen. It has been pretty fun...I like being busy. This might sound weird...but....I have really enjoyed doing office work! 

Also..my knee is doing good. I am getting a little bit more back everyday. I don't want to push it tooooo much, but I want to get this recovery process going! I have actually been doing some walking without my crutches....BANGING! 

I drew another amazing picture for Christina on my iPad. I think it is sooo funny that they look like a 4 year old did them -- it is the App that I use...ha! I also informed Christina that we were going to buy grillz last night......she was TOTALLY not down with the idea...goodness, can you say NO FUN!?! 
Sooooooo Good! The only fast food I will eat -- you don't understand until you have some...
Chris, David and I (and a few others)went well prepared to see Ironman 2...It was AWESOME! 
Then...Chris and I saw the new Robin Hood a few days later -- two thumbs DOWN. 
Cheyanne and I at pier attending training. It was raining and snowing...but we had fun. 
Back in the days of early morning training in CB on paradise...I miss this occasionally 

This is what I do with my life now...ha. 
Spizz came out to dinner with me the night before my surgery. 
You prolly can't see him...but I watched Wilson hit the rope swing on the river...
Summer reading. 
I am actually about to finish Jenna Jameson's book and it is surprisingly good! I am also working through "fat girl"....but I have quite the line up for the next couple weeks...
Anita Shreve's The Pilot's Wife
Mark Sanborn's You Don't Need a Title to be a Leader
Bridge's Transitions: Making Sense of Changes 
Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner 
Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval's The Power of Nice
Ben Hezrich's The Accidental Billionaires
Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
Tom Wolfe's The Bonfire of the Vanities 
Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential 
Alexandra Robbin's Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities 
Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff's Queen of Your Own Life
 I have some good reading ahead of me...and don't worry I will let y'all know how each book is! 
And...if you have any suggestions pleaseeee let me know! 
My favorite way to start my day. 

So, all the roomies have moved out. I guess I am a little confused about it...we have had some serious communications issues (pause...my soup is done in the microwave.Okay -- im back). When we first came into the house they were both worried about me not signing the lease...so I did...and now I am the ONLY one still here...hummm -- they are both still paying rent...but there is something about it that bothers me. BUUUTTTTTTT it is nice being able to do whatever I want where ever I want in the house...I am going to try my hardest NOT to sign a lease when I move to LA, that is unless I come across an affordable studio and I can live alone... 

I have a weakness for Soup at hands...ahhhh...sooo not healthy...but they taste sooo good...
Chris is down in Mammoth right now. They have a giant airbag set up under one of the jumps so that you can try tricks and essentially have a "safe" landing. He just informed be via text that he did a "dub front cork 10" AWWWESOME...I bet he will have them on lock by the time he comes back. Before he left he brought me my favorite meal ever...MASHED POTATOES with demi from the Lodge! 
It is overcast today. Awesome...not. 

NEW YORK IN 8 DAYS (well it will probably be pushed back -- but the thought of leaving Truckee is exhilarating!). 
I am really excited to start working at Chambers -- I think this is going to be a GREAT summer. 

Okay...enough randomness. 


This made my day

whats on my playlist....

I listen to a BUNCHHHHHHH of music....there is always something pumping out of my speakers. My friends come and "steal" my music all the time and I am constantly asked for new suggestions for songs.....sooooo here is the latest (mind you....I am totally on what I call an "MTV" music kick right now...hahahah!):

- I Made it - Kevin Rudolf/ Cash Money Heroes ft. Birdman, Jay Sean and Lil Wayne
-My Chick Bad - Ludacris and Nicki Minaj
- Rude Boy - Rihanna
-Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz
-Undo It - Carrie Underwood
-Stuck on You - Prodigy
-Leave Your Boyfriends Behind - Leona Naess
-Love Language - Hi-Tek
-Always Winnin' - X & Hell
-Touchin' On My - 3Oh!3
-Diva - Beyonce
-Blah Blah Blah ft. 3Oh!3 - Ke$ha
-Pretty Lights mash up - DJ Tip-Z
-Airplanes - B.o.B
-Fame - B.o.B
-Lovelier Than You - B.o.B
-Don't Let Me Fall - B.o.B
-Digest - Ben Taylor
-Wilderness - Ben Taylor
-Hillbilly Bone - Blake Shelton
-Somewhere in Brooklyn - Bruno Mars
-I Couldn't Explain Why - Citizen Cope
-Lifeline - Citizen Cope
-Someone's Gonna Love You - David Saw
-Ain't That Right - G.Love
-Soft and Sweet - G.Love and Special Sauce
-The Bay to L.A. - The Grouch
-Lemonade - Gucci Mane
-L.A. Girls - Jupiter Rising
-Bulletproof - La Roux
-Never Fallin Down produced by DJ Khalil - Living Legends
-Say - Method Man
-Cooler Than Me ft. Big Sean - Mike Posner
-Circle of Fifths - Milkman
-Dem Na Like Me - The Qemists
-From Heads Unworthy - Rise Against
-Savior - Rise Against
-Halfway There - Rise Against
-The Weary Kind - Ryan Bingham
-Wildest Dreams - Sizzla
-Beautiful Lunatic - Trevor Hall
-The Lime Tree - Trevor Hall
-Volume - Trevor Hall
-Blood Dem Out - Turbulence
-Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio
-Night on Fire- VHS of Beta
-OMG ft. Will I. Am - Usher
-That Day - Vokab Kompany
-Shades Off - X & Hell

Of course I could go on all day listing songs....but I will spare you...Or...if you want some music or suggestions justttttt let me know.


