Ansel iPhone

I started my day off with coffee and a bagel on the docks at Donner. And I just took my surrounds and realized how excited I am about the future! 
It was beautiful there today. Sometimes I think I am a little bit of a hippy. But -- a highly fashionable hippy. 
The water was beautiful, I bet it was cold. I thought about putting my feet in it for a second, but quickly changed my mind as a gust of wind chilled me. 
Life is pretty good -- it is scary, but I know I will conquer it. 
Under the docks.
I said spread the wings of your butterfly. I imply. Color me in and bring this fantasy to life. 
Run off. 
Obvis this is the "coolman" dock. 
I believe that this monster can finally be tamed. 
This beach is a little different than the one I will be on this afternoon. 

Chris and I are headed to Santa Cruz this afternoon for our friend JP's birthday! It is going to be so nice to be in the sun and feel the sand between mah toes! 

I cannot wait for Monday. Then, I cannot wait until the next Sunday. THEN I cannot wait for graduation. And I really cannot wait for the end of the summer!


To picture my life you need a higher resolution

 My new glasses say "Hi I am a librarian. Shhhhhhhhh!!!!"
 Not a happy camper that it is snowing feet of snow in April.
Coors Light. My beer was warm, because my mountains are not blue.

 This is my boyfriend Christopher, he was talking about riding unicorns and hunting knomes in this picture -- obviously, you can tell by his facial expression....
 The neighbors had some wine (with a long story behind it), it was a white that was made with the skins still on. They are moving on Friday so we decided to test out the bottle. It was gross we dumped it out in the sink.

Pinkies out! We drank out of mini glasses.

Jacob was falling asleep on everyone. 

Good morning sunshine -- time to head to the beach. 

So if you can't tell I love the new app that I have for my phone. It makes the pictures so much more fun! They look straight outta the 60s. Very hipster! I have a bunch of stuff that I need to do today, but I am going to be irresponsible and go to the beach instead. 

I have been swimming a lot the last couple of days. It has been really nice to get out and do something athletic. The moment I get into my lane I just want to keep on going an going. There is something so relaxing about being in the water and moving over it so smoothly. I find myself swimming for at least and hour and not even getting tired -- but I know that I need to spot so I don't get exhausted later on. I thought about why I gave up swimming years ago...then I realized that was when I started to ride horses and play volleyball. 
I have more knee news, which I am less then excited about.... surgery is on the docket. So hopefully I will find out more in the next couple of days and let ya'll know when it is happening. I kissed my dream of bike racing again this summer goodbye yesterday. I really wish that I could have figured this out back when I hurt my knee, not a kazillion months later. Chris made a pretty good joke yesterday, I told him that I had to be sliced, and he said "don't worry you have at least another 6 months until that happens". Ha ha ha, he is right this has been such a friggin slow process. 

My hair looks really pretty right now.

Just out of curiosity if you had to move to one of these places which would you pick: LA or San Fran. 
No reason in particular -- just pure curiosity. I asked a stranger at the rec center last night, she was from Washington state....her vote was San Fran.

My friend from Colorado introduced me to "B.o.B" the other day -- after we were exchanging names of songs we should each listen to. He is a totally legit Hip Hop/Rap artist. I have his songs on repeat!!!! Sooo good! 

"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shootingstars? I could really use a wish right now"

"They say what goes up must go down. But, don't let me fall" 

Lots of choices to make over the next couple weeks. I am excited. I am scared. I am trying to keep my head up and know that whatever I do is going to be the most amazing experience ever. This next chapter of my life is what is going to really make me who I am. It is exciting -- but "please don't let me fall".


Jumping in with my eyes closed

Things are starting to happen pretty quickly here! Wow, I cannot believe that I only have ONE more final left and I will be DONE with my education at UNR.

I have a bunch of amazing opportunities coming my way, and I am a little overwhelmed. I feel like I am jumping into this with my eyes closed -- but, for once I am not worried at all. It is kind of exciting!

Well, off to the doctor and then a little swimming!

chicken feathers

Dear Mother nature and/or El Nino,

I just wanted to let you know I thought it was really neat that you gave Tahoe such a great snow year. I really enjoyed all the pow days that I was able to get it. I liked it even better when you taunted me with nice sun weather and I was able to get a sunburn. It is April 28th and you are still sending snow to us. Seeing that there is only 2 resorts open, and I have been unable to ski for over close to 2 months your efforts are completely pointless. So, knock it off. Save it for next year. Time for the sun to shine, and let me have my long days at basking in the sun on the Donner Lake docks, rather than keeping me cooped up in my house. Please do your best to make sure we are not getting snow on May 15th because that is a big day for me, and I have a cute little dress that I will be wearing. Also, if you could make it so that I could enjoy my weekend in Santa Cruz that would be great. I am running away from you.

So please, clean up your act before I get back here or there will be some serious repercussions!

Yours Truly,



My first kiss

I have be doing a lot of reflecting the last couple days, and a lot of funny stories have popped into my head...so I figure I should share them with ya'll....

