What a nice surprise. Today my dad dropped by with food and flowers in hand. I was to happy. It took my mind off of everything. It was a very nice visit. I can't wait to see the flowers open up, they are going to be beautiful!!! Barb made some phenomenal gluten free banana/walnut bread! I couldn't contain myself, I went to town on the loaf! Talk about comfort food! YUM!

I appreciate all the love and support I am getting from everyone right now. It means a lot to me.


the moment.

Sometimes you run across some of the best things....I found these on a website that it now one of my new favorites. SO CREATIVE.


1. i sleep with my stuffed animal still and probably will forever.
2. i don't like my hair. ever.
3. my favorite color is sparkle. It is a color if you use your imagination.
4. i think that yellow mustard is the weirdest thing ever. Actually, mustard in general.
5. I can't stand whimpy hand shakes, and I never know what to say when people say I have a firm one for being so little.
6. i love public speaking.
7. i dig weather changes. Rain. Snow. Thunder. Lightening.
8. i love cleaning. I hate when people leave things dirty.
9. i like dark chocolate. Milk chocolate tastes weird.
10. i paint my nails a different color every week.

1. make me laugh.
2. treat me like the queen i am, or else you will be a lonely king.
3. be honest.
4. surprise me.
5. believe in me.
6. be a nice person and stick up for me.
7. take me on adventures.
8. compliment me.
9. don't make me change.

1. my brain...sometimes.
2. my self.
3. my phone.
4. a key.
5. camera
6. some part of my wallet.
7. water bottle. tea cup. ball jar of coffee.
8. my past.

1. liars.
2. when the toilet won't flush.
3. immaturity.
4. drama, all though we are all apart of it.
5. cold ski boots.
6. people that think they are better than everyone else.
7. how media portrays women.

1. Vermont.
2. Colorado.
3. Nevada.
4. California.
5. North Carolina.
6. New Hampshire.

1. sky dive.
2. go on a TOMS trip.
3. own a pair of Jimmy Choo's.
4.hike the (or parts of) the Appalachian trail.
5. blow people out of the water with my success.

1. rejection.
2. car accidents.
3. snakes.
4. bats.

1. sleep.
2. eat.
3. breathe.

1. not to judge people.
2. trying NOT to be unhappy.

1. it is impossible to narrow it down to one.


This week is an epic fail so far

Yep..that is right...EPIC FAIL, and to think it is only Tuesday worries me a little. I can only imagine what else could possible go wrong...let me explain:

-First, my speedometer in Syd decided it needed to break and my car needed to die. So for a few days I was playing 'guess how fast you are going', then Chris and I jimmyrigged it...not like that is illegal or anything....NOT!

-We have not had a working washer or dryer for well over 2 months now. Our landlord has failed to fix it. So...the boys went ahead and bought a 'new' one off craigslist...after NJ and friends hooked it up today our kitchen FLOODED. Yes, everything was screwed on tightly. It turns out that the washer doesn't sense the water level it is at and so it just keeps filling in water. AND to make it better you cannot run the washer and dryer at the same time...you have to wait.

-Our freezer over froze because the coils went out....this means that we had to take ALL of our food out and bring it to different places....hence the reason I have been living on carbs. No pumped at ALL!

-It is hard for me to know that I was supposed to head to Colorado this week...and I am not. A job that I was so dedicated to all the sudden came to a halt.

- My phone charger disappeared only to be found hours later deep down in the covers of my bed. But, yet again...it has decided to play hid and seek with me...and...my phone is dead. So, if I don't answer you know why.

-The pressure of graduation has started to set it. I am trying to 'enjoy' my last couple of weeks...but the realization of my undergrad not being enough has crept up on me. The idea of taking another standardized test to get into yet another school is not sounding to awesome right now plus...when you go to get your masters you have to know what you want to study...and welp...that is BEYOND me right now. There are WAY to many options and way to many schools to pick from...well that is if I pass the GRE -- much less take the friggin thing.

- I am STILL waiting for my letter that guarantees me a job for the summer. A little nerve-wrecking considering I am not going to have a job for 2 months. How on earth I am going to pay to live is beyond me. I wish I could find a niche right now that could carry me over and make it so that I could go do things with my friends more often instead of sitting coupe up in my broken house.

-Still no word on the MRI. It has been well over 3 weeks since I hurt my knee. ANY NORMAL insurance company would of already had me in and out of surgery. I am about to say I'll deal with the pain just so I can go and do stuff...but...that is not being very realistic...nor is it being smart.

-No biking until later on this summer. That is a pretty big blow for me since I love biking so much. It has really affected me the last couple of sunny days we have had because I see TONS of bikers out.

-(this may sound stupid) but it is SNOWING again. I DON'T WANT ANY MORE SNOW! I have NO CLUE why people live in ski towns and don't participate in snow-sports because if I didn't ski I would be no where close to the snow...I'd be sitting beach side and surfing everyday.

-The other day one of the boys decided to drop the bomb on me that he was going to move out, or we could try to terminate our lease....oh yah...cause I TOTALLY have a place to go right now.Our lease is only about 2 more months...just enough time to start hunting right now. I have way to much on mu plate to even think about trying to void the lease.

-I HAVE to get my English 304 journal DONE! It has been way to long and it is vital that I finish this semester with a good GPA so that it affects my overall positively. 

I think that I have a lot of built up stress and anxiety right now because I am not able to exercise. I can do minimal stuff around the house...but it isn't like I can hop on my training and build up my endorphin levels and be happy little bud. Instead, I pile on the carbs and complain about my weight and sleep until noon because I am not falling asleep until 3 am. This lifestyle has got to stop. Who knows, this might just be a rough week. I have been through a lot of stuff in my life and this is all petty....but....since I have no get away it is getting rough. I tried to bake some brownies today to get rid of some tension....that didn't help because then I had to worry about eating them....and it wasn't to pleasant trying to navigate in a 15 foot kitchen with a broken washer/dryer and fridge pulled out into the center of it. Goodness! I can't even concentrate to do homework right now or even sink into a book. Yikes.




Dear friends...
I am trying to figure out what I want to do when I graduate...but I don't want to think THAT hard and I want to enjoy my last couple weeks as an undergrad. I found a program that would allow me to go teach English in other countries. It looks really cool!! I am curious if any of my friends might know about TEFL programs and be willing to share.
I know I want to travel and I know that I want to help people...so honestly could it get much better than traveling and teaching English!?!?!

shoot me an e-mail or a message/comment if you know anything!