Food Rules

I have been meaning to tell you all about the latest Michael Pollan book that I read: Food Rules. I have just been so busy in the last month it was pushed to the back of my to-do list....buttttttt....now that I have more spare time on my hands than I know what to do with I figured I could share.

For some reason I decided to bring a book to Vegas with me...thinking that I would actually have sometime to read...yah right! My flight was wicked early and I figured that I would just try to sleep on the flight (which never works for me) -- but a venti cup of coffee later I was wired. I remember that I had a book in my bag so I grabbed it and went to town.

Pollan's Food Rules is a pretty short book, very easy read and totally enjoyable and filled with hints to eating healthy. Last night I watched Ratatouille (one of my Disney/Pixar favorite movies) Remy, one of the main characters, said "If you are what you eat, than I only want the good stuff". Being in my 20's it is incredibly difficult to afford the healthy foods that I want with such a limited budget -- and coming from a family (or my mom) who is all about gardening veggies, grass-fed meats, free range eggs, and milk right from the farm I am super duper spoiled when I go visit -- then...back to reality where I have to live off $20 for a week of nourishment -- all the sudden everything tastes like cardboard. haha!

I honestly think that every college kid and just "left the nest" person should have a copy of this book. Eating well is SO important! Pollan fills the book with little hints and rules that are helpful -- very similar to his book In Defense of Food. My blog on IDofF. I managed to finish the book on the plane ride back to Reno (yep, the book is that short). It is basically a collection of sentences per "rule". One of my favorite rules that Pollan has is "Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food" and the common rule of if you cannot pronounce the ingredients don't eat it. I love the idea of when you are at the store shop on the outsides of it (because that is where the freshest items are located) and try to stay away from the middle isles. Ah, I wish it was that simple. I would LOVE to have my own garden and just eat from that all summer long. Maybe I will be able to do something when I move....that would be so neat.

I sent the books home with my mom since she is really into eating natural. It is hard to really pin point what the book is about -- so just go pick up a copy....trust me you will enjoy it!



Happy Birthday dad

Dad and I skiing on Christmas. 

Today is my dad's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!



I feel like death  -- AHHHHH!!!!!!!

My knee hurts, wicked bad.

I feel like I am getting good ole' strep from lack of sleep.

AND my tummy hurts from all the meds I am on.



college mannerisms

In January 2008 Brianna Dension was abducted in Reno, Nevada. Actually, she was taken from a house right next to campus. A house that I walked by every single day this fall to get to my classes from my car. A house that was only 2 blocks from where I lived all last year while attending UNR. In February her body was found in a field quite a ways away from campus. This was an eye opener for me, and I am sure many other in the Reno/Tahoe/UNR communities as well.

I did not know Brianna, but a lot of my friends that had grown up in the Reno/Sparks/Tahoe area did. They had nothing but nice things to say about her. I am sure that by the way she was so positively spoken about that she was an absolute delight to be around.

When I moved to Reno in the fall of '05 I remember always being on my toes about my surroundings. I had gone from a town of 2,000 people to city with 218,000 people.  A big change. In Crested Butte you never heard of abductions or murders or things such as that....occasionally the cops would bust a person for growing marijuana, or perhaps some underage drinking but nothing even close to the equivalence of this case. During my first semester at UNR there was the "thruster" which we had to worry about...and all my pledging sorority sisters and friends kept a watchful eye out for each other. Soon I found myself back in Crested Butte for the next several months -- skipping out on a semester at UNR. When I finally decided to move back to Reno it was a year free of complications, I felt safe where I was -- the occasional nightmare would keep me laying awake staring at my ceiling until the sun came up in the morning. Sirens rushing down I-80 would bounce through our windows at night when it would be so hot inside that it was the only way to clear the stuffy house -- but, there was nothing ever to worry about. The school year ended and I was back in Crested Butte, or I guess what I could call pleasantville where the only thing to worry about was the bear getting into your trash or maybe taking a stroll down Elk avenue after the bars had closed at 2 am. I guess you could say that I lost my alertness -- I was now looking forward to moving back to a "city" and having a fast paced lifestyle again. I tried not to over analyze everything that was going around me. I knew that if I was over alert than I would worry myself.

Christmas break was just ending in January. Both Chelsey and I were back at the apartment, most likely totally vegged out on the couch glued to our ginormous television reminiscing about home cooked meals  and comparing gifts from the holidays. The news didn't come to quickly to us about Brianna being abducted. I want to say it may have been maybe a day, possibly two before we heard about what was going on. I think we first heard from an e-mail I got from a family friend -- and then we went right to google to see what on earth was going on. Then...it all made sense...this was why we were hearing the choppers all day and night long. This was why the police were everywhere...why people were saying be extra careful. If I recall correctly, Chelsey and some other friends were actually at the casino that night where the party was being held before the abduction happened. Nothing seemed suspicious. Yah, we had all been reminded about being alert because of the sexual assaults that had been happening around town...but not to the extent that we would think a person would be missing in the morning. I remember when reality set in and I realized that what had happened was serious. No longer could I be the carefree college student, but, now I really had to pay attention. I had to make sure I was safe and so were my other girlfriends around me. Knowing that weeks had gone by and no one had been caught yet made living and going to school at UNR a little scary. I was terrified to leave my night classes. I hated when I was home alone and Chelsey was in LA working. I spent countless nights sitting wide awake with all the lights on in the apartment because I was so nervous about being intruded upon by the person that abducted Dension. I hated going out to my car at night. I couldn't stand being in the gym when the sun would start to set. I made sure all the curtains were shut well before the sun was down and that I didn't stand close to windows after dark; therefore in my mind no silhouette could be seen -- I slept with pepper spray under my pillow, or sometimes grasped tight in my hand..I would lock all the doors and windows immediately after entering the house. I would sit and listen to silence and try to see if I could hear anything -- the slightest noise would make me jump: the fridge, A/C and heat turning on to the boys downstairs. I was scared--but I didn't want anyone to know...especially my family. I remember watching the news and reading about the body being discovered, it put me at ease...but only for a short time. I knew that the killer was still out there. I tried to avoid reading about what the latest finds were...but when you are a criminal justice student avoiding local legal cases is hard to do. Nothing new had come up with the case for months.