I must have been 13 years old, maybe older...I could have been younger too..who knows. I had not yet transitioned into public school I was still in private school up in Aspen. I still dressed like a tom boy, wouldn't go anywhere with out that damn Lange skiboot hat, or my navy blue northface down jacket that I lived in ( I remember right after I got that jacket I was baking cookies and I reached inside the oven to pull the cookies out and managed to melt a little part of the sleeve. I was devastated.Of course, my mom came to the rescue like always and soon my jacket was all fixed up with a few stitches). I was starting to become familiar with the kids that were my age in Basalt, and of course I was busy spotting out the "dreamy" 7th grade older boys. Robbie Parker -- Ohhh I sure did have the biggest crush on him. His mom was a teacher or something, he was tall for his age I think... and he was on the football team. He had bleached tipped hair and braces! What a stud! I would aimlessly drift off into day dreams about him while sitting in Margaretta Bruger's English class -- my day dreaming would soon be interrupted with her telling me I needed to pay attention....ohhh boy I didn't like her at the time!  Robbie hung out with all the popular girls. I was not one of the those girls. I didn't have boobs, nor did I have any intentions of being a cheerleader.
I recall being at a memorial event late one summer. That is when I met Severen. He was a short, pudgy faced boy in the same grade as Robbie. We became friends. Severen's mom worked with my little sister, he lived just down the block from the public swimming pool and in the same neighborhood as my friends Sami and Mady. I passed his house all the time. I told him I had a crush on Robbie; he took it into his own hands to make sure that Robbie knew in the most polite way possible. That night of the memorial, I wrote Robbie a letter on a napkin and gave it to Severen, who assured me that Robbie would get it. They were friends -- or at least being a naive little girl I thought they were. Soon, I got a letter back from Robbie, through Severen. He was our messenger, later I would learn that my relationship with Robbie only existed through the imagination of what Severen could think up and write down on a scrap of white computer paper. We would write letters back and forth. I remember Severen telling me that Robbie loved all my letters and was always happy to get them. I kissed one of them with lipstick on time. I had never actually talked to Robbie -- just seen him around hanging with the cool group. One day, Severen told me he was moving to Florida (or somewhere like that...) I was so upset because how on earth was Robbie going to get my letters? Then I found out....
News that will break any like 13 year olds heart; Robbie never was given any of my letters, and the ones I was getting back were mischievously created by Severen. Little dirt bag! But, I must give Severen the credit for being so creative and playing with my little heart for such a long time. Robbie Parker didn't even know who I was. Severen eventually came clean and spilled the news that he was the one keeping the letters and creating the ones back to me. I was pissed. I remember seeing him and glaring at him as hard as a 13 year old come. My first experience of love was busted -- it was only a dream in my head.
My seventh grade year of middle school I had made the move to Basalt. It was weird; I wasn't used to not having all the one-on-one teacher attention, or getting detentions (yes, truth be told I did actually get a detention or two. Stupid strict rules -- messing up my glory of being in middle school and having my own locker with my own pad lock which I had never had before, it was an upgrade from my cubby at ACDS. But at least I didn't have to worry about my cubby getting broken into like my locker was one day). I wasn't accustom to not knowing EVERYONE in my grade, as well as their parents and siblings names and where they lived. I wasn't used to not being able to call my mo and say I wanted to go to so and so's house and because she knew the knew the family it wasn't a problem -- now we didn't know anyone so I no longer had the freedom of doing that.  I was not a fan of the public school system...call me spoiled...whatever. Severen and Robbie were in the 8th grade class that we all idolized because they were older. They all had lockers on the main hall, not a stupid smelly pod like the 7th graders did. I am pretty sure I avoided Severen for as long as I could. Somewhere in my pictures I have a photo of him at a school dance. I always hated school dances -- I never slow danced. I would sit with all the other unpopular girls. I got a yearbook that year, I immediately drew a big red "X" through Severen's picture, yah!! What now!?! Gosh, I was so rebellious. There are little notes about all the people that I managed to meet or idolize all over that purple yearbook. I never saw Severen again after school was let out that year. Nor, did I really see Robbie until I got up to the high school across the highway. I was only there for about a month before I moved back to a prep school setting. By that time he had gotten chubby and was hanging out with weird people. Thank goodness I got that out of my system! ha! I was had now become the girly athlete on the volleyball team and was getting the attention from the older boys that I finally wanted when I was younger. That year I had my first kiss, from a slender Brazilian boy named Hugo -- of course my bestfriends had to coach me through what I to do, of course this was all information that one of their older sisters had told them. After he left my house my bestfriends and I all squeezed into my bed and I shared my first kiss story with them -- we were so giddy. From that day on we made a pact to share all our high school experiences with each other. Once I moved the next month that stopped. For the next couple weeks I had all eyes on me because of my tall first boyfriend. For once the popular girls were jealous of me. Robbie had dropped out of my universe completely. I am glad Robbie never got my love notes. Now, I look at those popular girls and they are no one. Oh, young love.

go to sleep.

" ill meet you in your dreams, first we'll talk till your phone dies.... go to sleep so we can meet again."

 " Go to Sleep" -- Swollen Members

yo it took 5 minutes now i call you baby
both effed up but we still good crazy
got boyfriends so our love's like maybe
ro dawg ask if we mis behaving
you seem like you gotta a couple screws loose too
we just met and im afraid one day i might lose you
somethin cornered in my head like what am i gon' do
this is wrong but if you want me you know i'll come through
often you walkin in high heels and stalkings
see dollar signs in your eyes when your talkin
but i know there's another side, face me, embrace me
i need you, i need to feed till i breathe you
and you know soon we both gon have to make a decision
feel bad, he's got to go be he's not takin you with him
till then, just promise me that you wont cry
ill meet you in your dreams, first we'll talk till your phone dies

go to sleep so we can meet
go to sleep so we can meet

the first time i saw her i was breathless speechless
a goddess in front of my eye with righteous features
too nervous to introduce myself as prevail
this has never happened before so i knew it was real
what we're buildin is a feeling that has opened me up
we build together everyday, i hope your feeling this cut
plus we both travel the world, destination unknown
ill meet you in a private location in ancient rome
in a different time zone we can finally be alone
im on the countdown grindin with my brothers on the road
this time around my mind is on a different mode
theres no need to shop around i got the good shit at home
ive been blessed with a priceless precious jewel
the freshest girl i met in my life is you
you're my partner in crime my lifeline understand
close your eyes hold my hand and enter the sandman

if your not dream come true, dont pretend to be
you know that i've already slept with the enemy
lady venom has ended now that im independent
livin life without tension first im lookin for friendship

lifestyle surrendered centered faithful focus sinful
in past life we've become closest eyes are wide open
curse has been broken immersed in your person, truth has been spoken

im hopin you see me when your head hit the pillow that
when i go to sleep first thing i see is your silhouette
feel like i was always missin something true until we met
i know that we can't be together now but soon we'll meet again

my tour ends, until then ill meet you in the dream land
cuz each and every moment is important that's the game plan
a changed man, help me put my life into perspective
its impossible to separate as long as we're connected


new specs

Finally got them! Love them! Glad that is over with! 
I feel very scientific with them on.
Now, I need to get new lenses put in my old frames.

3 down. 2 to go- go-gadget.


3 finals down 2 go to. I have one tomorrow (Tuesday), knee doc and some work on Wednesday. Then hopefully off to Santa Cruz for a few days.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I did okay on this final. I wasn't to into this course. The teacher was all over the charts with her teaching so it made it difficult to follow what the topic of the entire class was (which was communication:conflict) -- at least it is out of the way!

I met one of my bestfriends Vance at OFM (our favorite muffin, which we renamed from its real name of my favorite muffin) at 10:32. I had a yummy bagel and coffee. We sat outside on California street and talked and enjoyed the nice spring morning. Then we took a walk up the block to drop some food off to his friend Megan. I decided to be a nice girlfriend and I brought Christopher 6 mini chocolate chip muffins. He ate them faster than a person in an eating competition.