Missing a beach

Above are pictures that were taken a few years ago on an adventure my ex-roomie Chelsey, Sami and I randomly decided to take to Santa Cruz, Cali. This adventure was the so far (and still is) the first place that I have gone past Truckee in California for a matter of hours. We had so much fun, and I am reminiscing about our trip tonight. It was best put into these words:

 I am looking through my santa cruz album.
I miss the beach.
I miss you.
I miss schomogging.
It is time for a reuniting of sorts.
On the beach.
You get the corona.
I'll get the tequila and the lime.
No parking tickets.
Or crazy girls come around telling us that they just got done with a nude photo shoot and want some of our beers.
Winchester mansion (say it in the Asian voice), you betchya! 

Remember the guy in the Camaro?How about the public beach...YUCK

I'll kidnap Sami and lets bring Chantel.
We shouldn't stay in a fancy hotel. Lets rough it and stay at the Motel 8. 
The surfer parties were lame. 
And makeout point was a bust....well for me anyway...
Maybe we will find some k'nomes (don't forget the K)
The bagel place was great in the morning. 
I love getting lost in the PT cruiser 
and I love even more coming home to a leak in our ceiling. 
Don't forget the Polaroid camera. 
I can't wait to go swimming. 
Maybe we can pass up sushi and that crappy little Chinese food place?
Lets make the girls down there jealous in our amazing outfits. 
Tayton and I can hang from weird objects. 
Joey can take video of everything. 
Lets drink a lot of beer and have a good time. 
Ahhh, we needa go to the beach!
We don't need to take the bible out of the hotel this time for school required reading.
Seaweed smells weird. 
I will never get into the Kia...until I am forced to because Ian is a dumby. 
The bum that was wearing a cape. 
The things we had to hide in the sand.

Remember not to tip the valet parking guy.
And that the mexican joint downtown sucks.
No more getting chased off the beach by cops.
But we can stay up all night again with a bunch of friends and have hopes to watch the sunrise but go to sleep before it does.
Rondevu at Panther beach where we can climb that scary mountain in the ocean and see sharks in the water.
Got it?

 That was the first California adventure I went on....and sadly I have not been on any yet. And...I wonder why I don't think this state is cool. Well, good news..Chelsey is coming back here soon and I will have a partner to adventure with...heck maybe I'll find that one of my other friends wants to adventure too! I really want to go back to Santa Cruz. I want to go to LA (and see Mr. Woolwine) I want to go to Disneyland and I want to go to San Fran and hangout on Haight street and go to a Zoo  and Venice beach I REALLY want to go to Napa and wear a sun dress and a big floppy hat with giant glasses and get drunk off of amazing wine with good friends, and good food. I am so young and have so much to experience...so it looks like it is time to experience now...especially since I can't ski or bike. I want to experience a boardwalk. I REALLY want to go to the big redwood forest. I want to see the coast. Welp, it just so happens that I have A LOT of time on my hands right now and little to do...time to start seeing who wants to explore on a budget (and a plus would be that has a well working car since Syd is a piece of crap and cant go very far). Time to explore this state and find out why people think it is so damn cool.........and...no that wasn't supposed to be a poem...it was the first things that came to mind when I was messaging Chelsey. SO, if you're a friend and want to take a trip with me...lets do it!


It is thundering and lightening and windy as heck here! Okay...so the picture is a little bit of an exaggeration...but still! 

Today it was so windy I thought that not only was I going to have a pine tree jet through my roof, but I was also expecting piece of the yellow brick road, Dorothy and Toto to end up in my house as well! I have never seen anything like this since I moved up here! It is crazy. I have a few large windows in my room, one it really high up and it lets me look up into the sky. At night I can see the stars, and in the morning I am awaken by blue sky. Tonight, I was able to see the lightening. It was like sparkles. It was pouring here. I got to put on my rainboots. It was neat. I even got a compliment while I hobbled through the grocery store to fetch some chicken noodle soup and peanut M&Ms. They are polk-a-dot. Pretty cool. I discovered that the rain jacket Kev gave me years ago is no longer waterproof. I was soaked. It reminded me of a time it was raining in CB and Phillipa and I rain around Elk Ave enjoying every bit of rain that hit our summer tanned skin.
I love the heat storms and rain storms at the beach. They are crazy, I feel like there are no words for them. You just have to experience one yourself. Of course when I think of the beach I think of steamed shrimp. Yummmmm, I can't wait for this summer. I am going to eat an entire pound (no surprise!). I can't wait to sit out on the beach and dig my toes in the sand. 
I vaguely remember the thunder and lightening storms up at camp. They are scary. I think a few of them I can recall sitting out on the front porch over looking the lake and watching the sky light up the tree line and reflect of the lake making it almost like dusk while after the sun had set. Storms up there always scare me. Maybe I watch to many scary movies. I would love to go back there soon. 
I can hear the rain tapping against my window and running of the roof. I guess the rain could be a good thing because that means that I don't have to see the snow as much anymore and that would make this injury a lot easier. 
Silence can be a scary thing. Like right now...when there is a storm. But, silence can also be sooo AHmazingly lovely. All the sounds in the house like the drip of water and creek from the wooden floors are louder when you are alone. The sound of wind against the trees and siding of the house sounds like an army of elephants taking down the forest. This storm is crazy up here in Tahoe Donner. Or, maybe it is because I am alone.....I take that back....I have bucky here to protect me. 

Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

paint 'n shoes

So I have had this pair of black heels that I used to wear all the time when I would go out...the leather has seen its days...so I decided to give my artistic side sometime to come out. I googled shoe painting designs because I had no clue what I wanted to put on them and after grabbing some inspiration from a few different pairs I went to town. They have boomboxes on them. I think they turned out neat..I am sure that I will add little things hear and there...it was a good way to pass time. NOW...time to move back out to the sewing machine! :)



Poster Child, A memoir

Obviously I picked up my speed reading skills from my dad. I am always worried that when I did that I wasn't going to get the most out of a book. BUT -- because of my current fascination with procrastination I had to put those skills to work. For my social work class,  Disability - Social and Health Issues. We were assigned at the start of the semester (yes...January) to read a book by Emily Rapp. Of course I was incredibly good at over looking that fact that I needed to purchase this book and read it AND produce an 8 page paper about it by...TOMORROW. I ordered the book off of Barnes and Noble about a week ago...it hasn't shown yet. So, I had to run down to school on Thursday and buy it from the book store. I started reading the 224 page memoir yesterday afternoon around 2 pm. I just finished it..it is 1:15 (Friday). I took the book down to the dock yesterday and planted myself in a comfortable spot with a beautiful view, and of course my normal Yogi ginger tea all wrapped up in a blanket. I went to town. By the time I left I was almost one hundred pages in. Not because I realized the stupid mistake I had made by putting the reading off until last minute but because the book was VERY interesting. It is a story about a girls life, from being born with proximal focal femoral deficiency (PFFD -- a disability that Rapp later shares was "a defect in the DNA when the body is formed"). She shares a lovely story with the trials and tribulations that she had to go through with her surgeries to remove her leg at a young age to receiving the Fulbright award and teaching in Korea. She shares her experiences of getting different prosthetic made and, my favorite part, learning how to ski (at the adaptive program in/at Winter Park)! She talks about experiencing life, and her issues with being insecure because of her disability and her claim to fame of being the poster child for the March of Dimes. Rapp discusses her struggle with life in a way that is easy to understand, she does an outstanding job relaying the ups and downs she has experiences from life. Although, I jetted through this book I was touched by it. I took a ba-zillion notes and cannot wait to start in on my paper about her story. So, if you can get to the library or the book store it is a nice, eye opening read!