I moved again. I was living on campus. 2 blocks away from where Denison was taken from. I was on my toes constantly. I knew that safety was going to be an issue. I took all the precautions possible when I lived downtown -- I did not want to scare myself, nor did I want to scare my family (so now I guess the truth comes out about how I spent months of my college career locked in my house). I was in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving -- I had become a daily RGJ reader. They had found a suspect! James Biela. A weight lifted. I knew that I would be a little bit safer when I went back to Reno -- but still, there was no excuse for letting my awareness of surroundings become shotty again. I guess for most cities...this kinda' stuff is normal...but for a small town ski gal these were big events. It is funny to think that I am moving to an even bigger place now....but...I have learned how important being alert is. Even after Biela was taken into custody I did not let my personal safety slide -- I kept doing the same regimen as before (I still find myself doing it today) -- there is something about windows and not having locked doors that just terrify me.

Today, James Biela was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Right where he should be. No family should ever have to go through the pain that he put Brianana's family and friends through. Brianna deserved to live and to experience life and touch the lives of other people with her (from what I hear) infectious positive attitude. Like I said above, I did not know her personally, I only was told stories -- stories from the heart. Stories from friends who loved this young soul dearly and wanted to pass on the memories and lessons that were learned and gathered by the situation which she endured.

It may sound funny, but, I want to thank her -- these youthful girl opened my eyes and made me aware of the lifestyle and self awareness that I had "thrown out the window" -- the comfort that I had adjusted to, which was comfortable at all....it was just me being naive. It is sad that it took something like this incident to awaken me (and I am sure many other college students). My heart goes out to her family and friends -- I am so glad to hear that Biela was sentenced the way that he was. GOOD!

More about the latest in the Brianna Denison case

Lather and Fizz

Last winter I worked at a bath boutique at the base of Northstar village known as Lather and Fizz. It is a store full of amazing bath products (lotions, shower gels, mists, oils) creative handmade soaps and  divine pjs -- any woman's heaven. The owner, Sue, is a delight to work for and be around. It was probably one of the most enjoyable, relaxing jobs that I have have had so far. Occasionally I stick my head back in the Northstar store and refill my Lather and Fizz needs and share my latest gossip with Sue and grab a quick cup of coffee from Starbucks next door.

Below are three products that I honestly cannot live without now...
Hand Job hand cream

Yah, yah, yah, get over the name, and yes I keep it on my nightstand.....this product is honestly the BEST for dry hands! I have east coast skin so it dries out REALLY quickly -- this is the only product that I have found that keeps my hands soft and not so alligator looking. The lotion is "Honey-tangerine" scented which is nice because the smell isn't overwhelming, which can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to picking out a hand cream. It isn't oily which is really nice -- I don't have to worry about getting finger prints all over the place. A little bit goes a long way and the cream is very well priced only 8 ounces is only $10!!  Seriously -- it works miracles on dry hands! 

After workout shower gel

I love this product! I actually hide it when I know people will be in my shower because I want it all for myself. It is a pepperminty shower gel with crushed up walnut shells for exfoliation. If you are familiar with Dr. Bronner's classic peppermint liquid soap it is very similar. It leaves you feeling clean and refreshed after a shower. It was awesome last summer after biking...very relaxing and soothing after a long day of shredding too! I wish it came in a little bit larger size, because I fly through it (I actually try to use it every other time I shower because it is a little expensive BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT). I have yet to find a product that even comes close to the awwwwwesomeness of after workout shower gel! 

Skin Souffle, China Rain

This is the BEST lotion on earth! I love the smell!!! It is no oily, it is really light so later on in the day you don't feel the residue of the lotion. It is full of vitamins which is good for keeping skin healthy. I have fairly sensitive skin that is bound to react to anything I put on it and this is the first lotion where I haven't had to deal with any type of reaction (I can even put it on my face! -- which I have never been able to do before with any product). A little bit goes a long way, I can honestly get a few months out of one container. At the store there are a few different flavors, there is one which is unscented and you can make your own flavor -- but china rain is totally legit, is has a subtle rose smell to it. I am going to have to stock up on this before I move!

Of course Lather and Fizz has a zillion other products. Sue makes all the soaps herself! There are some VERY creative flavor combination's. There is something that will suit every person from adult to child -- from lavender to bananas soaps. The store also carries a large variety of bath bombs, bubbles and fizzies. There are creative salt and sugar scrubs, to massage bars (a bar made out of cocoa butter and essential oils which slowly melt and become a massage oil when in contact with skin). 
Lather and Fizz has two locations in Tahoe, one at the Village at Nothstar and one at Squaw. Soooooo if you feel like you need to treat yourself to some pampering stop in and buy yourself a bath bomb, a massage bar, a lotion or some delicious smelling soap. You can also visit the Lather and Fizz website and order from there! Lather and Fizz.com I am sure that you will find something that you will love and it will quickly become a part of your bathing regimen. 


