Last fall semester completed

For those of you out of the loop: School is over (thankfully!). I still am trying to finish an English class that I have a year to complete (so until August), I have just been so busy with work lately that I haven't had time to finish it. I am hoping before I start my final semester of college it will be fineto.
I was really happy with my grades, they were all what I expected. A's and B's, one I was not to stoked about. Actually TWO of my teachers were on a little bit of a power trip this year, in my eyes, because they decided not to round the grades up...when with both of the classes I was .10 away from the next letter grade up. Ridiculous! Ugh. I have a hard time understanding there reasoning for that. If I were a teacher I would round it up if I knew a kid was that close, think of what that could do for their GPA! wowwww!

Well, at least the semester is over!! WAHOO! I would say it is time to rest, but the since my last final I have only had two days off from work. I am exhausted....good news though....tomorrow is one of my days off! Hoooooray! I can't wait to sleep in, I am not even going to go skiing. I have no clue what on earth I am going to do, but I am not going skiing.


White Heron Tea

In my amazing Christmas box from my mom I got some loose leaf tea from a company called White Heron Tea. I love tea, if I don't have to have coffee I would much rather prefer a tasty cup of dark tea and in the evenings something calming. Over the last several nights I have wound down with a movie, popcorn and a big cup of tea in a mason jar (the best way to have tea, or coffee or wine for that matter) they make everything taste better. Anyways, The first night I had a divine fresh mint tea. No other mint tea I have had will ever compare! This was the freshest tasting tea I have ever had, I wish I had more. Last night I had a nice strong cup of a decaf tea that reminded me of licorice candy with some nice organic popcorn! Yummmmm! Tonight I am enjoying an apple cranberry. I am a HUGE cranberry juice fan, so I was excited to try this one. At first I was a little tenitive after I added the water because I saw no immediate color change, but I will admit that this tea is no disappointment. The flavors are UNBELIEVABLE!
All the tea that I have had from this company so far is so fresh and had amazing flavor tones to it, like nothing I have ever had before. A nice cup of tea has become part of my night routine lately. There is nothing more comforting after a long day of work that an amazing cup of tea, goo company (Buckey), the most warm and comfortable bed in all of Tahoe, with some good easy going tunes.
The next time I go and visit my mom I am really looking forward to hopefully going to see this place, maybe even get some more tea. They have an amazing website where you can order products online ( www.whiteherontea.com), the company is based out of a town in New Hampshire called Rollinsford. Gosh, they just have it all up there....good coffee and good tea AND you can find everything your little heart desires in some organic shape or form. Ahhh, I wish I could have those amenities out here! I love organic food, I think it is the best and it tastes WAY better than the normal stuff you can get in the grocery store...most of the time it was grown with love and you can taste it. With this being said, if you are a tea drinker give White Heron some business, I don't think you will be disappointed, keep the small companies running!


Northstar girls and boys

Today was team picture day. While we were waiting to get our pictures taken I took a few of my own on my phone. We had a great time playing in the snow and trying to avoid the crowds. I love all these kids that I work with so much. They are awesome!

The girls me and Hansi
All the girls on the team!



Oh Christmas tree...Oh Christmas tree...
Dad and I skiing on Christmas day
Family on Christmas eve
This Christmas was a little different for me. I spent it in California rather that going back to the east coast. Uncle Joe came out and I had a grand ole' time of playing catch up with him and listening to his fascinating stories about traveling. I spent a fair share of time down at my dad's house this week on top of a lot of work. Since all the kids are on school break right now we are skiing full days with them rather than the normal 1/2 day during the week. Christmas eve eve started with crab cakes that Joe made, YUMMMO! They were delightful! Christmas eve we decorated the tree, and I pitched in on creating and watching my dad make a delicious rack of lamb dinner. I have never really had lamb before so I was a little nervous, but let me tell you...I LOVED IT! So tasty! I would love to prepare it the same way again soon. We did presents down there that night. My dad got me a GREAT new scarf, it is yellow and soft and I love it! Barb got me the coolest shirt and headband that came in this funky packaging. Very creative, I have never seen anything like it. I have been wearing the headband around and as soon as I am actually out of my ski clothes I am most likely going to be living in the shirt. Joe brought a very cool silver spoon that had been in the family for years with my name on it. Grandmama presented me with a very well done family tree last Christmas, I would love to see/learn more about my dad's side of the family and I am hoping to see something similar as to what my grandmother did for my mom's side. I am really interested in the whole family history. I had a very enjoyable night down there. I came home and Chris came over, full of excitement we opened our presents christmas eve night. He got my new lights for my car!!!!!!!! (Syd has a very bad seeing problem), a new charger/transmitter for my phone and a 'beach ball' or an exercise ball. I am so excited because I really wanted/needed that stuff. I got him a drill, it was a total surprise (thanks to the help from Ed, my mom and dad) I was able to figure out which model would be the best. He was very excited, the one he used to have was not battery powered so he had to always get out the extension cord.