I had a LOVELY talk with Mr. Warren Witherell today. We shared stories with each other. He gave me some information on Madi. I shared my knee drama with him. I hung the phone up with a smile on my face like always.

Christopher is competing today in a competition called "Take the Lake", yesterday you had to qualify, and well...obviously he did. I talked to him a few minutes ago and he was pumped that he has some of the best training runs in a comp he had ever had. The prize purse is pretty big, so hopefully he podiums. Tomorrow he leaves for Arizona to go watch some spring training. Matthew VANCE is doing the comp too. I expect him to win...if he doesn't I am going to take a hiatus from our friendship! Ha..just kidding! I love him and know that he should crush his competition.

It was pretty breezy down on the docks this morning. I brought coffee instead of tea. My coral color fuzzy blanket and my down jacket. I was warm. My fingers not so much. I noticed today how much I took from my English classes back in CBA....well...you know...ha...I am constantly taking notes when I read. So, thank you Brad and Eric.

Tonight one of my favorite hip hop bands plays at one of the local bars, Sweatshop Union. They are Canadian. I can't wait to go and see them. But I can wait to battle through the crowd with crutches through the small hall of a bar, Pastime. I can't wait to go and hang out with some of my girlfriends!

This weekend I was supposed to be at a wedding in Arizona. But, the knee thing was a bit of a set back. One of my first college friends Tim Ham got hitched yesterday. I wish more than anything I could have been there. Wow, my first friend getting married. weird.... but I do hope them a happy life together. I have never met his wife, but I am sure she is awesome because Timmy is pretty darn rad himself.

Yesterday, I had the news dumped on me that my roommates want to get out of the lease because our landlord has been less than stellar. I am in a situation where I can't. I have way to much going on in the next couple weeks, and months. Plus, I have 'no place to go'...yes, I know I could go to my dad's but I am going to be stubborn and say I would rather not. Our lease is up in June, so hopefully someone will be willing to fill their/or at least one of the spots for the next 2 1/2 - 3 months. The funniest part is that they were all worried when we signed the lease that I was going to be the one that wanted out early, ha! Now, I am the only one that wants to stay!

One of my favorite girls that I worked with last summer Kayla, got the head rec job at Hansen! I am soooooooo pumped for her! She is going to be perfect at it. I was a little nervous last week because I still had not received a letter from Hansen about coming back this summer. After talking to Kayla she said they hadn't been sent out yet, PHEW! The more I think about it the more I really want that job back, and more responsibility too. I have kept in pretty good touch with almost all my co-workers from the summer...especially if they worked at Northstar. I can't wait to get tan!

Well, I need to do something to warm up before I start in on this paper. I am trying to decide between baking brownies or painting my nails. Ah, such a hard decision!



So the news about my knee is less than stellar. I am going to be the lucky owner of crutches for some time to come. Ugh. Ha, and NO running...that was my question for the nurse today. The doctor is trying to get an MRI scheduled for me, but by just touching my knee he was able to tell what was going on. Meniscus...of course. I won't go into detail because it probably won't make sense because believe it or not there are 2 different sides of the meniscus, and two different ways on each side you can tear it. Well....its bad. 

Any ways, one of the girls that I love to death on the team that I coach Victoria just sent me a text that said: 
Your like my dog. She tore her meniscus too and got all the super exciting stuff done. 
But, at least you dont have to go home with a cone on your head! 

It was probably one of the funniest things I have heard all damn day! Sure did put a smile on my face...sooo yes, looking on the bright side...at least I won't have to go home with a cone on my head! ha! 

But on the yucky side this means that bike season will be pushed back for a while....ahhh...but...don't you all fret...I will still be ready and willing to kick everyone's butts climbing when I am back out there. Look at this as training time for yourselves. :) 

Well, I have a book report due tomorrow on a book I have yet to open...Ooooppppssss....good thing I like reading...I have to get to work! 



Madi Garcia

A few days ago a fellow Crested Butte-ian took a digger on skis. Madi Garcia, she is such a bombshell ever since I knew here.Madi has one of the biggest hearts ever. She is beautiful. One of the biggest fashionista's I know. Wicked kind, the most bubbly smile ever. From the little that I have heard she is dealing with a lot of broken bones.... caused by crashing into some trees off CB's infamous International ski run(I apologize if I have heard a skewed version of the story). Maddison is a tough girl and I know she can get through this.She was a delight to go to school with. It is a long road but I believe in her. Asher was definitely looking out for Madi. Hang in there girl! My heart goes out to the Garcia's. Com'on Madi!!!!!!

+++++ Vibes!!! MUCH LOVE!  