Always be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle



Yesterday was slice and dice day. I went in at noon to get all set and ready for surgery on my right knee. My dad picked me up and stuck around to make sure everything went smoothly. The surgery center is REALLY nice -- the nurses were awesome.
I got to wear a very fashionable gown, complete with a lovely cap and some awesome socks. I think that so far the hardest part of the surgery that I have encountered as been pre-surgery. I have tiny veins, so when the nurse was trying to set me up with my IV it didn't happen as easily as it should have. Before I went into surgery I already had 3 different holes in my arms...ha! The IV was originally supposed to be set in my left hand, but when the needle wouldn't go in plans quickly changed and I quickly began to faint. Yep -- I have NEVER done that before to my knowledge, but everything started to turn black, I felt like I was going to boot all over the place and I couldn't hear what was going on around me. The anesthesiologist put the second one in, by this time I was okay and then had moved to my right hand. The same thing happened the first stab....sooooo then they found another vein and finally were able to get it in. I guess my veins kept rolling or something because I was dehydrated -- well I guess that is what happens when you cant drink any liquids for a few hours. Sunday, when I spoke with the anesthesiologist I warned her that I am ALWAYS hungry and thirsty. I went into the surgery with the idea that I wanted to do a spinal, thinking that I would be able to watch the surgery and see what the heck happened to my knee and I would also be able to avoid nausea. After my little faint act the idea of just a spinal was ruled out -- I went all the way under.
Just so they could remember it was my knee...ha ha ha! 

When I entered the surgery room we talked about snow and my graduating and getting accepted to FIDM and before I knew it I was out. I remember waking up and looking over to see my dad reading a book. I was totally out of it...I guess that my surgery took a little longer than expected...but...who cares...I am ALL fixed now! 
Feeling and looking stellar coming out of surgery. I don't remember this AT ALL. 

The doctor didn't tell me what he found in my knee, because I wouldn't have remembered -- good point. I barely remember anything from yesterday! ha, that was one good cocktail I was given. I do remember when I woke up a little more and the oxygen level machine started beeping at me and both the nurse and my dad saying "take a deep breath! take a deep breath!"...ohhh anddddd the toast and peanut butter I had to eat -- the peanut butter stuck to my teeth it reminded me of when we would give Sailor peanut butter -- ha ha! I also remember noting that the peanut butter was not natural, it was totally Jif. ha ha ha ha! Wowwwwwww....... My dad did have some of the shots from the arthroscope, it was really nice having him there for me...sooo they are below...just to warn you. 
All the loose looking stuff was removed...there are more pictures I just don't feel like putting them up. I AM SO PUMPED THAT I AM FIXED NOW!

As I started to wake up I could totally feel the pain of my knee setting in. They loaded me up with drugs and anti-swelling meds. My dad delivered me to Bosco's house -- Chris makes a pretty good nurse. One of our friends dropped off the cutest basket for me, Priscilla...she is such a sweetheart! It had the newest Vogue issue, chocolate, and some beautiful flowers! THANKKK YOU! 

Nurse Bosco. He made it so I was all comfortable on the couch, with the iceman machine on, plenty of fluids, blankies, pillows, all my meds, all my technology, food and the remotes. After eating a little bit of food I passed out until about 10 pm then we got up and got some food and watched the Hangover. Such a great movie. I feel asleep pretty quickly, and Bosco finally was able to talk me into going up to bed where he set me up again with all the essentials and he was able to go downstairs and fill his craving for video gaming which I had revoked since I was the master of the TV all afternoon. I have fallen in love with a new show called "drop dead diva" on hulu...I am going to have a lot of TV watching, interneting and book reading over the next couple days.
My knee is the size of my head right now. 

Today I slept for as long as I could. I had to wake up every 4 hours to take pain killers. I found out that cheddar cheese rice cakes are the best to take with medicine! Sooo yummy at 4 am! ha! My tummy has been pretty upset all day from all the medicine I am on. I hung out in bed almost all day at Bosco's house -- he went to the gym so I am home right now -- but I will end up back over there in a few hours. I made some easy mac and I am exhausted. It is amazing how the littlest of things can totally take it out of you! 

My phone has been ringing off the hook, thank  you to all of you who have helped me and shown your love. 

I start PT tomorrow and then I go see the doctor again on the 3rd. Thank goodness that I am on the road to recovery now!

Sorry if this might not make that much sense...I am still a little loopy. 



The Dictionary of Bud

I have always have quite the vocabulary -- far from perfect, but very creative....and well, that is all that really matters to me. I would much rather have a fun and sparkly vocabulary. As I was swimming my laps today I was thinking to myself, wow -- I could probably totally have my own dictionary (or at least my own collection of words). Of course, making sure that you have a proper vocabulary and understanding of the grammar is important -- but, live a little...invent some words...don't worry about the context all the time...you will be more memorable if you live outside the box. I logged onto facebook and saw that one of my girlfriends status updates was a word that I had made up. Okay, wait....let me clarify....my vocabulary tends to be a mishmosh of words squished together to make other words, words put with other words to create a phrase that you normally wouldn't hear, or how ever else I feel like making words. For instance:

Do you know what a bed party is? I bet you don't unless you have picked up on it with other blogs I have posted....well....it is were all my friends and I climb into my little queen sized bed wrap ourselves in the pile of comforters we  (we are talking piled of people) enjoy some type of beverage..wine, beer, cocktails, and eat some type of food -- pizza, chips and salsa and gossip and listen to musssssssic. It is really fun.

One of my favorite things to say is pure amazingness. Warren actually noted it in an e-mail he sent me several days ago...it means its totally radical, unbelievable, bam, boom, the best thing EVER!

I used the word wicked to describe any and everything...but I didn't make that word up. Bummer.

I like to pop cans with my friends. Normally, you would pop bottles, not me! We pop cans, that means that we are drinking some beer.