I should be studying for my final that I have tomorrow, but, I am a little burnt out on studying. I am going to go swimming in a little bit up at the pool -- since that is really all I can do right now athletic wise. Ugh! I am going back to see the doctor on Wednesday morning -- I like to wake up in the morning and think that my knee will be fine...but now that I am being sent back to the doctor because my PT isn't optimistic with my recovery obviously I will have to start reevaluating my summer. I don't like not being active. I feel like once I am given the okay to run, jump, bike, etc I will be landing a spot on the biggest loser show. The most bizarre part is I am eating healthier and less so I have no clue where all this extra weight is coming from, good news though -- my graduation dress still fits!

I have been listening to a lot of swollen members lately (a group of hip hop artists), I have totally been into their beats for a long long time, gosh I must have been a freshman in high school? Maybe even before that! There is one song that suits my mood right now perfectly "Go To Sleep". I have probably listened to it on replay about a kazillion times today. I have no clue why, maybe it is because I have been talking to a bunch of my old high school friends lately.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW TO COME. Better yet, I can't wait until May 3rd. Here goes the final push.....


Computer stand off.

I just finished my last undergrad college paper!!! It was interesting, I had a really difficult time coming up with an introduction that I felt comfortable with, and I struggled with my ending. Normally those things come easy for me. I think I had such a hard time because this was my LAST paper to write. After being reassured that it was a good paper, and reading it to myself 3 times I turned it in. That's all she wrote! Wow.....No more papers. Weird.....

I have been studying like mad for the last day and a half for a cumulative final that I have at 8:30 am tomorrow in Communications. Yah, ummm the cumulative part...I just found out about that yesterday when I decided to put together my study guide. Oooppps. There is a lot of information, but I feel pretty comfortable with it all.

My computer and I are having a stand off right now, I am so over looking at a computer screen that it is making imaginary words -- writing turned into righting. Also, turned into All so. Yikes. Tooooooooooo much studying and writing. After my final on Tuesday I get a few days off -- I head to a warmer climate with sandy beaches for a few nights and then come back to take my last final!!! Then the real celebration starts!

I never saw myself here 6 years ago when I was just prospectively looking at universities. I am finishing college. How friggin awesome!


My mom is AWESOME, and she just got something she totally deserved!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR HER! CONGRATULATIONS!


PEACE of mind.

One of my favorite places in Truckee is Donner Lake. I can easily find my peace of mind there. I like nothing more than the days I can spend sitting in the sun alone, with a book some tea. Nothing there to stress me out, nothing there to evoke emotions. Just the lake and I. After being cooped up so long from my knee injury and studying for finals I love heading to find a dock. I know that if I work hard on projects then I deserve time outside; while I am outside I can realign my train of thought.

I know I say that I am nervous about the future a lot, but, today was the first day that I decided I am excited. I have so many great options ahead of me. Things will only end up as good as I make them. So I am ready to conquer the next chapter of the amazing life of Bud. I am a person full of raw talent, it is time to put that to use. So, May 16th....it is time for it to emerge.



This is a picture I took yesterday when Chris and I adventured down to Reeeeeeeeeeeehhno to see a movie. I think it's pretty sweet -- yep, it was from my iPhone!


I should be writing a paper...but....


Today I was reassured that I will be graduating when I opened up my transcripts and saw that I had received an A on the English class that I have been working on for almost a year! Yep, an A in English! The only thing I could manage to say was "Oh my goodness!". I called my mom right away to share the good news! 

I also managed to get in a small argument with a lady today that works at the eye glass doctor that I decided to see last week. She kept on claiming "I am a very busy lady", okay...well...there is no reason why you should have ordered the wrong lenses, and...over charged me WAY to much. This was the same lady that was trying to convince me not to get the glasses that I liked, and that at the age of 23 I still needed a parent to come to my appointment with me, nor did she have my correct name after I went in to the office and physically made the appointment. In a situation like this normally, you are supposed to please the customer -- I was very happy with the optometrist, he was a GREAT guy, but the little helper he has..no way! Last week I looked over the receipt that she gave me, and I thought, hum...that seems expensive. I decided that I was just going to wait until Wednesday (today) to confront her about it, and first I wanted to call my insurance company and make sure they had told me the right amount before I had scheduled my appointment. They did -- which I expected. The lady I spoke with on the phone who worked for the insurance company was actually surprised that I had been over charged. She said that on my file I had requested polycarbonate lenses...Um no I did not! That is an extra $28 charge, plus I wasn't given the 20% of the of frames like I was supposed to. HA -- I was not about to let this fly! Noooooo way. So I politely called the eye dr. office back and explained what had potentially gone wrong. I heard reasons about how busy she was, reasons about how she had been charging people too little previously, reasons for there being two different plans -- but when I walked in there twice, there was NEVER anyone in there, and I over heard them talking about them ordering bifocals the wrong way, I should have taken that as a sign in the first place. Frankly, I don't care about the reasons why this and that happened. Pay attention. Shortly after we hung up my phone rang again, it was the lady from the office, she informed me she had some things she had to tell me. First, that the glasses wouldn't be in until next week -- after she had told me they would be in this week. Okay, no big deal. Secondly, she told me that I had had polycarbonate lenses put in my glasses, of course, not by my choice...but BY HERS! To make it better, she said that she didn't want to bother me by calling and asking, way to assume that that is what I wanted. She kept on talking about the largeness of the frame and how normal lenses would be to heavy and it was cause the glasses to slide all over my face. Well, this is not my first pair of glasses and that has NEVER been a problem before. I was upset she didn't call to ask, that seems rude and almost unethical, especially coming from a doctors office. I heard reason after reason after reason for why this had occurred, after 5-minutes of this lady telling me all the reasons (or in my eyes excuses) as to why this happened I got fed up and I told her that I was upset and sick of hearing all these excuses and I would like if I could be refunded the money when I come in and pick up my glasses. Luckily, that was agreed upon (but I think I am going to go in tomorrow to make sure I get the money back and nothing weird happens).

I could have chosen between 3 other doctors to go, but, I decided to go to this doctor in particular. I am lucky that I pay so much attention to detail, or else I would have been out a fairly nice amount of money for someone my age. I feel like today I really learned that before you make a decision it is very important to check with those around you if they will be affected by it. I remember that when I was younger I used to love looking over my parents receipts after we would leave the store to see if they had been overcharged for anything...now I do that for myself.
I once read somewhere, that for every customer that has a bad experience they will tell 10 people. I am not going to tell you the eye doctor that I went to, only because I don't think that is necessary. I hope that people are not disrespected by companies when they go there, it makes everyone's experience bad. My experience today angered me, and by the way the lady at the office hung  up on me I could tell that she just managed to ruin her day too...and just to think this all could have been changed by her simply asking me before I left the office the other day "would you like polycarbonate lenses or normal plastic lenses?".  I was really looking forward to this being a simple process...but now it has turned into a complete jumble. I can't wait to get my glasses -- the best part is...I was hoping to have them BEFORE finals...I'll be getting them 2 days AFTER I complete my finals. SWEET!At least I will look good in them until my prescription changes again...


real quick....