In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto

Okay, I'll admit it...I have a problem...I love to read. Ha, no I am not some crazy drug addict or slyly coercing my way with tax evasion....I just love to hide and read. Take me into a book store and there is a 90% chance I will leave with a new book or two to add to my collection. I have to buy the books. Most of the time I judge the book by its cover, or the first few pages... then I pick it up and bring it to the cashier. There is something about owning a collection of books that makes you feel, special.  You can never feel shoppers remorse when buying a book. I love looking over at my curved bookshelves and know that I can go over there and grab whatever book I want, read it as many times as I want, send it to a person I love, or donate it to a used bookstore. Sometimes I make it through all the books I buy, sometimes I read 50 pages and decide I don't like the book. Lately, I have been on a good reading streak (and I hope it keeps up). Now, I really should be focusing on pounding out the last couple weeks of school but...lets be real...I need to have some of my own time to enjoy literature as well.
I don't think I could ever join a book club. That would make to much pressure on reading. I like to think that my mom and I have our own type of book club actually, I read a book and send it to her, and she'll do the same. And then we discuss them over the phone. We get really excited to tell each other about the new books we are reading. If we had a who can read more books a month contest right now, she would totally win.
Someday I would love to have a wall in my house, or even a room that is solely dedicated to books. I would color coordinate them...just like I tend to do with my closet.
I have been sitting on the Donner Lake docks lately, soaking up some sun and getting out of the house at my gimp state of being...and reading while enjoying a nice ball jar of Yogi ginger tea (two bags of course). Today I finished Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto", it was a fabulous piece. I found this over Thanksgiving break as my mom, Sarah and I strolled through the Dartmouth bookstore (the SAME day that we found the picture of my mom randomly in the Bruce Springsteen book). I thought I had picked up all the books that I wanted, but of course there had to be something in the new release section that HAD to grab my eye. Without even knowing anything about it I grabbed it and tossed it on my pile. Ohhhhhh the Dartmouth book store is dangerous, you see it is ALSO a Barnes & Noble, and of course because people know me to well and I always seem to have a B&N or Starbucks gift card given to me on holidays there for I am supplied with books and coffee for a couple of weeks.
My latest book (or should I say, one of the many books I have been working on) is a book about...well...eating. I can tell you that being a college kid on a VERY tight budget and trying to eat healthy, organic, natural is close to impossible. Pollan does a phenomenal job of putting everything about current eating into perspective. Okay, so I'll admit the first part of the book was a little bit of a struggle...only because I am not science word savvy and so all the stuff that he was talking about was a little hard for me to understand, and so it made it a little dull. I came close to setting the book down and putting it back on the shelf for another time, but, for some reason I kept picking it up and reading a few more pages at a time. THEN I hit the next section. WOW, it was AWESOME! I started breezing through pages, back on the normal "bud" speed of reading. The second section really explained the western diet, and the potential hazards and health issues this causes our bodies to have. We are constantly hearing about how this and that are not good for you, but this really opens your eyes...it makes you want to go out and buy ALL healthy food. No more snacking on pretzels and the occasional potato chip. Now, the third section was by far the most interesting, he listed a bunch of...hints to eating in the western culture. They were so smart, and they are really simple and can make a HUGE change in your diet....keep in mind one of the main themes of this books is "Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants." Don't fret he is not trying to convert you in to a vegetarian...because lets be real...for me when bike season is here chicken is my favorite meal...and how can you pass up a good burger in the summer time? Here is some of Pollan's advice:
  • Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food (point taken...currently there are so many refined and preservative-ized food it is unhealthy. "Don't eat anything incapable of rotting").
  • Avoid food products containing ingredients that are A) unfamiliar, B) unpronounceable, C) more than five in number, or that include D) High-Fructose corn syrup. 
  • Avoid food products that make health claims (Um, duh!!) 
  • Shop the peripheries of the supermarket and stay out of the middle (I love this one! I actually sat there for a while thinking of ALL the different stores I have been in...all the good "healthy" stuff is on the outside!)
  • Get out of the supermarket whenever possible (As in go to the farmers market or start a garden!) 
  • You are what what you eat eats too (think about the source of where your food came from...did it come from a cattle ranch where there are thousands of cows shoved in a little pen or did it come from grass fed "happy cows"...which I have yet to see since I moved to California...) 
  • Have a glass of wine with dinner (Amen!) 
  • Pay more, eat less (The western cultures idea of portion control is WAY out of line) 
  • Consult your gut
  • Do all your eating at a table
  • Eat slowly 
Of course the list goes on, but these were some of the tips that I found most interesting. In Defense of Food is FILLED with interesting information like "American gas stations now make more money selling good (and cigarettes) than gasoline." Or, it takes around 20-minutes for your brain to realize that you don't need anymore food. I learned a lot about food...When I finished this book tonight I created a delicious salmon dinner with a portobello mushroom grills and some green beans...ha! I was concerned about where the salmon came from, and other products that I was using. I looked a labels (I always used to think it was funny when my mom looked on the back of pasta sauce to see the sugar and salt contents...but now I totally understand!) The unfortunate part of this book is that most Americans cannot afford to eat that way, and the reason that we tend to go to things with unpronounceable words and lost of preservatives is because those are what is affordable. Of course, when you put in to perspective the price to start a garden there really is no comparison. The American culture has been sucked into a dangerous way of eating, and it is hurting many people. I wish it was as simple as waking up in the morning and saying "I am going to eat healthy from today on", but in reality that is not going to happen. Even healthy people slip sometimes. I know my mom tells me that when my body is craving something to eat it because obviously that is what my body is asking for...but then again...I think that I probably tend eat healthier that a majority of Americans....I think that we can sometimes mistake those cravings to lead to the idea that overeating is okay, because that is what the body wants, but it is not. In the long run your health is going to diminish quickly. I highly suggest reading Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food:An Eater's Manifesto", I learned a lot from it and I think that you all can too. If you are concerned about eating healthy, this is a fun, fresh prospective on how to approach that type of lifestyle.  
Well, tonight I am going to try and work though some more of my other book "Fat Girl". Mike called me to say that he was on his way over for a movie night, but of course I managed to get tired...NOW..I am wide awake...this is what it has been like since I got hurt..obviously I opted out of movie night a little to early. I am so ready to not deal with 2 or 3 sometimes 4 am to watching the sun peek into my bedroom window days of sleep...hopefully that will be cured when I see the Orthopedic on Thursday! Chris called me after he got of work to tell me that he was taking MY CAR over to a friends house (his lights don't work right now so I have been letting him use Syd to get home from work at nigh...there for leaving myself STRANDED at my house at night...at first it wasn't to bad...now I am slowly starting to get annoyed), but secretly I guess I was a little happy because I knew that I could read my book until the wee hours of the morning...Although...watching Garden State is pretty darn tempting right now too. I mean...I haven't seen it in like a week...or two maybe...ha!

 Also, my heart goes out to the Garcia family. I hope that Madi had a fast recovery and is back out there skiing. Asher was totally out there watching over her. She is a tough girl and I know she can get through this!



Cheesy backed pasta with spinach and artichokes

Ahhh, Real Simple has done it again....they provided me with an AHHHMAZING pasta dish! 
Cheesy baked pasta with spinach and artichokes
(and red bell pepper and baked garlic) 

I have been on a cooking spree lately. I had enchilada casserole the other night and then dove into Real Simple for some suggestions. In April's issue they have filled it with wicked yummy things to create. I came across this one right after I opened the magazine....it had all my favorite ingredients...cheese, noodles, SPINACH!! I added a diced red bell pepper too it and some baked garlic cloves, def a good decision, plus it added a little more color! The dish was really simple to assemble...even with a bum knee and your friend telling you to sit down! ha ha ha! I got about 3/4 meals out of the one dish...of course that was dinner for me, dinner for chris, breakfast for me, dinner for me! ha! Nothing is better than left overs for breakfast! YUMMMM-O! 