I like to use the word real instead of really...so I would say that I am real hungry, instead of I am really hungry. and Hungry changes to Hungeee. Dinner changes to Deeeener. Miss you changes to Misssshhhhyou. Love changes to Lahhhhhhhve. Duh!

Spants -- those would be spandex pants. I wear spants allllllll the time.

Basically, if you have something that is made out of two things you combined part of the first word with another part of the second word. Chris and I sit around and make up words ALL the time.
You can add -ing to the end of ANY word and all the sudden it changes into something you can do. Like: coloring, cleaning, texting, swimming, picking out my outfiting, sleeping, eating, cooking, studying....etc.

Sometimes I like to add -o to the end of words too just to make the conversation more interesting. Like: I amo goingo to theo lodgeo foro deeenero tonighto. See, instant funnnnn. A good way to lighten up the mood.

I will keep you updated on my amazing word inventions. 

(I love the sound my nails make on the keyboard right now....and I can tap them really loud because I got them done the other day).

I drew this picture on my iPad for Matt Manser. He wanted a unicorn for his birthday -- he got one. 
Obviously this is moto-mike. Duh! 
This is me and Christina's future. We are going to be neighbors --that way we can talk on cup and cord phones. 
This is Bosco doing ballet. He didn't like my picture, but I am thinking about hanging it on the fridge. 
This is Christina and I high-fiving.

If you are lucky while I am hurt I MIGHT make you a pretty pretty picture on my iPad....ha! 

Slice and dice tomorrow......



My bestfriend is better than your bestfriend

I have ALWAYS had a problem with friendships with other girls. Occasionally, I will really hit it off with someone and we will be inseparable -- I have three girls that are my best girlfriends. These girls stay my friends no matter how grumpy I get or how much we disagree. I can't go a day with out talking to at least one of them -- most of the time I talk to all of them a zillion times. It is neat to think how long we have been friends and how we met and the adventures we have had and what the future has for us. I love them all so much, the have been my backbone.
Christina is amazing. She is one tough cookie -- she doesn't put up with any crap, I think that is why we get along so well. She is soooo fierce. I loveeeeeeeeee her!  Christina and I met when I moved back to Reno about 4 years ago I believe it was around Halloween, we had mutual friends on the UNR football team. One of her outfits that year was a "homewrecker", I really wish that I still had photos (my computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING!). We have gone through our ups and downs, and she has been the biggest support system ever. Last spring we sat at her house and talking about how we were amazed that we were still friends and how the other people that we had met at the same time have become completely obsolete in our lives. Two days later she left to live in Florida for the summer with her dad. Thank goodness for technology because that is how we have been able to maintain our friendship -- text, fb, aim -- you've got it! We will seriously sit on AIM for hours just laughing. In the fall she moved down to Vegas to finish school -- and of course our schedules allllllways conflicted so we weren't able to see each other face to face until I ventured down to Vegas a few weeks ago. It was amazing! Christina is the girl that will be around and be my best friend for a long time to come...I am soooo happy that we are able to still be friends to this day. She really looks out for me and I love her for that! She is the best! 

Ashley (or Trashley as I dubbed her way back when we were 15) has been a long time friend from Colorado. She grew up in Telluride (and is still there). We met through ski racing, in Rocky Mountain division through a mutual friend Sutton. From there we would hangout at all the races. During highschool Ashley came to Crested Butte Academy as a winter tutorial student for racing. We traveled to allllll the races together. We suuuuuuure did have fun. I remember there was one time after a long night of shenanigans in Summit County she helped me try to convince our coach Tyler that I had food poisoning -- yah....that didn't work. We were really good at  being loud and outspoken (we still are good at it) and causing trouble together. Ash went back to Telluride to finish school -- the girl has had more knee problems than anyone I know -- but, she is a total trooper and that doesn't keep her from skiing. We used to play volleyball against each other and I would get sooo excited to see her in the fall before ski season was upon us. When we would go to Telluride for races we used to stay at Ashley's family cabin it was sooo much fun. They have more motorized toys up there than disneyland..haha! I managed to flip her mom's brand new snowmobile one year...that was cute. I used to stay with Ash and family when I was in Telluride for bike races and we would adventure around and cause more trouble -- surprise! ha! She really has become my partner in crime. Ashley is WICKED smart, it amazes me! She has this internerd part of her that comes out and I just look at her like 'what the heck did you just say'. Ashley really isn't afraid to say what is on her mind, she isn't afraid to embarrass herself or to do what she wants. I honestly envy her from time to time with how brave she is! She is sooo funny -- I love her! 

One night Chris dragged me out to a party and I REALLY didn't want to go. We walked downstairs to find everyone playing pool and I was all the sudden swarmed by these two girls. They were all about telling me EVERYTHING -- I felt a little claustrophobic. A became fb friends, and a few days later we celebrated Halloween together -- it has been love since! ha! Emily is my bestfriend in Truckee -- she is a no nonsense to the point kinda' gal.   My birthday came soon after and we were hanging out nightly basically doing EVERYTHING together. We have bed parties all the time (basically laying in bed, listening to music, eating pizza and drinking wine with a side of gossip) and she is allllllways up to do something. She has a huge heart and I give her so much credit for that. She is really bad at doing handstands, but loves being a girly girl. I am so glad that I went to that party and was able to meet her and become inseparable friends. She is down in Huntington right now and I miss her sooo much. I love dancing and being loud with her! She is the best! 

I treasure these girls more than anything. If I could shrink them in put them in my purse and carry them around with me all the time I totally would! ha ha ha! Christina, Ashley and Emily have completely changed my life, and I honestly have to be one of the luckiest people on earth to have them as friends. I love you girls! 

