To picture my life you need a higher resolution

 My new glasses say "Hi I am a librarian. Shhhhhhhhh!!!!"
 Not a happy camper that it is snowing feet of snow in April.
Coors Light. My beer was warm, because my mountains are not blue.

 This is my boyfriend Christopher, he was talking about riding unicorns and hunting knomes in this picture -- obviously, you can tell by his facial expression....
 The neighbors had some wine (with a long story behind it), it was a white that was made with the skins still on. They are moving on Friday so we decided to test out the bottle. It was gross we dumped it out in the sink.

Pinkies out! We drank out of mini glasses.

Jacob was falling asleep on everyone. 

Good morning sunshine -- time to head to the beach. 

So if you can't tell I love the new app that I have for my phone. It makes the pictures so much more fun! They look straight outta the 60s. Very hipster! I have a bunch of stuff that I need to do today, but I am going to be irresponsible and go to the beach instead. 

I have been swimming a lot the last couple of days. It has been really nice to get out and do something athletic. The moment I get into my lane I just want to keep on going an going. There is something so relaxing about being in the water and moving over it so smoothly. I find myself swimming for at least and hour and not even getting tired -- but I know that I need to spot so I don't get exhausted later on. I thought about why I gave up swimming years ago...then I realized that was when I started to ride horses and play volleyball. 
I have more knee news, which I am less then excited about.... surgery is on the docket. So hopefully I will find out more in the next couple of days and let ya'll know when it is happening. I kissed my dream of bike racing again this summer goodbye yesterday. I really wish that I could have figured this out back when I hurt my knee, not a kazillion months later. Chris made a pretty good joke yesterday, I told him that I had to be sliced, and he said "don't worry you have at least another 6 months until that happens". Ha ha ha, he is right this has been such a friggin slow process. 

My hair looks really pretty right now.

Just out of curiosity if you had to move to one of these places which would you pick: LA or San Fran. 
No reason in particular -- just pure curiosity. I asked a stranger at the rec center last night, she was from Washington state....her vote was San Fran.

My friend from Colorado introduced me to "B.o.B" the other day -- after we were exchanging names of songs we should each listen to. He is a totally legit Hip Hop/Rap artist. I have his songs on repeat!!!! Sooo good! 

"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shootingstars? I could really use a wish right now"

"They say what goes up must go down. But, don't let me fall" 

Lots of choices to make over the next couple weeks. I am excited. I am scared. I am trying to keep my head up and know that whatever I do is going to be the most amazing experience ever. This next chapter of my life is what is going to really make me who I am. It is exciting -- but "please don't let me fall".

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  1. I pick San Francisco - what a cool city! And, from personal experience, if you make a choice that doesn't quite work out...you can just make another choice...and another...and another...and another...and...