8 ounces of short or fun pasta (1/2 a box) 
1 14-ounce can of artichoke hearts, rinsed and quartered
1 9-ounce package of frozen creamed spinach, thawed
1/4 cup grated Parmesan 
2 cups grated Mozzarella 
Black pepper 
1 red bell pepper diced 
1 baked bulb of garlic (wrap it in tin foil turn the oven on to 350 + and let it become soft), then dice the cloves once you have removed the skin

-Cook the pasta according to the box. Drain and then return to the pot. 
-Add the artichoke hearts, spinach, parm, half of the mozzarella, red pepper, garlic, and pepper. Mix so that it is all combine. 

-Transfer into shallow baking dish (I just use an aluminum pie tin so that I can toss it afterward). Sprinkle the rest of the mozzarella on the top of the pasta. Toss it in the oven, turn on the broil until the cheese is brown in spots (2-3 minutes....I browned the entire top so it had a little crunch to the top). 

SOOOOOOOO GOOD! Wicked Easy....I highly suggest it!


"Often we mistake Comfortable for Happiness...."


New Jams. Pasta and good friends.

A few years back at Powder Awards (which is held during X Games in Aspen) I had the pleasure of watching Marc Andre Belliveau preform a few of his songs. There was one that he did called "Sink in a  Hole"it was awesome! At the time I wasn't able to find it anywhere but tonight after spending some quality time with iTunes I discovered that he now has some tracks up there...and well as on his website (which I found a year or two ago)...for some reason I never downloaded it...I would just constantly listen to it on the Interweb. Well, tonight I can say that I finally have it and I have already managed to listen to it a kajillion times. It is awesome.
Marc's story is amazing, he was seen as one of the most progressive skiers in the industry while I was in high school. In 2006 he took a tumble while filming in BC which caused him to hit some rocks causing him to break his spinal cord and he was left paralyzed from the waist down. Now he is being just as progressive in skiing again, he is pushing the limits with adaptive skiing and creative some awesome jams. In an interview that I found on the web from 2008 he said "As a pro athlete, people want you to do crazy shit all the time. You have to have a feeling for what you can do and listen to yourself if it’s too much", very true. A lot of my friends that are pro skiers are always pushing it to the next level, it is scary....but that is what they are being paid to do. I highly suggest trying to get your hands on "In in a hole"...it is kinda' Trevor Hall-ish, meets DMB, meets Donavon Frankenreiter...you know the kind of music that I am bound to turn on if I hop in the car with you...yep...that kind.

"I don't wanna know what you're thinking, I just wanna hear you saying that you trust me. Believe me. I won't sink in a hole. 
By my side, I've got people who love me. They wanna lead me, they wanna make sure I won't screw everything. I know. But I wanna ride my life, the better way for me. Sometimes I make a fool of myself, but I hope I'll learn from my mistakes" 

I was lucky enough to spend my evening with Wilson. It was GREAT. I enjoy our time together a bunch. I got to hear all of his..umm...exciting yet stressful stories of his latest travels. The airlines have been sending him in a loop...ha! He explain my knee to me a little better...we are going to do some doctor hunting together on Monday after my criminal justice exam and get the ball rolling so I can be back out on a bike soon. He was gracious enough to play caddy at the grocery story too...and challenge me to a cook off...puhhhlease......
Speaking of food...I made the yummiest pasta dish tonight that I found in Real Simple! Of course! I spent a lot of time on my feet today....my knee isn't feeling it right now. I am really stoked because a bunch of the kids texted me today to let me know how progressive their days up at Northstar were. I wish more than anything that I could have been out there watching them toss themselves off the jumps and in the pipe. 
I started a new book last night...on accident...well kinda...It is called "Fat Girl" by Judith Moore. It started out with Chris getting up to tend to something in the kitchen and I just wanted to read the first page...well 30 pages later last night I am now sucked into this book. Yes, I am still working on "In Defense of Food" as well (almost done!). I am really starting to look forward to completing my classes so I can do a BUNCH of reading! I know...I am a nerd...proud of it too! 
Well, I am going to get ready to try and catch some Z's.



$ 11 million

Last year I wrote about the $64 billion higher education decrease that the Universities of Nevada were going to have to face (http://budreeder.blogspot.com/2009/02/64-billion.html), now an even bigger ruckus has been created. University of Nevada, Reno is having to cut back $11 million of their budget. This is HUGE, it is also causing a lot of talk on campus...okay, yah I know this semester I haven rarely been on campus, but I try to keep as up to date with my school as I can. I guess you can say I get getting out of UNR just in the nick of time! I know, that sounds rude....I feel really bad for a lot of the people that I have spent my time at UNR with because most of the programs that they have been studying under are getting canned. Casey, who has been studying foreign language (french) could potentially not have that as a major any more, my friend Brian who was studying the supply chain management program in the business school has to now worry that could potentially not be a part of the school after July 2010. Here is a list of the prospected programs to close at UNR:
- College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources (CABNR) has proposed to close the college and its administrative unit and the Departments of Animal Biotechnology and Resource Economics.
-College of Business has proposed that the supply chain management program would be cut. Interestingly enough I was able to find out some small facts about this program that is on the chopping block. The SMC is responsible for the "COBA" lab on camps, which is basically a giant computer lab located in Anasari Business, EVERYONE uses it at least once during their stay at UNR, the COBA lab would be eliminated. This is also one of the most successful research departments, it is ranked 10th in the nation! I guess there just isn't a high enough demand for this as a major or a minor. Bummer.
-College of Education, here they are cutting and/or proposing to cut three different programs which mainly seem to affect graduate degrees. All of the post-master's degree programs (Educational Specialist, the Doctor of Education, the Doctor of Philosophy will be closed. NO MORE. the second cut will be in the graduate programs in the school of psychology, teaching English to speaks of other languages and the counseling programs will be closed. The third change will be the College of Education will be smashed together and there will no longer be departmental boundaries. I always thought the the College of Education was a huge part of the University.
-College of Liberal Arts (including the School of Arts), which I am in will be facing a lot of closures. They are proposing to close the foreign language minor in Italian and the minor and majors programs for German and French. Lower division classes will be kept because they are required for most General Ed requirements. The interior design degree will be eliminated (this is what I originally went to school for!) and last doctoral degrees in anthropology, history and political science and the master's degrees in philosophy and speech and communication are going into a "hiatus" for FIVE YEARS! There goes any idea of going to get my masters in communication at UNR, unless I want to wait 5-years. Ya...NO!
These are the biggest prospected cuts in the University. I am staring to feel like there is NOTHING left to UNR. Granted, there are a lot of undergrad degrees left it almost eliminates the feeling of coming back to study a graduate degree. This has affected a lot of my friends. I feel really bad for them, they have worked their butts off to be in college and this is basically like a smack in the face. UNR already had the huge budget cut last year. Things just keep going down hill. It is such a bummer that is has had to get to this. Education is so important.
I have been watching articles on Sagebrush (the University newspaper) and it has been very interesting to read the latest on this situation and how it is affecting students and staff. I would be interested to find out how other school are handling budget cuts. I know that California schools are planning were said to be increasing their tuition by 34%! I can't even imagine. The sad part is, is that in order to get any type of good job these days you need a degree, but because of the up in prices it is almost becoming virtually impossible to go to school unless you have a good financial backing, or you are ready to get up to your head in student loans.
I am happy that I will be done with my adventure at UNR in May. I feel for all my friends that are having to deal with more budget cuts and I wish the best to them.