Christmas day Chris went to his parents house and I took some personal time and got some much deserved sleep! It was fabulous, I made myself some deliciously bold coffee from Dirt Cowboy and some eggs. I logged on to video chat and had a virtual christmas with everyone I am normally with on Christmas day in Fairport. It was really cool still being about to 'be there'. I unwrapped all my gifts with everyone there watching. It was the neatest thing ever! I am so lucky that I was still able to spend Christmas morning with the family. I tossed on my ski gear and Chris, David (his old roommate) and I went to Northstar. It was a beautiful bluebird winter day. No lift lines. Ahhh, totally awesome! Took a few runs with my dad, romped around in the park with the boys and then we headed down to go and have Christmas dinner at the Bosco's house. The meal was outstanding, we had a giant turkey/thanksgivingish dinner. Chris's parents got me a really cool sparkly bracelet to go with my special graduation dress!!!!! So excited!

I was really nervous about celebrating in a different way this year, but it turned out to be super duper fun. I have to say that Christmas was very successful. Thank you to all of you who provided me with such a fun holiday, with great presents, lots of laughs and yummy food. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!


enough is enough

First off, I love my job. Seeing a kid finally click and understand the trick or the basic fundamental element of skiing is amazing. I always used to wonder why my coaches would be so jazzed when I would do something right, but now I understand. Today one of the girls that I have been closely working with found the courage to try one of the harder beginner rails in one of Northstar's many parks, the best part was she got it. I jumped higher than Michael Jordan in ski boots! I was so excited for her, then seeing a smile that was ear to ear quickly appear made it that much better. Another one of the girls that I coach took some major diggers today, in fact one of them even resulted in blood, but she didn't hesitate one bit about getting back out there and trying again. Both of these girls have previous ski racing backgrounds, they understand skiing and they are beautiful skiers. They make going to work a delight. I love joking around with the girls and having tons of jokes to share between each other. I cannot say it enough but this job is so rewarding because of the kids I work with.

I will admit that being the new coach puts me at the bottom of the todenmpole, then of course add my skiing skills to the mix it just makes an explosive mix. All of the coaches have been involved with the team for what seems like a century, and of course they have created a close bond with one another. Two of the coaches are dating, 3 of them happened to go to college together and all 4 of them have been a part of coaching one another over the years. Then, there I am...the new girl. In my opinion it is just what the team needed, a breath of fresh air. A new way of approaching skiing; but of course it seems like I am never given the props that should be given and if I am they are sarcastic. I understand skiing, I was born into skiing, I have never had a winter without being on snow. Skiing is like walking and biking for me, I thrive on it. So to have people question my motives bums me out a lot. I think that of course these are more subconscious acts of the others than they realize. We all do it. I just really wish that they could truly appriciate me for what I can bring to the table, and TRULY include me. Today there was a point where I was being treated like a little kid, it was horrible. I decided not to participate in streching (because I had already that morning) so I was there thinking of different skiing improvements for some of the kids and the coaches said I was setting a bad example. Well, as it turns out 3 different kids came up during different parts of the day and asked 'what was that all about' and responded with 'well, we don't care that you didn't do that stretch' or whatever. I feel like the team is to babied, and it is time to really open up and see the potential of each and ever athlete on the team. They all need to be coached differently, and it is important to focus on that.....NOT whether or not there is a strong chemistry between the coaches or not.

I try to think back to the days of CBA and remember a situation where the coaches were un accepting of another. I couldn't think of anything, but if they were they sure as heck didn't let the athletes know. All the coaches that I work with seemed to always be open to new and different ideas on how to improve whether it was from another coach or from an athlete. I don't see why this cannot happen here.

This team has so much potential, and as long as I keep on loving the kids that I coach and keep on seeing the potential that they have I think this team can improve so much. I just hope that is all happens with good manner. I love the coaching, I love giving my knowledge to the kids and watching them improve. This is one of the best experiences ever.


Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.

~Jonatan MÃ¥rtensson



what is on Bud's iPhone/pod right now always seems to be a huge question from all my friends...soooooo here is a list of my top rated this week....