"Best friends are the ones who can be the farthest away but they're the fastest to answer when you call"

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”




my new sidekick

For graduation I was given a plethora of amazing gifts like my lovely handcrafted Judith Foster bracelet from Nancy. A handmade rug that was made by my very talented grandmother Jean, and my new little sidekick from Wilson: an iPad!
Talk about a good gift from a GREAT friend! I will never be able to thank him enough! I have totally been nerding out the last few days on it. I sleep with it...I kid you not! Once I get a good case
(cape...hahaha!) for it then it will most likely go everywhere I go! The iPad is such an amazing piece of technology. Once I get a keyboard for it I think that I will use my computer very little...but who knows...maybe I am dreaming a little toooooo big..ha! The iPad is going to really get put to a true test next week while I am in bed for a few days after surgery. I am really excited for my plane right back home to use it! You should hear the speakers on it -- AHHHmazing! So far it has been far from a let down -- if you are on the fence about getting one I honestly suggest you go for it! I will warn you, the accesories are not that good yet -- no bedazzled or animal print cases just yet since it is soooo new. Getting a case for it is on my "to do" list for this evening.

So it is snowing here. YUCK! It is May 21st -- come on mother nature! This is making me looking forward to living in LA that much more! I actually was able to get in touch with an ex-dorm mate and sorority sister via e-mail who lives down there and she reassured me that I will have a ball down there! I am so excited! To add to the snow -- Syd has a broken window...this means that the snow flies into the window. AWESOME! Syd and I have been fighting way tooooo much lately. In a perfect world I would put Syd to rest. With all the crap on Syd that has been managing to break lately it is almost like she is telling me to stop driving her. I am just waiting to be cruising down the highway and have the engine drop out of her! ha ha! That will be a fun day....I can just imagine that blog entry now...Ohhh Jeep-ers...ha...get it..."Jeep"-ers...since Syd is a jeep. Okay -- that was lame, buttttt I liked it. :)

I am scheduled to get sliced on Monday! Its about time! I am so excited/nervous. All the people who I have been dealing with in the last few days have been really nice and super informative. I think everything will go just fine. The ladies at Truckee Physical Therapy are just dolls! Super duper nice people! I am going to work sooooo hard to make sure that I have a strong comeback. I will be accepting flowers and other treats...ha ha ha! JK! I went down to WinCo today and stocked up on water and all sorts of little food things that I would be able to easily access. I love that store, anywhere else I would have spent well over $200, but I managed to leave just under $100 -- I will be well fed until I move outta this house. I wore heels for a little bit today because I knew that once I get sliced on Monday I won't be able to wear them for a little bit-- ohhhhh the girly side of me (I also treated myself to a pedi today...EVERY woman should do that on occasion). 

Well, time to go and spend some quality time with my iPad. If you are lucky I might let you play with it! I let NJ play labyrinth the other day on it. Chris played on it last night -- he of course wants one now too. I am a 100% apple consumer now -- iPhone, shuffle, iPod, MacBook Pro, iPad. I have no clue how I could function without it (scary...) This little piece of technology has made me that much more of an Apple fan! I am sooo pumped!




Today I went on a ride.

My knee hurts right now. I can tell that it is going to take a lot to get my legs back to where they normally are...butttttt....I guess that is just part of my recovery. 
I head to the doc for pre op today at 3:30. 
I can't wait to get this over with! 

My goal for the week is to pedal every day...or swim.
I just got off the phone with my physical therapist -- I am already planning my PT and escape to the east coast. 
I am pretty exhausted right now from riding. 
There is a little hill on the back ride of the road, normally I love to power up hills, as I approached it with Chris in front of me...I thought -- okay, lets do this. While Bosco was down shifting, so he could slowly pedal up it I just went for it. It felt so good to go, yet so bad at the same time. 
I REALLY MISS BIKING (and running -- basically anything active). 
I have been hearing from a lot of people that I need to take it easy....well...I just don't want to any more. I am really looking forward to some serious riding after this surgery. 

Welp, here goes nothing. 



Whirlwind of a weekend -- living up to the whirling dervish!


It is still hard for me to comprehend, it set in a little bit this morning when I threw on my UNR hoodie. I am no longer a student...but now I am an alumni! Wow! 

So, if you haven't already guessed this weekend was very eventful. My amazing mother, aunt and grandmother all flew in from New York on Thursday. 

