Computer stand off.

I just finished my last undergrad college paper!!! It was interesting, I had a really difficult time coming up with an introduction that I felt comfortable with, and I struggled with my ending. Normally those things come easy for me. I think I had such a hard time because this was my LAST paper to write. After being reassured that it was a good paper, and reading it to myself 3 times I turned it in. That's all she wrote! Wow.....No more papers. Weird.....

I have been studying like mad for the last day and a half for a cumulative final that I have at 8:30 am tomorrow in Communications. Yah, ummm the cumulative part...I just found out about that yesterday when I decided to put together my study guide. Oooppps. There is a lot of information, but I feel pretty comfortable with it all.

My computer and I are having a stand off right now, I am so over looking at a computer screen that it is making imaginary words -- writing turned into righting. Also, turned into All so. Yikes. Tooooooooooo much studying and writing. After my final on Tuesday I get a few days off -- I head to a warmer climate with sandy beaches for a few nights and then come back to take my last final!!! Then the real celebration starts!

I never saw myself here 6 years ago when I was just prospectively looking at universities. I am finishing college. How friggin awesome!

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