I made it 28 minutes tonight on the trainer!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!
I 'walked' around campus all day -- no crutches!

I can't wait to show off in PT tomorrow night!

A little big discovery

So, like many other money is pretty tight for me right now. I needed to get groceries today -- I needed some fruit and veggies wicked bad. I figured that I had less than $20 to get me through the next week and a half for food. I knew that at WholeFoods I wouldn't be able to get ANYTHING, I know Safeway would be difficult, as well as SaveMart. I thought and thought all afternoon while I was down in Reno about where I could go in order to make the most out of the measly $20 I had. I was scared that I wasn't going to be able to get anything. Chris and I can go to the store and easily spend $20 on one meal for the two of us -- well I had to change that pretty quick and just shop for myself.
I remember that my fall freshman semester at UNR some of my sorority sisters brought me to this place called Winco, because they were planning a taco dinner and needed to feed a bunch of people for cheap. From what I remembered it was really yucky, and full of cheap food with a bunch of weirdos inside. I knew today that I had to go there to see the deals that I could find; hell, I didn't even know if they had fruits and veggies there. I left school and headed down South Virginia -- past my comfort level, I was now in a part of town I was totally not familiar with. Finally I saw the red and white Winco sign on the left hand side. I tuned...I took a look around the parking lot and was surprised by the amount of high class cars there. That eased my nerves a little bit. I saw women walking in with their recyclable bags, and older couples pushing carts towards the entrance. I ended and was met by a wall of canned food, and condiments. I looked to the right and saw the greens peering out of the corner. Phew. I jetted over there -- I got around the corner and was able to see the entire selection, I was very surprised and impressed! They had EVERYTHING there! I was able to get 1 pound of granny smith apples (5 of them) for $1.49! 1/2 a pound of snow peas for $2.27! A quarter pound of whole walnuts for 77 cents!! 2 mangos for 1.36! Bananas, avacodos, dried cranberries, spinach and yogurt all for $17.00! I was AMAZED! I don't think I have ever gotten so much produce for so cheap ever before in my life.
My favorite part was the bulk food section. I was in heaven! They had every single thing you could possible imagine in the bulk foods -- nuts, grains, sugars, dried fruits, granola, soup bases, cereal, the options were endless (this is going to make baking that much more fun!!!!!!!) I was in awe! The store just kept on going and going and going! SO many different selections for very very very reasonable prices. WAY cheaper than anything I can find up here in Truckee. How everything is placed in the store makes absolutely no sense to me, but I liked the adventure. I walked around exploring with a giant smile on my face. Why on earth after my 4 and a 1/2 years here, had I not taken advantage of this place sooner? It is a dream grocery story for any college kid! They even had a walk in beer selection (I peeked in, plenty of 24 pks of PBR! YES!!!). I try to be a very picky eater, and I try my hardest to eat healthy (especially right now since I can't really work out), I am pretty sure that you could walk into this store and walk out a happy camper and pumped on your healthy choices. I think the rest of my time here I am going to try and make a trip down there to get a majority of my groceries -- it makes sense even though it cost gas to get down there but......in the long run your bank account is benefiting.
Of course, I didn't realize that you had to bag your own groceries so I just stood there for a little be, totally clueless until I peered around and saw whatever one else was doing....obviously...bag your own! ha! And, of course since this is Nevada, a store wouldn't be complete without a few slot machines! ha ha ha ha! You could go in with a quarter and win enough money to walk out with a cart full of groceries!
Unfortunately, Winco's are a west coast thing. Sorry family! I am sure there is something back there though that is just as magnificent! Ohhh I forgot they have a HUGE whole bean coffee selection there too...right up my alley!

I had my exam for Criminal Justice today! 2 finals down, 3 to go and 1 more paper! I think it went swimmingly. In general I have been doing really well in that class, so I think I should end up with a great grade. I really enjoyed the class, and learned a lot!!! Right now I have to get to work on a paper about adaptive sports, it is due on Sunday! Lots of school work going on this week -- I'll try to stay up on my blog as much as I can the next few weeks but I can't promise anything!


closer and closer

I just finished my 2nd out of 5 finals!!!!! So, 3 more finals left and a term paper!!! Wahoooooo!
Currently, I am sitting in the Knowledge Center on campus doing some research -- but of course it has turned in to a huge distraction period. ha! Time to get this paper done!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO CLOSE! Wowwwwzer!


setting sail

My latest sewing creation.
It it a s baby blue seersucker fabric. With three gold anchor buttons on the side. And fluffy tulle fabric underneath. Pleats and a zipper! Go me! It only took a few hours....and I actually took my time and pinned stuff this time! 

The next couple weeks are going to fly faster than a speeding bullet

Yep, that is right! I am on the final stretch with senioritis and all. These next couple of weeks are going to fly faster than a speeding bullet for me! I have already taken one final and have 4 more to take and one more major paper to write. Here is a glance at what is going on:

Monday- Criminal Justice final start final paper for my social work class. Coffee with Casey.

Tuesday- Work and PT maybe work on my final paper.Try on my graduation dress.

Wednesday - Pick up new spectacles and ride a unicorn. Test out the glasses by reading over my final paper.

Thursday - Sleep in like a college kid for one of the last times. Procrastinate -- maybe do some homework. Java sushi.

Friday- PT at noon. So I will probably sleep until 11. Then I have an arm wrestling match with a yeti.

Saturday- Study for COM and SW final highlight my notes. Vacuum the floor or do something to procrastinate a little more.

Sunday- Turn in final paper for SW and study and become easily distracted by the Interweb.

Monday- Communications final, try on my graduation dress again.

Tuesday - Social Work 437 final.

Wednesday -Label announcements, and put stamps on them. ?

Thursday -Send out announcements ? Go to Java sushi.

Friday - ? work on my tan.

Saturday - Rent is due.

Sunday -Make breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns, biscuits? -- or just go out to breakfast)

Monday - Social work 466 final - buy cap and gown. Go to Miller End fabrics.

Tuesday-Decorate mortar board (this could turn into a two day event)

Wednesday - ?

Thursday - Doctor appointment I learn my knee fate. Try on my graduation dress one last time. Probably go to Java sushi.....One last time as a non-college graduate!