But...let me back up...to Wednesday...Wednesday I took mini naps almost ALL DAY and was awake by the best phone call ever. So yes, I took it easy once I arrived home from Vegas. Thursday I woke up fairly early and made sure that everything was all set to go with my family's arrival. My phone rang...213 number...LA...I answered...it was my admissions officer (whom, by the way has been amazing and very helpful throughout my entire process of trying to get accepted!). She had received everything that I had done, the next step was to set up an interview with the person that essentially makes the decision if you are in or if you are not. I was lucky enough to be squeezed in at 5 pm Friday. My heart starting racing....it was only about 10 am...plenty of time to prepare. Prepare for what? I had no clue! 
I realized what time it was after getting caught on the phone with numerous girlfriends and tossed on a stellar Bud outfit and hit the road to Reno. 
I was so excited to see my mom! I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving!!! It is hard not seeing your ultimate best friend for that long. But...interestingly enough...all of the people I am closest to are miles and miles away from me. :(During my excitement I managed to drink 6 cups of black coffee...of course...I didn't realize I was doing this until I started to get the shakes later on. 
My mom showed up. YESSSSS! 
Then...my car window had to break...GO SYD...you rock my socks...NOT! 
We ran up to school so that I could print out some needed paper work for admission. 
Then...jetted back to the airport to pick up Nancy and Grandmom! Wahooooo!!! 
By this point I was so nervous and stressed I couldn't think of anything else except for making sure that I did well on my interview. 
We checked into the condo that my family was staying at at Northstar (which my dad so graciously set up) and then the suspense really set in. My mom had a fabulous talk about the financial aspect of the school with my advisor. There is a 90% placement rate once the program is completed. It was about 4:30 when we all hung up, with in the next 1/2 hour is was time for my interview. I was seriously FREAKING OUT! I was not myself. 5 pm on the dot hit, my phone didn't ring. I was being positively reassured by my very supportive family that I will do fine. 5:12 came around and my phone started vibrating and ringing "Somewhere in Brooklyn". I answered after I took a deep breath while heading down the stairs to find some silence. I was shaking because I was so nervous! 
Here goes nothing...
The lady who interview me was very nice, as it turns out she actually had interview a person from the academy previously and so she was familiar with the school I was talking about which was nice. After 45 minutes of suspense I started to cave in, my emotions were on the brink. We talked about my sister, about my high school, about college about sports, etc. Finally, the answer came. ACCEPTED! YEP!!! I AM GOING TO FIDM IN OCTOBER! A dream come true! I have always wanted to go to fashion school and now I have the opportunity of a lifetime -- words cannot express my excitement! I was told I was accepted because A) I played sports and that shows that I have work ethic and dedication. B) because I am finishing college. C) because most of the other kids that were graduating the next day were probably not on the phone with an admissions officer trying to get accepted to another school the eve of their graduation -- they were out partying. I was so excited I started CRYING! Yep! 
So after I shared the news with those who cared...we headed out to Bill's rotisserie! YUMMM!!!! I love the food there! I had a burrito! I took my family back to their place and headed to Christopher's to find out we were going to to the lodge to 'celebrate' and meet up with his father. I popped bottles and had a chocolate souffle -- after an enjoyable evening I went home to finish the beeeedazzling on my cap and passed out.

I woke up at 6 the next morning. READY TO GRADUATE! It was finally time for me to wear my gold dress! It is probably the coolest looking dress at graduation -- and I paired it with my Frye boots and my white Oakley frogskins. Pure amazingness!
 I picked up my mom, Nancy and Grandmom and we headed down to Reno to battle graduation traffic. We actually got an AHHmazing parking spot because Grandmama brought her handicap pass! Heck YES! We parted our ways and I went to get in the line up of the other 1900 undergraduates walking. I ran into a few friends, it was really neat to see my fellow '05 entering freshmen graduating with me too! I was paired up with a kid named Kevin to walk with. He was short, he was from Montana. He was really interesting and funny to talk with. He brought headphones with him....braced him himself for all the speeches. I actually sat next to/with a few of my ex-sorority sister .....that was interesting....but then we were talking by the end of the ceremony.
I had a perfect seat. Right in the shade -- or so I thought. The line started moving and it was now the real deal, I was on my way to get my diploma! Heck yesss! My phone rang, my bestfriend Christina was calling me to congratulate me! She was supposed to be at her ceremony that day in Vegas, buttttttt she opted out of it. The next surprise I got was Brad (my old English teacher from high school) and my mom snapping pictures! Then, into the seating for grads we went. There were some speeches. The national anthem, some other stuff -- at that point the eavesdropping was WAY to interesting around me. Almost all the kids around me had gone to the Break-Away (a popular bar on campus -- buttttttt I am not a fan -- it is full of Chads in their TapOut tee shirts) for drinks pre-ceremony (a UNR tradition). I heard a familiar voice behind me and there was a row of 7 of my friends, that was comforting! It seemed like an eon before Liberal Arts was called up to receive our diplomas -- but before I knew it we were rushed away from our seats put into a line, had a squirt of hand sanitizer put in our palms and rushed up to the stage. I had a piece of paper in my hand like all the other 1900 grads that said my name -- I handed it to the announcer. My heart was pounding. This was it. Good bye UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO (which one time at a football game I thought it was spelled n-e-b-a-v-a. that is what happens when you have a crowd of drunken college students at the game). I shook President Glick's hand (which was a surprisingly weak handshake, I imagined it to be very strong and meaningful) and walked down the ramp. I sure did throw my hands up in the air because I knew that I had just achieved something that so many people thought I would never do! I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE! A few more speeches happened. Everyone tossed their hats in the air -- I didn't. Only because I didn't want to lose it. Eli Riley (the ASUN president) had the best speech by far! We were the one of the last graduating class that were able to experience the JTSU (I used to call it the jitsu -- the only student union) and creepy Getchell Library. His speech made me quickly run through the amazing times I had at school. It is sad to think it is already over. Wow, time really does fly. I will never forget the morning I moved into the dorms. Or my first time I had to use a community bathroom...ew. Or, rushing and becoming a Pi Beta Phi, the Greek dances I went to. I'll never forget leaving UNR after first semester. I remember coming back to UNR that Spring and knowing that I needed to be back there. I remember the numerous hours I spend in Natalie Ellringer's office talking about how life ways, Chantel noticing that I needed to eat...., Lachelle's nick name of LizBiz, the thruster, moving into my first apartment, all the amazing friends that have come and gone, exploring, learning about myself, moving, halloweens, going out, Professor Carr, Fritz's, the Wal, football games, my "family" (Katrina, Dontay and myself), when my mom pulled the computer prank on me, losing a term paper, ALL of my CRJ teachers, when I got an A in math! There are so many things I'll never forget. The last two years I have spent a majority of my time doing online classes, I finally found I learn more that way. But, I would never trade the last 5 years of my life for anything. I can't wait to soak up the experiences that I am going to get while I am attending FIDM. 

