3 down. 2 to go- go-gadget.


3 finals down 2 go to. I have one tomorrow (Tuesday), knee doc and some work on Wednesday. Then hopefully off to Santa Cruz for a few days.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I did okay on this final. I wasn't to into this course. The teacher was all over the charts with her teaching so it made it difficult to follow what the topic of the entire class was (which was communication:conflict) -- at least it is out of the way!

I met one of my bestfriends Vance at OFM (our favorite muffin, which we renamed from its real name of my favorite muffin) at 10:32. I had a yummy bagel and coffee. We sat outside on California street and talked and enjoyed the nice spring morning. Then we took a walk up the block to drop some food off to his friend Megan. I decided to be a nice girlfriend and I brought Christopher 6 mini chocolate chip muffins. He ate them faster than a person in an eating competition.

I should be studying for my final that I have tomorrow, but, I am a little burnt out on studying. I am going to go swimming in a little bit up at the pool -- since that is really all I can do right now athletic wise. Ugh! I am going back to see the doctor on Wednesday morning -- I like to wake up in the morning and think that my knee will be fine...but now that I am being sent back to the doctor because my PT isn't optimistic with my recovery obviously I will have to start reevaluating my summer. I don't like not being active. I feel like once I am given the okay to run, jump, bike, etc I will be landing a spot on the biggest loser show. The most bizarre part is I am eating healthier and less so I have no clue where all this extra weight is coming from, good news though -- my graduation dress still fits!

I have been listening to a lot of swollen members lately (a group of hip hop artists), I have totally been into their beats for a long long time, gosh I must have been a freshman in high school? Maybe even before that! There is one song that suits my mood right now perfectly "Go To Sleep". I have probably listened to it on replay about a kazillion times today. I have no clue why, maybe it is because I have been talking to a bunch of my old high school friends lately.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW TO COME. Better yet, I can't wait until May 3rd. Here goes the final push.....

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