Fast forward to Sunday- Mother's day -- wear I heart mom shirt.
Fast forward to Thursday - Family comes to good ole' Raaaahhhhhhhhno, neeeeeVAHda. 
SATURDAY------ GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty busy. ha! I have a lot of ? days. I am going to be finished with school 3 weeks before the rest of UNR -- Interweb classes :) I know that soon enough all of those ? are going to turn into something. I have to send out annocements, get my senior picture taken, buy my cap and gown, find a place to live, clean my car, check my facebook 80 trillion times, hopefully some more work, eat some sushi, I have to make sure I make a day where I can get OFM in the morning, paint my nails, take a nap. I have a busy schedule! Ha, once the 27th rolls around my college career will be approaching its end. WOW!

No M&M's for a week?

Tomorrow I am going to give up M&M's for a week....or longer hopefully.

There is something about M&Ms that I love -- I have yet to pin point it. I guess I like how the milk chocolate ones melt when you eat them. The peanut ones are my favorite, I like breaking the chocolate shell off with my back teeth and then enjoying each part of the candy separately. Peanut Butter M&M's -- there are no words. My favorite, especially when they have been in the freezer. There is a new coconut flavored one, it is amazing..AHHH-mazzzing! Oh, and the dark chocolate ones (which are hard to find) they are probably the best invention ever.

I can finish a bag of M&M's pretty quickly. I try to stay away from the 'tear and share' size, because when I tear, most likely I am going to be selfish and keep the entire bag for myself.
They are always on sale at Safeway, last week it was buy 2 get 2 free! How can you say NO to that deal! Vance always skis with M&M's so that when I get crabby he gives them to me -- its like night and day -- I am ready to go and happy again. Chris always picks me up M&M's when I tell him to get me some chocolate. 

I used to not like M&M's. Honestly, one day I just decided to start liking them. 

In one pack of peanut M&M's there is 250 calories. Yikes! I almost wish that a gnome would come and steal all the M&M's I bought. My roommates like M&M's too.

SO -- I am going to try my hardest to avoid eating M&M's for a week, or longer if I can handle it. I need to start eating less sugar. I'd like to think that I am going to take a break from coffee starting tomorrow too....but lets be real...thats never going to happen. Although, I didn't have any today so far! 

Any, I have no clue whyyyyy on earth I decided to do this...but it is worth the challenge. 
I have to figure out who to pawn my last bag of M&M's off on....Hummmmmm..........



Senioritis, from the word senior plus the suffix -itis (which refers to inflammation but in colloquial speech is assumed to mean an illness), is a colloquial term used in the United States to describe the decreased motivation toward studies displayed by students who are nearing the end of their high school, college and graduate school careers.

The main symptoms of senioritis include procrastination, lack of motivation, a drop in academic performance, and "coasting", which is the act of going through classes with very little concentration or application of intent along with truancy. This often happens in the last year of high school, college or even graduate school. A common misconception is that only students that take advanced placement classes are the ones affected by senioritis. 

After I have done some research I think I am suffering from senioritis. I know, sad. I have no control over it. The last thing I want to do is write a paper, or take a quiz. I have become very good at thinking of other things to do rather than study, like: clean my room, sew, sleep, read, clean some more, facebook, Interweb surf, talk on the phone. Luckily, it is almost over. I should be all taken care of after May 3rd at 10 in the morning to be precise. I am glad that this didn't get to me until the last couple weeks of school! Phew! 

Oh, and my hair was done...I feel very narcissistic, because I keep on looking at myself in the mirror because I love it soooooooo much! I went for a more natural blonde -- that way when my hair grows out now I can just put lighlights in -- no more entire head of blench!

Reasons to smile

These two pictures make me smile for some reason. ha!
Little things like this can totally brighten up my day.



I LOVE SEWING. I am sure that you have seen some of my creations before -- But I really really like this one. The other day mah girl Em and I went and adventured around Reno with the intention to get our hair did (yes -- hair did, not done). As we started to leave Reeehhhhno. I had this magnificent idea to stop by the most amazing fabric store EVER. Every time I go in there I am a kid in a candy shop. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the different stuff in there that I walk out without buying anything -- Em decided that she wanted to learn how to sew so she got some stuff and I have the intentions of teacher her....that is going to be funny. Of course I found some GREAT sweatshirt material and HAD to get it. I went to town yesterday to get the basic parts of the hoodie done -- trust me it is not even close to being finished yet. This has turned into one of those hoodies that I am going to live in. ha! I also got some other awesome fabric for something I intend on putting together to wear to my little seeesters graduation...but you all are going to have to wait to see that creation (trust me it will be AHMAZING!). We probably spent well over an hour in the store before picking anything out...

Yesterday I got some new glasses, my prescription has gone up. I picked out some neato coke bottleish frames (they are totally spectacular, get it 'spec' tacular ha ha ha!) -- they are a wood like grain but a navy/teal and brown. I pick them up on Wednesday. The lady that helped me out was totally against me getting big glasses, but I was not feeling the skinny minny girly frames -- I needed the frames that yelled 'HEY BUD! PICK ME' so I did. Whether the lady liked them on me or not. I like them and that is allllll that matters. Plus, I totally look science nerd cute in them. All I need is a lab coat! ha!

Today PT was rough. I didn't sleep to much last night because my knee was achy. I spent the morning getting a muscle massage, and hooked up to the stim. I go back on Tuesday and depending on where I am at (keep my fingers crossed I will be progressing, not regressing) I might head back to the Dr. a little sooner than expected. So, I am just going to work as hard as I can. Ugh.

To all my fellow biking buddies down in Monteray -- Kick some ass!

I hung out with Mr. Wilson last night before he left for Arrrashhka (Alaska) this morning. We went to Java and ate some sushi. I was a pain, bad mood central. It was nice seeing him -- I always hate saying goodbye when he leaves for trips. Yep, truth be told no matter how irritated or frustrated he makes me when it comes down to it he has turned in to one of my bestestmostamazinglyradical friends ever.

Em and I are getting our hair did FOR SURE TODAY! I basically told the girl who is doing it to be creative....I am a little nervous but it is time for some change.

I just had a day dream that I went on a run.  

I wish there was such thing as a teleport machine and it wasn't just a made up thing. I could totally use one right now.

I have a horrible case of senioritous right now. Casey and I are getting coffee on Monday after my final -- I can't wait to see him. 

My heart goes out to mah girl Courtney Royce who took a pretty good digger yesterday fracturing her leg in a few different places and making her knee go KA-BOOM! This is going to be Court's 2nd surgery on that knee. She is one of my favorite girls to go shred the park with. She has been through soooo much I think she will come back strong and healthy.

