Chris turns 24.

Today is Chris's big 24th birthday. Last night I throw a party for him at Java Sushi (they are AWESOME there! I highly suggest checking out Java if you are a Truckeeian). Friends came out, we had an amazing DJ (Terry), good drinks and yummy sushi! Here are some pictures.

Liz, Alix and me.
Birthday boy
Yummy sushi
Beer and sushi. Doesn't get much better!
The mountain cake I baked him. Mt. Bosco.
The Liz's.....and Alix.
I love this girl so much.
Bosco and his old roomie and good friend Matt


2 days. 4 comps. 8 runs.

In the last 48 hours I have been to 4 different competitions. Ha, okay...so two one day and two the next all at the same resort (Boreal). Saturday was Slopestyle, and today was halfpipe. There was a ton of kids that came out, most of them being new to the competition scene. We had a lot of fun. Saturday it was snowing and cold, the conditions were not the greatest, but boy oh boy the kids were troopers yet again and went out there and skied their hardest. Today was a lovely blue bird, warm day. Everyone is exhausted, myself especially. The kids all tried their hardest today. The last two days we have had an amazing photographer (Court Leve) and a cinematographer (Felix) come out and take pictures of all the Northstar kids, I can't wait to see the pictures! All weekend the team was victorious! This means that we will have a pretty big group going to USASA nationals at Copper in April. Wahoo! Below are some pictures that I took of the comp.

Greyson, Ethan, myself, Syd and Victoria.
Mah girls. Victoria and Sydney. They skied GREAT!
Another day in the office.
Working hard.
Winning runs in the Marren family.
Syd and Dinah. Winners!!!
Matt, Ethan, Jack, Jamie, Syd, Dinah. Cleaning up in the Slope styles.
Taking a break.
The best part of it all is that I won a new back pack today in the raffle! ohhhhhh yah! So pumped! ha!


A walk down memory lane

Today was amazing. I was able to reconnect with two long time friends. First, I went skiing this morning with the amazing Casey Wagner. Casey and I met years ago through ski racing. We became really close, and came to college together at UNR. Casey and I grew a part a little bit, and he decided to "travel the world" (go to France for a semester). In the last couple of months we have occasionally hung out with each other and it has been really neat every time we do. One day we went biking, today we went skiing at Northstar. He is great. I am so lucky to have him as a friend.
"Want to play javelin?"
Me and Casey
Then, out of nowhere I got a phone call from my Crested Butte friend Eric Kertzman. He was in Tahoe (he now lives in Mammoth) and he was skiing at Alpine Meadows. I actually met Eric in RadioShack while I was buying a new LG flip phone...wahhhooo! He informed me that he programed his number into my phone and took mine as well. He randomly sent me a text message that said "good luck on your ACT" the next day, showed up at a volleyball game or two and welp quickly became my boyfriend my Sophomore (? maybe Junior) of high school. We didn't last very long, but lucky have still been able to remain friends. Tonight we had a fabulous time, he actually came right in the nick of time. I managed to lock my keys in my car (and I don't have a spare. Actually this is the first time since I have gotten Syd that this has happened!) My AAA number was expired but lucky his was not. The tow man came and quickly unlocked my car and BINGO I was all set. I was super nervous because there is a competition I have to be at tomorrow with the kids....and well....I have a few pairs of their skis in my car. But luckily everything is a-okay! We shared some great stories, caught up with each others lives, Eric called a lady and got a puppy, and well yah. It was really nice to just see him.

Mr. Kertzman and myself
Goof balls!
It is amazing to know that even after years of separation and differences we are all still able to remain friends. I am so glad that I have real friends like this, not ones that I can just count on for a few months...but REAL friends. They are the best, and I know that I will be friends with Casey and Eric for years to come.

I am gearing up for a week full of coaching the kids at at at comp and Mr. Kisssstopher Bosco's big 2-4 Bday tomrrow night! Should be fun!

Nothing to look at but the ceiling

If someone called you one day and said "let's move to ______" (use your imagination, any place you want to go to. A place you want to move to. A place where you would be comfortable spending the rest of your life) Where would it be? Could you pick up your entire life and just go, leaving behind (or distance yourself) friends and possibly even family? Do you think you would be happier in that life than you are now? To live in a fairy-tale, to be in a place you only have dreamt of visiting.

I have been laying in bed tossing and turning for hours now. My bed seems to warm. My pillows won't adjust right. The volume on my music is to loud. For some odd reason this question is on my mind, not for any particular reason. Maybe it is just one of those thought that I am dealing with right now because of the life transition that I am preparing for. A door is about to open and I have no clue what is on the other side, but goodness I hope it is the good life (and I will do anything I possibly can do to make it enjoyable).