For the record

Once upon a time in a land far far away I actually used to be taller than my sister.There is proof in the picture!

Now....Not so much. And...just think this picture was taken a few years ago. So now she is THAT much more giant than I am. She has to look down at me to hold a conversation. I haven't seen her since thanks giving this year and probably won't see her until her high school graduation from Riverview in June. So I bet she will be the size of a giraffe. She is a pretty awesome little-big sister though....even though she is wicked tall.


Truckee grubbin'

Lately it seems as though there has been a lot of new places to eat around Truckee popping up!...orrrr Chris and I are finally getting out of our old ways and testing out new places. Here is what we have found:

Okay, so Java has been around for a while, but they have had new ownership since the late summer/ early fall. I had my birth blow out here. The Owners, Amin and Miriah are awesome!!!!! Some of the coolest people ever! On Thursday's they do a late night (10-2) with $2 PBR's, $3 hand rolls and 99 cent sake bombs, and of course they always hook everyone up with a good cheers and free sake bombs throughout the night! They always have a DJ spinning. The inside was totally redone, no more fish tank! Super inviting, always a great group of people. Chris and I go there on Thursdays most of the time! The crystal shrimp and the spicy tuna hand rolls are the way to go! Yummmm!

Bills is giving Jalisco's a run for their money if you ask me! It is in the same area as the Truckee Porters on Hwy 267. It is in the old Cheesesteak building. The burritos are cheap, we are talking $6 and the portions are HUGE! The safe is really nice too! They even have a drive thru! They make the food super duper fast. It is the same as T's in Incline (but I've never been to T's so I don't really know). They do all sorts of food besides burritos there, normally rotisserie dishes...you can get an entire chicken! Tacos, etc. They do chicken, tri tip and pork. Honestly, it is one of the best burritos I have had in a while! 

Today is Chris and my friend Diggles birthday. He called wanted to go to get some breakfast (at noon) we were going to go to Squeeze, but then decided on Jax. None of us has ever been there before and I think everyone had heard mixed reviews. The first dilemma that we had to deal with was paying for parking...LAME! Then we went in and the place was basically empty. The lady that served us was really nice and attended to us right away!  She even let us get breakfast at noon (this was a biggest concern!) The coffee was awesome, brewed just right....and Chris was able to get a chocolate milk shake (breakfast of champions!) The birthday boy ordered something called "The Morning Addiction" which looked pretty tasty, we later found out that Guy Fieri from food network had eaten the same thing. It was stacked up all pretty. I had Jax two step classic, the normal eggs, bacon and hash browns! It was awesome!!! I suggest asking for no butter on the toast though. It was like there was  lake on my toast! Seriously...Chris went with the special, the crab hash benny. Yep...pached eggs on Maryland blue crab hash, for some reason I can see my mom LOVING this dish! Everyone was a part of the clean plate club! We are totally going back there! I don't think that the bill was to expensive (I never saw it..)...but if you are one of those people that goes out to breakfast with the intentions of "ordering something you can't make at home" Jax is the place!

Full belly is kinda' in a weird location....but the food totally makes up for it. The sandwiches are very filling and creative! They have a southwest sandwich there that is AHHHHH-MAZING! Their Thai chicken wrap (which I ALWAYS get) is soooo friggin good! I can get two meals out of it! The staff is really friendly. They always have a GREAT selection of different drinks. Chris secretly goes there with out me and then comes back and tell me how great it was. I just give him "the look". Actually, funny enough....there is a place called full belly deli in Rochester! FBD is only open during the week, so no weekend feasting...but lets be real...if you are a local you know that any restaurant / eating establishment is a war zone during the weekend when all the tourist are up here. Price wise it is a little up there....but considering how much food you get it really isn't bad. They have a patio in the summer that is sooooooo nice! Sit outside at the picnic table and enjoy your food!

Okay, so treatbox may not be new, but we have just discovered the YUMMY breakfast meals they have there! It is in a GREAT location in the winter for when you are headed to any mountain....right near the Donner Pass 7-11 (near Jalisco's). They have breakfast sando's, burritos, everything! Donuts! Smoothies! Coffee! Muffins! Anything your little heart desires, really! The donuts....AMAZING (especially the cream filled one...yes...I've had one). They great coffee ready to go all the time. I guess they make awesome burgers too. Chris is hooked on the "Nic's breakfast sandwich" on a croissant. Eggs, peppers, your choice of meat and cheese (I think that is all). It is HUGE! I wasn't able to finish mine. Ohhh, did I mention they have AMAZING cupcakes! Yep, I had some for my birthday! It has a very cozy atmosphere, and they always seem to be working away in the kitchen! 

Okay, so the lodge has been around for a bit. And many of you know Chris is a bartender there...I love going into the pub when Chris is working or he isn't and treating/enjoying a nice meal. All the food there is great. The menu changes seasonally (I think). They have been voted best burger for a while, although, I'll admit I have NEVER had one. I always go for the sliders if I want a 'burger'. The apps are awesome! The calamari is soooooooooooooooo good, in the summer they have a prawn dish that is wicked good, I normally eat it as a meal. They have a spinach salad that is one of the most tasty things I have ever had. But, if you are in for a real meal then get the Turkey and Shiitake meatloaf! I can't even explain how good this is, I suggest extra veggies (it comes with a carrot of two) and mash potatoes (sometimes I have Chris bring me a side if he is working). I could eat the mashers 24-7. Basically, you can order almost anything off the menu and you will be happy! Chris mixes amazing margaritas (be sure to test one out, or ask about the wine selection while you are in). I can't leave without getting dessert! The creme brulee is really yummy, so is the chocolate souffle. Sometimes my girls come with me and JUST order dessert because it is THAT good! It is on the pricier side, there is a dinning room too which is a little more on the classy side. Dress up or go in sweats, the staff is always welcoming! It is located in Tahoe Donner, out of town.