So many friends with knee injuries this year..... Oi!

Christopher and I are scheduled to go snowmobiling tonight!!! I haven't been yet this year. I am pumped.

I just totally fooled Kevin and told him I went running and wrestled yeti with my bare hands. To bad I didn't do either -- well at least not yet today -- maybe after I recharge my super human powers I will. 

NJ's girlfriend made cupcakes last night and they are sitting on the kitchen counter right now, I must say they look pretty scrumptious.

Okay I MUST do some homework...



words that make you cringe

Today was my first day of PT. I was excited. I really want to get my leg better. My appointment was a rude awakening to how far I have to go -- and I might not be out of the dark waters just yet. The people I am seeing are absolutely delightful. Very warm and welcoming personalities. I walk in and feel comfort. Today I had my evaluation, lets just put it this way I heard 'not very optimistic' a lot. The lady that I am seeing is VERY informative, I really like her and I know she is going to help me get back out on my bike. Today I learned that the cartilage damage is pretty bad.  I have lost more than 2 and a 1/2 centimeters of mass on my right leg due to atrophy (in just a month), I cannot fire my quad at all. It was really frustrating for me. To see your body slowly deteriorate from such a strong state is pretty hard. I hate looking down and not seeing my two wicked strong biker legs. Because of the atrophy it is causing my knee cap to get all funny and move I guess. I have this crazy tape on my knee that I keep on to help hold everything in place essentially. I won't go into the 'gore' details. I have an at home muscle stimulating contraption right now to help my muscles fire, it is going to turn into my new best friend until I can fire my muscle by my self. I was given a bunch of little exercises to work on; they are so simple, yet so hard for me to do. UGH! I have to do PT at the place 2-3 days a week -- and of course every day at home. I want more than anything to get back to where I was. I learned today that one of the reasons why I probably wasn't able to sleep the last couple of weeks was probably because I was discomforted by a potential bone bruise, and the reason now that I am slowly easing back into my normal sleeping routine is because it takes around 4 weeks for accidents like that to improve.  My ROM is pretty good, but the clicking and catching is the troubling part. I got pretty fatigued quickly today -- it bummed me out. I honestly cried a little bit. Going from with so active everyday to not even being able to flex my leg, wow.....I don't even know who I am. I am going to work as hard as I can, and hope more than anything I start hearing 'I am more optimistic about you not having to get surgery' starts to float around the room. This honestly has made me realize that I don't ever want to take my limbs fore granted.....I need to realize that I am aging and that it is important for my to listen to my body now or I am going to be regretting it in the long run. The good news is, is that if we do have to resort to slicin' and dicin' then I will be 'strong' going into it...but I am just going to keep my fingers crossed that that isn't the case.

Not only was today hard in the respect of learning about my recovery...but also because I was supposed to be heading down to the Sea Otter Classic. It was going to be one of my first races of the season -- it was an important finish that I needed so that I could apply it towards my pro license. Pretty rough day.


'Lock me up inside this room. I just wanna be close to you.'

Red wine on white carpet

Okay so tonight, I had a nice ball jar of red wine on my night stand. I was chatting with one of my long lost Colorado pals and I just got so excited I managed to spill the glass. We were testing out if wine tasted better with a straw or not, the consensus was...no. But anyways....I had a GIANT red wine spill on the lovely white carpet. I quickly googled red wine stain on carpet. The first thing that came up was put salt on it. So I 'ran' out and grabbed the salt grinder took of the lid and poured the salt all over the spill. I could tell that was sucking up the liquid because the salt started to turn pink. But, of course...I was still worried...my friend said oxi-clean. Well, it just so happens we have a bucket of that here. I decided not to follow directions with all the mixing and water adding and blah blah blah. I just poured the dry soup on the spill and let it sit for a good hour or two (call it laziness) or to heavily involved with summer planning....but...I couldn't got to bed knowing I had a giant stain my the rental carpet. So I decided to vacuum up the dry soap and salt that I had thrown on the floor. The wine spill had turned black. GREAT. So then I went out and read the directions for carpet on the Oxi bucket...I somewhat followed them this time....water....oxi..pour...scrub...the black was GONE! Seriously...you cannot even tell I spilled an entire glass of wine on the white carpet! It is AHHHMAZING! So, next time you spill red wine...put some salt on top...once it turns pinkish, pout Oxi over it...and then...after an hour...vacuum it up...then make the oxi water mixture...lightly scrub and then BAM....it will be magically gone (or hopefully gone!)



I used to be 'putting on my face' this time of the night when I was a young gun in college. Now, I find myself sitting at home eating lovely dinners, with a delightful glass of wine exploring musical artists. I have always loved hip-hop. I found Nneka for free on iTunes one day....downloaded the song because it was free and instantly feel in love with the sounds. Nneka is a Nigerian-German hip-hop/soul singer -- she has one of the most AHH-mazing voices ever. Her lyrics and beats are pretty sweet. I put her on a playlist with Kya Bamba, Trevor Hall, a bit of Zion I, Lyrics Born, Sizzla, Damian (and Bob) Marley and Collie Buddz. My favorite songs that she has right now are off her most recent LP: concert jungle. Check out: Uncomfortable Truth, Showin' Love, Heartbeat, Focus, Mind vs. Heart and God of Mercy.  My mom told me that she is perfect for biking with....sooooooooo since I am kind of spinning again I might have to put my country jams aside and fill my shuffle with some of her music.

"Let us make a change, why can't we turn the page" 

"What is mind without the heart. What am I without my shadow. What is life without knowing that death comes. What is a song without the melody" 

"Maintain your focus. The misery is all around you. The misery. The envy. It is hard staying away from the temptations of the world. Maintain your mind." 

"You said youd be there for me. In times of trouble when I need you and I'm down. And likewise you need friendship. Its from my side pure love but I see lately that things have been changing. You have goals to achieve. But the roads you take are broad and heartless. That wants you to take another way. You throw stones. Can you see I am a human and I am breathing? But you don't give a damn. Can you feel my heart is beating? Can you see the pain you're causing?" 

For those of you....

For those of you who have just came across my blog or are wondering WHY on earth my sentences don't flow sometimes....I don't really edit....I just let the words flow....