Hit the wall - Sweatshop Union
I put on Remix - Young Jeezy
This Years Love - David Gray
My Life - Swollen Members
Pop the Glock - Uffie
Boro 2 Boro - Mistah F.A.B
The Strength to Go On - Rise Against
Beautiful Day - Donavon Frankenreiter
The Tide - The Spill Canvas
Relax Take Notes - 8 Ball
Starstrukk - 3OH!3
Night on Fire - VHS or Beta
Fall Back - Big L
Digest - Ben Taylor
Blood Dem Out - Turbulence
Glory Box - Ben Taylor
Coastin' - Zion I
Send Me On My Way - Rusted Roots
Shove It - Santogold
Head Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I Alone - Live
Why I Am - Dave Matthews Band
Shake Me Like a Money - DMB
Mimosa - Alexander Spit
My Life - Swollen Members
3 Purple City Kingz - S'ur o vie
Lullabyte vs Dead Wrong - S'ur o vie
Spliciffic Flotion - Hathbanger
Party in the USA remix with Biggie - Hathbanger
Guns N Gossip - DJ Tip-Z
Closer to Kryptonite - DJ Tip-Z
You Are the Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne
Let it Be - Ray LaMontagne
oh the list goes on....such a mix of music!



"Back when I was in college, co-education schools were rare." I was standing in Starbucks trying to figure out the hardest decision of the day whether to get a coffee, a hot cocoa or a carmel apple spice. "Do you know what co-education means?" The man that stood behind me was now inching closer and closer to my left side. I couldn't tell if he was talking to himself or if the conversation was being directed towards me. "It means a beautiful girl is being given an education with men, but really she is teaching them without knowing" the man rambled on. I looked at him and gave him a smirk, I was unsure what else I was supposed to do. The young man behind the counter asked what I would like, "carmel apple spice" I answered. The older man that was talking to me about co-ed had wandered over to the pastry rack and was giving the cookies and banana breads a good stare. I was curious who this man was. What he a professor? Did he work in the knowledge center? Did he just come in from a brisk walk around Reno and decide that he wanted to go and get a coffee from the Starbucks on campus? Why did he pick Starbuck instead of Peet's? Everyone at school knows that if you want good coffee to go to Peet's.

Without saying anything the man gave a quick smile and a wink. He was older, you could tell by the weathering of his skin. With just the several words he had spoken to me I knew that he was a smart person. His teeth had a gap, they were stained a yellowish color. Probably from years of drinking coffee, maybe smoking too. His hair was receding, and shortly trimmed. Less of a hassle I am imagining. His khaki pants were hemmed just a little to short, the looked like he would be prepared for a flood if the Truckee river all the sudden overflowed with water. His white cotton socks were visible because of his short pants, he didn't seem to care. He had on Nike shoes. They were probably new, the white check sparkled. The man didn't say anything else to me. I watched him grasp his cup of coffee and my curiosity of who this man was grew. Maybe he worked in the Science department, or perhaps he was in the school of music.
What did that old man mean when he told me 'a beautiful girl is being given an education with men, but really she is teaching them without knowing'? Was he telling me that our actions speak louder than words? Or that everyone can learn from a women's perspective? And that they contribute an immense amount of diversity when in a situation involving the two different sexes.

"Carmel Apple Spice for Elizabeth", the barista said from behind the giant esspresso machine. I grabbed my hot cup and turned to give the man one last glance. He was gone. I will probably never see him again. The fact that I don't know anything about him strikes my interest. Seldom do you come across these people that are able to fill you with information, those are the people that have the best stories to share. You can learn something from those people. As I opened the door to leave Starbucks off in the distance I saw the old man hunched over walking at a fast pace, coffee in hand, on the prowl for the another student that he could share his stories with.

When I think about my encounter in the coffee shop I wish I would have paid for his drink, as my good deed for the day. Maybe talk to the man more and see what he had to say, learn a little more about the people around me and appreciate all the colorful minds that are on a college campus. That man made me realize that talking to someone out of the blue never hurts, maybe you can spark them with an idea to do something, or leave them with the curiosity to learn more. I sure do hope that that old man enjoyed his cup of coffee that day.


The next 19 hours.