 Grandmom, Nancy, myself and my mom! 
Dad and I. 
Mom and I. She was my backbone these last couple of years. 
10 years ago I was awarded the "English Progress Award" at CBA, now I am graduating with an emphasis in English! My high school English teacher Brad and I. 
After the ceremony we jetted out of the campus and got to a Kinko's -- time to fax out the rest of my application/ entrance information to FIDM. It was a relief to get that done. Then to WinCo to get food for the BBQ. Time was ticking! Then we came back up, I dropped of the family at their condo, came home dropped the food off. I got a call from Mike saying "what do I need to bring?", I was under the impression that he wasn't coming -- so that was an awesome surprise! Then, I raced back to Northstar to pick up the family then back to my house. People were actually WAITING at my house -- Oi, stressful! Everyone met Mike...that was good, the next people to show up were Chris's parents Stephanie and Peter, and then then kept coming! Casey, David, Dave and Priscilla, Elane and Mike, My Dad and barb, Brad and Falco! And the best surprise was when Victoria walked in. Victoria was a girl that I coached all winter, we really had a strong bond. I had told her the day before that I won't be coming back to coach next season -- it was hard. She is one of the most dedicated people ever. I really do love her! Spizz came over, Chris showed up and lastly my love Chantel!

Victoria and I. 
Casey! We came to UNR together. We have known each other for years, we used to ski race together -- he is one of my best dude friends. He likes making funny faces and likes parachuts (pair of shoes) like me!! 
David and I. We were on the UNR bike team together. 
Spizz and Bosco. Spencer sure has grown up a lot. He is like my little brother! 
Ohhhhh and CHRISTOPHER brought me the BEST cake on earth! 
Time to party -- and -- RECYCLE! 
My mom and Mike. This was just trouble....
Zaaaa boys. Casey, Bosco, David, Wilson. 

Thennnnnnn I opened my gifts. The first one was from Victoria, it was a picture of me and her, and a lovely card. I started crying. The next was from my Grandmother, one of the most talented women I know, she made me a beautiful rug (a picture will come soon!). I received the an AMAZING handmade bracelet by Judith Foster (Check out her work here)...I LOVE IT! I am really looking forward to going home in a few weeks and seeing where Judith makes all her jewelry! Elane and Mike gave me an amazing jewelry box! And....one of the coolest gifts was from Wilson....which I am still waiting for...but....it is another Apple product! ha! Of course, there were many other gifts, and I am so thankful for all of them and for every one that came to my ceremony and party! 
My VERY OWN custom Judith Foster piece! 
 My Grandmother working on the piece that she made for me! 

Every one slowly started to leave and then it was time to crank the music and play some flip cup and beer pong. Evidently, I need to work on my beer pong skills....but flip cup -- I totally have that one in the bag! 


So the next day, I was completely exhausted...Chris brought me over to the condo where my family was staying -- yep, I gave them the pleasure of driving SYD! ha ha ha! We decided to go and adventure around Lake Tahoe! We went to Bridge Tender in Tahoe City! I had a Southwest Chicken samie like always! Ahhhh...Nothing beats BT! We checked out Fanny bridge across the street and the tour of the lake began! We headed to Emerald Bay, where Vikingsholm is...beautiful as always! 
Grandmom at Emerald Bay. 
Mom and I making "the face" :) 
Emerald Bay. 
Nancy and Grandmom at Emerald Bay. 
Mom and I at Emerald! Love her! 

Then we went to Squaw....my mom was being a totally tourist...
But that is why I love her. 

Then for the last adventure of the day I brought them to the top of Donner Pass so they could see one of the best views of Donner Lake....

We finished up our time together with a delicious dinner (ziti and Gorgonzola sauce with spinach and cherry tomatoes -- YUMMMMO!) and had a sleep over at the condo and enjoyed some wine. I booked my ticket back to NY -- I am east coast bound on the 8th! We woke up (or shall I say...I had to wake up early..ha!) and headed to the airport. I am horrible with goodbyes -- although I know I will be seeing everyone in just a few weeks. I balled my eyes out in my car once my mom was gone -- I even could start crying right now. Ahhhhh! I hauled butt back up to Truckee because I was under the impression that I had pre-op mid-afternoon. Ohhhhhh no, the doctor was trying to push it back until July now. I honestly think that workers comp is trying to see how long I can live in constant pain because of my broken knee. After talking with Bosco and Wilson I decided to schedule it for the 24th since that is the only time I can get in...that means I have to push back my trip to LA which I am really bummed out about -- like really really really really really really really really bummed about. Ggggrrrrrrr! Bosco brought me up to the pool and I swam for a good hour. All that I could think of was, how on earth could I just have such an amazing week and then get some of the worst news ever, and I already gave up one of the biggest parts of my life -- biking -- and now I am just further and further away from getting back out there and racing. It makes me sad to realize I won't be standing on a podium this season. But, everything happens for a reason -- so maybe this is just the way that I figure out there is something bigger and better out there for me....
We finished the festivities off with some Rick Shaw sushi. I feel asleep on the car ride back up. I was completely passed out by 10 pm and I didn't get up until after noon. yep, I am pretty sure I have NEVER slept that long. I feel much better though. Hopefully, Wilson and I will squeeze in an adventure this afternoon! 

I had a fantastic time with my family. I can't comprehend that I am done with UNR! I am so excited that I am going to FIDM. Wow....


Thank you all for the support and love you have given me over the last 5 years +.
I can only imagine how much better things are going to get over the next year....


"I look up to the sky
and now the World is mine
Ive known it all my life
I made it, I made it!"