Power in a cup

Sadly, status is a part of the American culture. We drive certain cars, dress certain ways, shop in certain places and drink certain drinks. In this case it is Starbucks. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Starbucks. I used to be a Starbucks fanatic, spending who knows how much a month on making sure I had something to drink in the morning, while in/at school, and of course later on in the night before I cracked open the beer. I probably spent hundreds of dollars on making sure that I had a name brand caffeine drink in my hand, none of that gas station stuff. Of course, when you walk into any of Starbucks location and they greet you like a friend would. If you are a regular they welcome you by your first name and already know exactly how you like your drink. You have a sense of comfort and want to keep on going back. They all have bright friendly personalities, they are suddenly your friend curious about your day as soon as you open that door to the inside. It is a sense of comfort -- I love it. It is a great meeting place, 'hey want to meet at Starbucks?, get some coffee and catch up?' of course. Why wouldn't you want to go to Starbucks? They suck you in, in such a positive way. In Crested Butte we had no Starbucks, it was a treat when we could get it. As soon as I moved to Reno, there was one every few blocks. I'll take a caramel macchiato, venti, non-fat milk, extra caramel and 2 extra shots, 'that will be $4.50'. Yep, that used to be my daily order, well until I learned my true love for a black cup of coffee. I would have friends bring me Starbucks, or if I was headed to meet someone, I would call and ask (I still do) if they want anything because I was making a stop at Starbucks before. Then I learned what coffee was. I loved it, black, no sugar, no creamer. To this day I start my mornings with a hot cup, in bed is the best! I hated the taste of Starbucks coffee, it always tasted burnt, but, I kept going back. I would proudly show off my purchase just like you do in a mall after you have visited an expensive store. I have come to terms with myself, you know why I would keep going back? Because I wanted to be seen with the cup. The classic white and green cup, the red holiday cup, any other special edition paper cup they would have. It was a status symbol, it said 'yah, I just bought my drink for $5.00' when I could have used that $5 on something much more practical -- how about buying a bag of beans and making coffee at home for two weeks!?! I didn't care. I really didn't care when I was a sorority girl, it was almost like having a Starbucks cup was part of joining into this bizarre sisterhood. I would be (and still am thankful for them) given Starbucks cards for gifts, I would go through them in less than a week. Sometimes places like Starbucks are a convenience, like if you wake up late and can't make your coffee, if you all the sudden need caffeine, if you are on a road trip.  If I was bored I would go down to Starbucks and grab a drink. I would have piles of empty Starbucks cups on the floor of my Jeep. Did you know you can re-use a cup at Starbucks? I knew in the mornings if my outfit was cute by walking inside the store and hearing the barista's reactions; if I went extra early and my outfit for the day didn't go over well I would still have time to jet home and change -- perhaps in that time I was able to finish the drink to only have the chance to go back inside Starbucks in less than an hour to see the new outfit reaction, and of course order another drink..... When you look at tabloids or anything that features a 'star' of some sort, or a person that we idolize, they are bound to have a Starbucks cup in hand. We want to be like them, we want to be noticed. It is the power of the cup. If you have a coffee cup and it doesn't bare that circle with the Starbucks goddess (or the local obsessed about coffee shop) you automatically are not as cool. Well, rest assure I go to Trader Joe's now and buy a big can of whole beans and make 2 cups of bold coffee for myself in the morning. Sometimes, like today, I treat myself to frilly Starbucks drink. We find power in so many materialistic things, I know I feel cooler when I have that venti cup in my hand. It is almost like your power is measured in the size of drink you get; do you really wanted to be noticed? Go for a venti. If you want something to carry around? Maybe a tall. A grande fits perfectly in a car cup holder. Maybe now, I have realized since I pay for almost everything on my own that I don't need that expensive cup of coffee. If we go through our amenities I think we will find a lot of stuff we don't actually need, but because of the culture we live in we are tricked into thinking it is a necessity. So, want to go to Starbucks and meet for some coffee? ha ha ha



So, the latest kneenews....yesterday I saw the doctor early early early in the morning. We looked at my MRI together, and you could see some of the obvious damage to my meniscus. But something that was pointed out was the pain that I am having, as well as the clicking is being cause by some cartilage that is on the base of my femur bone (basically a shock absorber) tore and so that is a flap that is catching -- hence the reason I could barely walk the other night. Right now, because of the insurance I will be going to physical therapy for a month instead of going straight into surgery. Hopefully PT will help heal the injury and I will be back to normal Bud life in no time. I was happy to hear that, of course there is always a chance that if the PT things that therapy isn't going to be the answer than back to the Doc it is. I asked my doctor yesterday before I left it I was allowed to bike, he okayed me to lightly spin! I just about started crying because I was so happy to hear him say that! Wow! Music to my ears! The next step was getting into PT as quickly as possible. I jetted right over to the place that I will be going to, of course insurance was an issue -- but the ladies there were so nice. I actually just got a phone call that made my entire day saying that I WILL start PT tomorrow. I am now on the road to recovery! Thank goodness! I also was able to take care of my taxes yesterday (phewwww..cutting it close!), schedule all my finals (except one -- I am waiting for the period to open so I can sign up), I am going to the eye doctor on Thursday! I want to make sure that I get an extra pair of spectacles so that if something happens to my nice ones I have a back up pair. I am trying to tackle the dentist too -- that is turning out to be a hassle. I went out to breakfast with Em yesterday at Jax's on the Tracks. Yummmmm! I love breakfast! Maybe I'll post a picture of my ahhhhmazing meal. I need to get back to Ansel iphone. ha! I talked to my little sissy yesterday. I talked to my mom. I played phone tag with my dad. I finished all the work for one of my classes! I organized recipes. I beat up Wilson because I am so buff. He didn't even know what hit him -- literally I got him with a swift punch to the tummy! ha!

And of course, to top of this blog -- I SPUN YESTERDAY! for 17 minutes. It was exhausting. I smiled the entire time. I can't wait to go on my first road bike ride!


Where the wild things are

"Don't go. I'll eat you up, I love you so."

Last night we rented Where the Wild Things Are. I loved it. I also fell asleep onto of Chris while we were watching it because I was so tired. He thought it was long. His roommate didn't even know what it was about! Wow...I love remakes of books. We also ate a pack of peanut M&M's. They are the best. I tired to toss them into Chris's mouth like you do with grapes or goldfish...I have really bad aim, or he has really bad catching skills. 

I think I am getting an ear infection right now. You'd think after 23 years of getting them I would become immune. Obviously not. They are not fun at all. I am keeping my figures crossed that it doesn't turn into strep. If it gets any worse I am going to go to the doctor tomorrow. I hate being sick. I think that this house is bad luck because I have been getting sick a lot this year. 

I go see the doctor tomorrow. My friend Tyler made a funny comment yesterday, he asked who I was seeing as my doctor and I told him. He said he hadn't heard of him before, but I informed him I was happy with him. He said 'doctors in ski towns replaces knees like doctors in LA do plastic surgery -- it is really no big deal for them'. That made me laugh. 