So stoked.
Me and Vancepants skiing
Let's play hide and go seek...I bet you can't find me for the next 19 hours...
The race is on. 3 finals down, 2 to go. Tomorrow at 9:45 in the am I have a paper synopsis which will be a piece of cake. But, at noon I have my biology final. Biology and I haven't exactly gotten along to well this semester, well actually just the exams and I, I have had a range of 90% +'s on all my labs, journals and other assignments.
I have spent the last two days skiing pow. The best part is I am being paid to do it! Yep, I am pretty much totally digging my job. Today was a little interesting because of all the snow, power outages, and other interesting problems I was the only coach that showed up....this meant that I was coaching 9 kids ALONE, in powder all different ages and skiing levels. I got pretty flustered at one point...but I was able to find my cool and soon (but not soon enough) the race team sent over an extra helper and then Jordan (one of the other coaches) was able to get to work! Phew. The rest of the day was pretty awesome.
The amount of snow that we have had here recently amazes me. I honestly don't think I have seen this much snow in 5 years. Last time I saw this much snow was in the Butte years ago (and I am pretty sure I was off at some ski race so I didn't get to ski it). I have been a shoveling junky. Last night Chris and I actually went out and shoveled around midnight because there was so much snow on our cars and we need to make sure we could get out in the morning. Chris went snowmobiling today and he said he had a fabulous time. He loooove his sled, he has named it the 'dark knight'...it is all black. Sometimes.....if I am lucky I get to drive it. ha ha! I bought him a helmet last year and he wears that now...thank goodness (yes, the helmet matches his sled...ha ha!) Spencer is picking up his sled when he comes back from Crested Butte so they will be able to go out! Awesome!
Right now I should be studying for my final that I have tomorrow but I have no motivation what so ever. You know the feeling when you are skeptical about something, and you know that whatever you might do before you may not benefit from? Well I am at that point. I have had my eyes glued to my bio notes, book and online study questions all night. I have a cup of DD coffee (okay truthfully it is my second) next to me. My phone is on silent, my iChat is off. Good study music is on. Of course now I have Sheryl Crow 'Sweet Child O'Mine' stuck in my head:

He's got eyes of the bluest skies
And if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
His hair reminds me of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide
And pray for the thunder
And the rain
To quietly pass me by

Of course! I have about 19 hours until I will be done with this semester. Finishing these classes will be pretty neat! Actually it means that I will be done with sit in classes at UNR! The end is getting near! Wowwwwwwww!
Well I guess I better get back to my silly bio book (I can't wait to sell that thing back 2mrw!)
Hope everyone is staying safe in this winter wonderland weather!


Part of the 1%....

After 6 years (I think?) Chris has graduated! Wahooo! Last saturday was the ceremony, but today he took his last final ever!!!! How exciting! He studied in the Journalism at UNR, where he focused on advertisement and digital media.
Both of my roommates Ericson and NJ graduated as well. Eriscon studied in the communications program, and NJ was in the journalism school as well. Looks like I am the only one left....


Fall semester 2009 ALL MOST DONE!

Finals taken:
-Sociology- DONE
-English 321 paper/portfolio/ speech - DONE
-English 345 paper - DONE

Still to come:
-English 345 paper synopsis - Monday @ 9:45
-English 304 - final 2 lessons/ journal/ final - I am hoping next week (I have until August though)
-Biology cumulative final - Monday @ 12.


I will be completely done with sit in classes at UNR. One more semester of online classes! Wahhoo!

Mark your calendars... MAY 15th, 8 am baaaabbbbyyyyy..... I'll have a college diploma in hand!


My little sis

My little sister is really awesome. She is following in my foot steps of being a fashion diva too. She has made huge strides since she started at Riverview school. I am so happy for her. On Monday she turned 18. Wahhhhooo! Big girl...no literally she is a big girl...she is like a foot taller than me! ha! Sarah has to look down at me when she talks to me in order to make sure there is eye contact. She is really funny sometimes and she has a huge heart. She has proven to everyone that she can do anything.....come on...she was a varsity soccer player for two years?!?! WOW! It makes me smile so much to know that Sarah wants to go to college, how awesome! She graduates a month after I do...big spring for our family!

I like straws.

What is better than waking up in the morning and having a glass of juice? How about a glass of juice with a straw in it! I love straws, I know they are for little kids but there is something about those white pieces of plastic that make my drinks so much better. Of course....straws are only good when they are the bendy kind and it always is a bummer when there is a little tiny hole in the bend so that you cannot suck any of the liquid up. Straws are not expensive, you can buy 250 of them for $2. My favorite ones are the neon colored ones! I put two together to make one big one so I can drink a can of arizona ice tea. Straws are great when you go to a restaurant and they put ice in our water because you can just slurp up that water and not have to worry about those ice cubes touching your teeth and giving you a weird feeling on your tooth. I am sure that you can drink beer through a straw, all though I must admit I have never tried it. You can build letters to spell words acrosss your table with straws, you can blow bubbles with straws...there is so much you can do!
So, next time you might have the opportunity to grab a straw with your beverage.....I encourage you do to so......it will make you feel like a little kid again and the drink will taste 9 times better.