I have grown up in one culture, one lifestyle: the ski life. I cannot even imagine pushing that aside for anything. I would be out of my place, it just wouldn't be right. If I was forced away from the skiing culture (which in my mind includes my biking) it would be like someone chopped my legs off. A part of me would be missing. I have come to face that I will always be involved with skiing the ski life, some how or another. No matter what road people may want to me to take, being realistic you spell 'Bud' the same way you spell 'Snow'...ha ha ha.

What does a person do after college? More importantly what do I do after college? Am I ready to go any where? Can I be whisked away in a life of excitement?

Maybe it is hiding in the lime tree....


my short term "bucket list"

Well, its time to get creative on my plan for after school. I think after 17+ years of education I deserve to get out there and explore the world. Emily and I are sitting here right now and creating "Bucket lists", mine is a little more short term, things that I want to do soon.

I have been determined to do a TOMS shoe drop. They have several different trips they do one to Argentina and another to South Africa. I would like to potentially do one this summer. There would be nothing more rewarding than seeing those kids be happy about something so simple.
I want to go to Alaska and I want to go skiing. And ditch my fear of helicopters.
I want to go to Thailand. I would LOVE to see this happen this summer. Everything about this place just seems so magical. I want to live like the people do there and really get a feeling for the culture and the people of the area.
I want to get over my fear of heights and I want to go sky diving.
I want to go to Russia and see the amazing buildings they have there.
I want to learn how to roll sushi.
I want to go to NYC. Go to the MoMA and explore the city. Actually I would like to live in a city for a little bit so I can appreciate small town life a little more.
I want to go back to Monteverde and play around in the rain forest more and then go back to the beach there. I loved being in Costa Rica for my senior class trip. I want to surf again!
I want to go to Japan SO bad! Mike is there right now skiing powder. Lucky dog!
I want to go and ski at Kicking Horse.
I want to own a pair of Jimmy Choo's and they will make me feel like a princess.
I want to go to a game at Fenway.
I wan to donate blood and save someones life.
I want to have an article about myself published in a magazine for everyone to read.
I want to own a breakfast joint at a ski resort and turn it into a chain.
I want to get my masters.
I want to hike the Appalachian trail with my mom and Banx.

I am sure the list will grow...but they all seem plausible to me so far! I love dreaming!


Save the date

MARK YOUR CALENDARS...Believe it or not...it is really happening....by "it" I mean I AM GRADUATING FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO!

Today, I decided to stay home and enjoy a day off from skiing (since these days all I do is ski). I started my day off with numerous texts and phone calls asking if I was at Northstar yet "No!". As my snooze alarm kept going off I decided that I need a day out of ski boots. I grabbed my computer and went right to the universities website and signed up for graduation. 5 minutes and $66 later I was signed up to be walking down the quad on MAY 15th at 8:15 am!!!! Wow, so exciting! I spoke with my advisor, Aqueelah, via e-mail this morning and it is a go! Wowwwww...I really have to make sure I don't let that 'senioritous' get to me though...

Now I have an on going list of other things that need to be done today, I started it off with a shower, and now I am moving on to some homework. After that some sewing and a little more crafting and then some more homework and then maybe some food. ha! Exciting!

So remember..... May 15th 2010, 8:15 am at the University of Nevada, Reno. BE THERE!!!

And then keep in mind... my littlebig sis graduates the following month! Busy busy busy spring for the Reeder girls!

I am sure this will not be either of our last graduations...I think I have one more under my belt eventually....as does Sarah.


pow ski and skiercross

So we have been getting boat loads of snow. As I was driving to work today I thought of the most fabulous plan ever....Since California is so in debt, and Whistler is lacking snow we should SELL them our extra snow! BAMMM! What a GREAT idea! ha! So all week I have been skiing pow...there are pics below. Today, Saturday I ventured to Boreal to experience my first skiercross event, it was pretty cool minus the freezing cold, wind blowing weather. The kids were in great spirits and ended up doing really well! We were all over the podium! HOOOORAY!

Hansi head up the link on a blue bird pow pow day!
Syd and I look mahhhhhhhhhvalous!
Some of the first people on WHITE RABBIT! YESSS!
So pumped! I wish I could ski powder EVERYDAY!
'Look what I can do!'
Bing. The name of the lady on my skis
Pow pow pow pow pow pow pow. I really wish I had POW skis
Get some. ha! I was actually stuck...
LittlebigSyd killing it
Stuck in a tree well, oh well!
Kids with cameras
California tree skiing
The pops and I
Geared up in ScottUSA products
Moonboots to the bars
Allie trying to stay warm
Chris and Coop ski preping
Hasni already knew he was going to win that day
9 & under start!
some of mahhh girls!
I found GUY!
And introduced the good ole' screw driver game!
Things got intense...
Little Marren cleaning up!
The little boys
Allie and Kate stoked on their finishes!
BAM! Hansi with another win!