Of course...Jalisco's will never get old. Panda is still panda...after good long days of shredding. Safeway has the best sandwiches if you don't feel like truckin' out to FDB. Smokey's for good BBQ...the patio is GREAT in the summer! Blue Coyote has amazing wings (get them Truckee style! A mix of spicy and BBQ)...all the great 'sports bar' food you can dream of and the staff is AWESOME! And if we are feeling like a burger we head to Tahoe City to Bridgetender....they have a southwest burger or chicken sando that is AMAZING! In the summer we ride our townies on the bike path there...eat some food, have a beer or two, go feed the fish at fanny bridge and slowly pedal back to the car.

I am sure there are plenty of other great place to eat in Truckee that we have yet to discover. These ones are really appealing to our 20 year old budget, and I guess you could say our pallets are not that adventurous right now....we know what we like...so we get that in various ways!

So, go try out some of those places if you haven't been there yet!!


Thank you.

The sun is peeking in my window. My flowers are smiling at me. Ice on my knee. Hot Coffee next to me. Good music on. Silent house. Dirty room. Tired girl.

I have been meaning to put up that picture of long time friend Peter Harriman for a while. I have it in a frame that sits on my window sill for ages. It was in 1996. I was 10, Peter was 9. We had just won the end of the year races for AVSC. Those were the days. Plus, look at those amazing outfits we have on!

My flowers have all opened up now. They smell amazing. It is nice to look up at them, they make me happy. The smell of fresh flower and coffee is so appealing. I am going to try and buy flowers more often. They bring a fresh and happy sense to the room.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support that I have been given over the last couple of days. Each day I wake up hoping that I will be fine and that I can blast out of my house and go enjoy this nice sunny weather that we have. This morning when I tried to walk without my crutches, I realize that I was hurting pretty badly. I guess you could say that is just typical me...trying to rush things... I truthfully knew that wasn't going to happen anytime soon (or at least this week!). I still am determined to use those 3 tickets to Squaw that Kevin gave me this year! ha ha ha!And a long list of other skiing things...I love cards and the phone calls and the AWESOME package from Ed made my day! I talked briefly with my high school English teacher Brad, that was really nice. I love being in contact with people that have helped me out over the last couple years. I am so pumped about the book my mom sent me in the box that came from NH. I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of reading in (it's not like I don't already). Thank you to all my friends that have offered to cheer me up, of come and hang out with me. I have really started to understand who my friends are in this short amount of time. I have to admit, Casey Wagner is probably my most amazing friend ever. My mom and I were talking about it the other night, I have known Case for EVER! I am really lucky. I was so happy to share some laughs and ice cream with my "sisters" the other day Em and Nico. They are so funny. I had a heartfelt e-mail from Mr. Warren Witherell sitting in my inbox today, I love his e-mails. I love the cards I get from my awesome grandmother. Cards mean a lot, I learned that from my mom...who learned that from her mom. Plus, I have been finding the BEST thank you cards lately, so why not?!?!

I am still waiting to hear when my ortho appointment is. Don't worry, I will make sure you are all up dated as soon as I hear. Honestly, I am more bummed out by the fact that my bike season could potentially start late than anything. Skiing is skiing. But I have been waiting so long to enjoy a nice long road bike ride, and mob down some well kept mountain bike trails and most of all CLIMB. I have a little voice in the back of my head that keeps on making me want to climb climb climb -- let that inner mountain goat come out! ha! I was really looking forward to kicking Mike, Chris and my dad's ass on a hill climb. Sigh. But, like Warren said in his e-mail: "I would remind you that you are a good "climber" and YOU WILL BE OK". I know this was bound to happen at some point. I am lucky that my knee was nice enough be nice to me for 23 years (well kind of). Brad said something interesting to me, after I had mentioned last time I injured on crutches was my high school senior year, he said that maybe it is something triggered in my body. My emotions, I am dealing with a lot right now. I thought that was an interesting take on my situation...but...true! Last time I was on crutches we sent them to the University of Nevada, Reno admission office to Natalie. They were pink, with glitter flowers all over them. While in Park City my dad had spray painted them for me and I was able to get crafty with some glitter sticks. Those crutches still are sitting in Natalie's office today (as far as I know). I was joking with my mom the other day that I am going to go in there and ask if I can "borrow" them for a little bit. I need to see her, I need to thank her. So maybe, I am on these bad boys crutches right now for some greater reason. Maybe it is time to decorate these. I remember the second pair that I did (to replace the ones that were sent to UNR) were neon pink, with glitter of course! and zebra covering the pads. Kevin and I had JUST started dating, and I hopped into his truck and left a big old slash of neon pink paint on the inside plastic of the door. I bet it might still be there. ha! There was a picture taken of me in front of the CBA sign with a Nevada hoodie on and my crutches. I have no clue where it was. But, those crutches sure did help me get in to college! So maybe, this could turn into something good. Who knows....

These last couple of days have really taken a huge emotional toll on me. I have shed a lot of tears ( I think it is because I am so exhausted), I have drank more coffee than a person who owns a coffee shop, I have done a lot of thinking. It was really hard the other day having some of the kids from the team call and talk to me and ask why I wasn't there to work with them and hear them say that they hope I am back out there soon. It makes me realize how much those kids mean to me.

I have a bunch of homework to do. I have an exam next Monday. 2 papers due this week. AND....the stinkin' English 304 class journal that I have been working on for an eon. My goal is to have it done before this month is up. I think today would be a good day for a nap.

So again, THANK YOU ALL. 


Real simple

Real simple -- one of the best gifts ever! 

Last year for Christmas my fabulous aunt Nancy gave me a subscription to Real Simple magazine. Thank goodness I was gifted it again this year! It is my favorite thing on earth! I love opening my mail box up and seeing a new issue. This magazine has it all, in fact, I think it is better than Cosmo! Yep, I said it! ha! I love how creative the ideas are in this magazine, the recipes are AMAZING, easy and yummy! The articles are fun to read, and you actually learn something....Plus, all the color that the magazine has all over its pages is so captivating. Giving me real simple is like giving a little kid candy! 