Today has been a rough day for me. A lot of built up stress and I finally boiled over. Emotions get the best of people sometimes, but it feel so great to let it out. I could literally feel the stress leaving my body.

Some of you may know that I am a total book nerd. I love reading. For my birthday I was given gift cards to two different bookstores, this meant that I could restock my collection. I have picked about 7 different books that I have had my eye on for the last several months. Most of them are 'leadership' and 'self improvement' books, only because I am starting to get nervous about my transition out of college life. I feel like I am about to open a door, where I have absolutely no clue what is on the other side. On my plane ride back from my amazing Thanksgiving visit home with my mom I dove right into reading the book Greater than Yourself by Steve Farber. It is hard to explain exactly what Farber puts into words except for the simple notion of helping someone improve their life, whether it be smiling more or helping them understand how others feel. GTY (greater than yourself) is a movement, kind of like the movie "pay it forward", if you are able to guide one person in a positive aspect then they will help another and so forth; then the snowball effect (in a positive way) has happened. The book really opened my eyes on how I can impact other peoples lives. I want to try to lend a helping hand to people close to me. We do not realize how much a simple thing like communicating can really improve a relationship.

I decided that my GTY 'project' was going to be a family member. One that I would love to have a better and stronger relationship with because this person is very close to me. We have grown apart and now it is time to grown back together. Now, this may sound cheesy coming from a young person at only the age of 23...but I think it is important to improve something that should and needs to be meaningful. I gave the book to my dad in hopes that I would be able to really have a smoother level of communication, trust and love grow between not only me but other people in my family. Family is a very important thing, we need to be able to support each other in anyway possible. Farber's book is a short read that I think a lot of people should take the time to read. The idea of GTY and pay it forward really do work, but, in order to see the outcome we must practice it and hope that the ones we try to help will pass it down to another person in need. It can be as simple as paying someone's parking meter to taking on a larger challenge like giving a person a home and comfort...whatever it may be we are the ones that create our future so we should make it a bright and glorious one. Right?

Tonight I am trying to take a breather. I have had a long emotional day. I am starting in on Mitch Albom's new book Have a Little Faith. I have heard great reviews on his new story, so I am looking forward to diving in (actually I have already read the first 10 pages and I totally love it). I will keep you posted, who knows I might become totally glued to the book and finish in the wee hours of the morning. I love Albom's writing more than anything. His words really speak to the reader, he is very captivating. His books hold so much meaning.

So...if you are looking for some good books to read I can probably guide you in the right direction over my winter break! ha ha!

Hope all is well!



'Tis the season

...for cramming in papers last minute. Late night study sessions for finals. Pots and pots of black coffee at all hours of the night (how people can make it through college, much less finals week without caffeine beats me!). Low motivation and heavy snow fall.

I am trying to get a final paper about racial assimilation done right now, so far I only have 3 out of 15 pages done. It's due tomorrow (Monday) at 11 am. Here is to a long long long night of paper writing!

Remember, if you haven't had a chance to vote for me yet to be the next Lange girl please help me out and go to the link below! It only takes 2 seconds!


Other than that, it was my first week of work as a freeride coach at Northstar. The first day was rocky to say the least, but today was great (minus the freezing weather), I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is going to end up being a good thing for me.

School is going to own me for the next week and a half. Luckily I already have one final done, as it turns out I did really well on it (well at least I think I did). I only have one more actual exam final and the rest are just papers that have to be turned in.....as you can see the progress on them is lacking. ha!

Time to get to work so I can walk up early and conquer the snowy roads in my mighty sidekick with wheels Syd.

CHEERS! Enjoy the snow and stay warm and DRIVE SAFE!


Trying to be a Lange girl

Lange skiboots holds a contest every year to find the next Lange girl. This year I said -why not!?!- I have a profile up on Freeskier.com where you can vote for me. This year the set up is a little different there will be a winner for each region of the United States, as well as a national winner (which last year as Dana Greenwoods from Tecnica's girlfriend!).

So if you will, please visit the link below and vote for me! It shouldn't take long and I am pretty sure you can do it once every day!

Thanks for your help!