I have a really awesome prospective roommate. I really hope that we can make it work out. I think we are going to go and scope some places out soon. I want to try and move out while my mom is here maybe -- all knee depending of course. 

I really want to to go IKEA. It is not like I really need anything else. But, I feel like I want to go look at all the fun house accessories they have down there. One can always use new toys in the kitchen. 

Ohhhh, speaking of the kitchen. I am STILL going through magazines, and I ripping out all the articles that I want to keep, but I invested in a $2.49 folder the other day that I can divide everything up in! YES! It is pink! DUH! 

I have another final on the 19th. I also have a final paper due that week too. It is going to be on adaptive sports, yes, I said going.....I haven't started it yet....and I probably need to. But, comm'on I need to procrastinate a little bit on my last to to ever procrastinate on an undergrad assignment. I'll probably start it tomorrow. 

Oh, I also managed to get a parking ticket while at school the other day while at one of the meters. They hand them out like candy there. Luckily, it is only $20. I am pretty sure they used to be $15, but they upped the price to make more money. ha! I have to have that bad boy paid before graduation. 

I have been doing a lot of thought about moving to Utah. I have also done some out of the box thinking of becoming a beachbum. I could be warm all year long. That would be nice, I am cuddled in 3 comforters, flannel sheets, and a heated blanket. It is supposed to snow like a foot tonight -- OH JOY! not! Stupid snow. The snow should save itself right now, and dump NEXT year when I can actually ski it. That would be rad. 

Well, I have a paper to work on that is due tonight. 3-5 pages.....easy! 




So -- Trains was REALLY fun! It was a great group of supportive people. The mimosa's were yummy. The skiers (and the lone snowboarder) killed it! Vance pulled at dub 14 out of his bag of tricks, but unfortunately, he messed up his knee too. I am hoping that he doesn't end up in the bumknee club with the rest of us. Chris has some trouble will speed, but he pulled some graceful (as always!) tricks. All the girls were wicked impressive (Ali, Courtney, Katie, Brita and Becca) it was next level! It was nice being around so many positive people. Jamie's wings were totally amazing, I was able to sneak a few away from Chris. It is a bummer that it wasn't totally sunny out, the weather was on and off. I crutched all the way up to the jump, that sure was an adventure! Wowzer. I was so nervous about slipping. My mode of transportation down was Chris, yep....he snowboarded down carrying me! I screamed, but he was a good boyfriend and got me down safely. I have to admit that I am pretty tired from being so active this weekend (gosh, it is only Saturday) but this is the most I have done in a while. It really help me being around so many fun people and being outside. It makes me wish I was still skiing, but I am now trying to stay as positive about this as I can.

Time to lay low and revert back to stay at home bud -- so if you are looking for me....that is where I am hiding!



high fives - TRAINS

Trains is back! The event is going to pop off at Sugar bowl Saturday the 10th! Forget all the other stuff in Tahoe going on, come and support all the local skiers that throw down! The contest starts at 11 am! Be there or be square! AND -- if you are out and about tonight (4/9) head down to Pastime club at 8 pm. Grab your party pants and your dancing shoes, ohhhhhh yah! Entry to the event is $5, and you get 1 raffle ticket with that (of course ALL proceeds go to High Fives), of course...if you want more raffle ticky's its mo' money. But, at $10 you get 12, and for $20 you get 25!

The theme is : Wear your New-Era hat as we are entering a NEW ERA in history! (Pretty sweet!) 

So then....after a great night of partying at Ptimes, get a little bit of rest, grab the makings for mimosas (or coffee) and a chair and head up to Sugar bowl for some spectacular spectating. Remember, the contest starts at 11 am! There is a GREAT lineup of atheletes (like a kazillion of my friends): Tim Russell, Carson Lehouiller, Andy McDowel, Matt Nelson (Yahhh Vance!), Sean Carey, Peter Kuksh, KC Wry, Lara Cleeland (who I think gave her place to little miss Katie Souza!!! Yeee!), Becca Babicz, Billy Mann, Kyle Smaine, Jason Arens, Jex Lawrence, Ali Agee (who just got awarded BEST TRICK at QCO!), Brita Sigourney, Courtney Royce, Jimmy Greenleaf, Cole Derrick, Nick Miles, Davis Souza, Mike, Bochenk, Chris Logan, Finn Anderson, and there are still a spot or two left to be filled through the NewSchoolers.com contest. AND -- Christopher Bosco will be there bridging the gap between skiers and snowboarders and showing off his smooth moves on a snowboard....so the list of people shredding is awesome! It is always a great time! Jamie LaValle's amazing wings will be being cooked up as well! YUMMMM-O! The course is fairly easy to get to, it is right next to the lodge -- so if I can get there with a bumknee and crutches anyone can. Make sure you bring sunscreen and some stunna' shades (or according to NOAA we might be getting some crappy weather....so maybe an umbrella, down jacket, snowboots, mittens, etc)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with High Five, it is a non-profit foundation that was "created to raise money and awareness for athletes who have suffered a life-altering injury while pursuing their dream in the winter action sports community. Through alliances with our wealth of local athletes, key industry members, and other influential non-profit organizations, High Fives aims to continue to drive winter action sports and its progression through innovative events and projects designed by, and driven by athletes, all the while raising funds for those that are less fortunate along their path to success. High Fives Non-Profit Foundation is a celebration of the lifestyle we all strive to achieve." They have an excellent website ( High Five website), check it out! I was lucky enough to meet Roy, who is one of the main brains behind High Fives, who suffered a back injury several years ago which affected his spinal cord, leaving him with the hopes of becoming a professional skier wiped away -- his lower body was paralyzed from the accident. When I met Roy he was walking around the base of Squaw and surely was the life of all the conversations going on! Before I knew it he was out skiing (in 2008)!!!! How rad! The other day as we were e-mailing back and forth, it had be DUMPING in Tahoe the last couple days and Roy said:
Bud, I skied powder today for the first time in 4 years with my outriggers and new skis from Volkl. It was the greatest feeling in my life, better than any feeling. So stoked on life and this weekend is going to be a blast. Now, to me that was about one of the coolest things I could have EVER heard! I think seeing fellow winter sports athletes over come life altering conditions is amazing! These people are really devoted and have the drive to do anything, we should all be inspired by them!

SO REMEMBER-- Start your weekend right with the High Fives shindig TONIGHT FRIDAY April 9th -- 8pm Pastime club! Buy those raffle tickets! There are GREAT prizes, plus the money goes to High Fives! 
And then....

SATURDAY-- SUGAR BOWL @ 11 am for the High Fives TRAINS comp!