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I started my day off with coffee and a bagel on the docks at Donner. And I just took my surrounds and realized how excited I am about the future! 
It was beautiful there today. Sometimes I think I am a little bit of a hippy. But -- a highly fashionable hippy. 
The water was beautiful, I bet it was cold. I thought about putting my feet in it for a second, but quickly changed my mind as a gust of wind chilled me. 
Life is pretty good -- it is scary, but I know I will conquer it. 
Under the docks.
I said spread the wings of your butterfly. I imply. Color me in and bring this fantasy to life. 
Run off. 
Obvis this is the "coolman" dock. 
I believe that this monster can finally be tamed. 
This beach is a little different than the one I will be on this afternoon. 

Chris and I are headed to Santa Cruz this afternoon for our friend JP's birthday! It is going to be so nice to be in the sun and feel the sand between mah toes! 

I cannot wait for Monday. Then, I cannot wait until the next Sunday. THEN I cannot wait for graduation. And I really cannot wait for the end of the summer!

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