Yes, I just got my new issue of it if you can't tell. I have only glanced at the first few pages and I am so excited to read the rest!

Love and Theft

Okay, so my latest song obsession is by Love and Theft, "Runaway". It is an excellent song! Country...yes. But great lyrics! Amazing voices. Um, obviously they are not to shabby looking!
Actually, the thing I love about country is how you can pick up the lyrics so quickly....and then of course...they get stuck in my head! ha

I found out that I have a few papers due this week. I think I am going to have to head to the knowledge center tomorrow and spend the day there so that I can make sure I get them done. Right now my journal writing for 304 isn't working out to well...ha. I am looking up new songs instead.

I'm gonna pack my bags, and never look back.
Run a parallel line with the railroad tracks, and make my get away.
I put the pedal to the metal as the sun goes down.
Leave everybody sleepin in this sleepy town tonight.
And at the break of day, I'll be a runaway! I'll be a runaway!

Walking down Elk Ave

Something I miss more than anything about Crested Butte is walking down Elk Avenue (that is main street for the town). I loved constantly seeing people I knew, sitting on the benches outside the company store, window shopping and just enjoying the culture of Crested Butte. I loved in the summers when I would walk into would at Suite in the morning and it would be a little bitter out, but the sun would be peaking over the mountains, the little man that would water the flowers every day would be out making his rounds. The streets were always dead in the morning, it was lovely. You could look from one side of town to the other and hardly see any movement at all. I remember the one summer that I got to spend living in River Bend. That was pretty neat. We had a cute house on Aspen lane. I loved being able to bike in and out of town. I watched Kev paly more softball that summer than ever. I could ride my mountain bike essentially anywhere I wanted to go. Now that I think about that summer (even though I wasn't enjoying it to much at the time) it was pretty awesome. Now you can watch the action on Elk Ave, thanks to Donita's. They have set up a webcam!Here is the link:
Out here in Tahoe there is a lot of hustle and bustle. It doesn't have the same feeling as a ski town normally would. I miss that feeling. When you drive through downtown Truckee it does not have the same special feelings as Crested Butte had. I must admit that having the lake so close it pretty neat though. This town does morph in the summer to a fun place, but it is missing the ski culture that I am so used to. Well, I guess that doesn't matter now...ha!

Last night I had a melt down. Although it has only been a couple of days that I have not been active I am going crazy. I bought some daffodils yesterday, I get to watch them open up...actually it is happening as I type away. I figure that flowers would brighten things up around here. I am so happy that day light savings happened! This means evenings can actually be enjoyed! I watched "Where the Wild Things Are" last night. It was good! Sad, but...good! I wish that I could go where the wild things are right now. I would love some entertainment...but all the people I love or can depend on are not around....of course. I am trying to figure out why when guys get hurt they think the world is coming to an end and so you baby them and make sure they are comfortable...but...when you are hurt and upset and in pain they really don't seem to care. I feel like I have gotten the -oh you'll be fine- answer or an unmeaningful -im sorry. why are you in a bad mood- more than I have ever heard in the last majillion years of my life. Well, pardon me for being self adsorbed right now...but I am mad because all I can do right now is sit at home. I am mad because I can't walk without stupid crutches. I am tired because I can't sleep because of the pain I am in. I am frustrated because the ice doesn't even feel cold anymore to me. I am bored and have nothing to entertain me. I don't care that I am not skiing, because I am over this season, but I am bummed because the thought of missing out on bike season pops up in my head every now and then. Ahhhh...so be nice.

I guess I probably would benefit from a cup of coffee right now.
And maybe some homework?

Wahoo......spring break 2010 ROCKS! not.


Pardon me, while I brag

Pardon me while I brag a little....I have a pretty rad snowboarder boyfriend if you didn't know. When he goes out to train he doesn't mess around...of course...unless I am there to distract him! ha. Lately, he has been doing A LOT of backcountry shredding and over the last few weeks and has gotten some amazing shots. They were all taken from the video camera, because they didn't have a still photographer out there with them. They are really neat though! This year Chris switched snowboard companies to RIDE, he also got picked up by Quicksilver. He has been working with Smith Optics for close to a year now, and Porters Tahoe for eons (yes, this is where the picture of him without a shirt on it...ha!). I will admit sometimes I get scared when I watch him because he goes HUGE (no I somewhat understand why I get heckled when I don't have a helmet on)...but good news...he wore a helmet the other day! ha! (it is snow-raining outside right now..ew). Most people call him "Bosco" by his last name...but I just have the problem of calling people by their last names...ha...so anyways Chris has had an interesting competing season so far. At the Aspen Open he crashed in his practice run, which took him out of the competition. The next comp he did the judging was totally screwed up, now...he is up in Washington competing at the Ride Shake Down. It is a big air and a rail jam. Luckily, he has madddddd jumping game. So I am hoping he does really well, and actually tomorrow it will be aired over a live stream of the Fuel tv website! Soooo we can watch! I know what I will be doing tomorrow around 2 pm since I can't ski. I'll be watching Chris KILL IT! Speaking of fuel tv, Chris and some other riders (Ben Rice and Eric Messier, Andrew Brewer and a few others) have had the chance to do a season of webepisodes with Fuel tv. They are call the Shook up Generation.

Here is a link to one of the Shook Up ep's that Chris is in:
(He is the one in the bright colored outfit)


So...Lets all cheer Chris on and hope that he does really well the contest!

Time to crutch to work......

OH...and sorry for all the color changes...I thought white would be cool...but Wilson said -NO...So...I promise no more color experiments. 


This is your meniscus

Above are pictures of your knee and your meniscus. Well, my knee isn't feeling so swimmingly right now. Luckily, I do still have an ACL! Thats the good news! YEHHHAW! Today I saw the dr briefly and he thought that the immense amount of pain that started yesterday is being caused from a tear in my meniscus. That also being the reason of any movement or weight put on it is not happening. My knee is pretty swollen right now, so it seemed hard to say if anything else was busted. Right now I have to wait until next week to see an orthopedic surgeon and see what they say. Until then I am stuck on some stinkin' crutches. I will be icing A LOT and hoping that the swelling goes down. I am going to be an office assistant until I am able to (fingers crossed) get back out on snow. Actually, I am more concerned about biking to be completely honest. I was so jazzed on the thought of having a good season, so hopefully I will still be able to have one. Until then.....I will be able to get WAY ahead on my homework, read a lot, watch a bunch of new movies....maybe even become a better video gamer than Chris (ha ha ha....yahhhhh right!). But for now...the cryo/cuff has become my new bestfriend.